“You have exceeded my expectations!” Says my mum who lost almost 8 kg in just 12 weeks!

Weight loss

MJ Byrne lost 7.6 kg and 43 cm while participating in the 12 week challenge!

She was a mother of two and a resident of the Victorian era 28 day weight loss challenge Since 2018.

“I haven’t sticked to this in a long time before, just a meal here and there, so the 12 week challenge is the first time I’ve consistently followed the healthy mummy,” Says.

How this mom lost almost 8 kg in just 12 weeks!

Fabulous! This mom lost almost 8 kg in 12 weeks

In fact, MJ revealed that she would fall off the wagon and take weeks to get back up again.

“It was a never-ending cycle of self-sabotage,” recognize. “I decided to join the 12 Week Challenge because I was the heaviest ever – and I felt like it! I couldn’t get much of my clothes off and knew I really needed to do something about my health.”

How this mom lost almost 8 kg in just 12 weeks!

Her pledge was to commit for the entire 12 weeks, as a major test of willpower, self-control and changing the way she thinks.

“You exceeded my own expectations,” Says. “I have more energy. My skin looks so much better, and I look younger.” My physical strength has also improved.”

“He helped me control it Smart goals. I measured my progress using Target Wear. My goals started small. One by one and build on them over time.

“I made exercise a priority, and created an Instagram page for the 12 Weeks Challenge, so I had a visual food diary every day, and kept myself accountable.”

How this mom lost almost 8 kg in just 12 weeks!

What a typical day looks like MJ

Snack: Weet-Bix Balls / Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

lunch: Luxurious banana smoothie sundae

Snack: Chickpea/carrot/ sticky date pudding crackers and slices

sweet: fruit

MJ’s top tips for other moms

1. Keep a visible food diary, And authorizing someone or some platform (like you did with an Instagram account) can make you accountable. I found this very helpful in seeing what I put in my mouth and when I see minimal changes for the week, I can see exactly where I may have indulged or may not have eaten enough.

2. Remember that this is your personal journey! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Your biggest competitor is your reflection in the mirror!

3. Plan! plan! plan! We often fail because we don’t have a plan. Weekly planning definitely got me on the right track!

Join us for our 28 day weight loss challenge today

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