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So far, the bike with an electronic transmission system has been great, but it’s more expensive – easily costing more than $ 5,000. Like Tesla Models, It was something you aspired to, especially if you understood what it might mean. In the case of this Tesla, you buy a lock, have fun, and reduce your carbon footprint. In the event that Electronic transfer On Road bike, Accuracy in never missing a change – which could derail the chain and in the worst case, lock the rear wheel and cause dangerous slip – is certainly desirable, but this is more like a starting point.

With SRAM’s new Rival eTap AXS technology, the shifting isn’t just electronic – it’s wireless, between the transmission (transmission) on the strap and the derailleur – or deflectors. (Either because you can choose a 1x front chain or a double front chain, so you might have a front and rear derailleur, or just one rear.)

In front of SRAM
The front track of the opponent.

The key with wireless connectivity is that there are no ugly lines creeping back, and you don’t have to sweat the stretch of cable that causes the shift to explode. Basically, this system will never need modification, and it always reads chain alignment in advance before performing a shift. It can also be set up to turn the introduction up or down, so you’re not doing a shift that actually leads to redundant proportions. Moreover, gear changes can be quick or faster than mechanical, especially when shifting to easier gear, as mechanical propulsion motors require a lot of lever to pull the cable; Here, the machines do the job, so you don’t get stuck in a heavy hitting gear hitting a surprising ramp.

SRAM Competitor Wireless Transmission
SRAM’s Rival eTAP AXS new rear derailleur

Oh, and of course, not having cables or wires strewn about your bike results in a cleaner aesthetic, too.

FYI: Power comes from a battery installed in the rear derailleur; Simply recharge the block in a cradle similar to what you might use for a DSLR camera battery. The charge life is about 60 hours of ride.

Interestingly, SRAM really knows its customers, so the new system is not only electronic and wireless but is very versatile as well. For example, crank arms are built from start to hitch around the lower strut and chainstays, so that there is still clearance on a bike frame designed to accommodate road tires or wider mountain bikes. Not to mention the frequent use of road bikes with fat rubber Gravel pads On the market, this is a very smart game.

Moreover, SRAM offers a single choice of sequencing up front, anywhere from 38-tooth options to 42-tooth options, with lower brackets for road or mountain bike bike. If this sounds like that too inside a baseball game, the gist is that the eTAP AXS will run on a lot of bikes, and the rear cassette bands are very wide as well. amazing. For example, if you like, you can either use the Rival eTap AXS 12-speed tapes in 10-28T through 10-36T configurations, or the current Eagle AXS rear cassette for SRAM, with a 10-50T or 10-52T cassette. In simple English: These options allow for the largest possible gear range – so, no matter how steep the terrain is, you can handle it. Because of this spread, you also won’t be spun on flat ground with too little gear.

Not only does SRAM reduce the cost of electronic switching, but it also adds the capacity of a power meter built directly into the cranks of only about $ 200 more than cranks without wattage sensing. That’s huge, because knowing your wattage enables you to train smarter (not overtrain), and your outputs automatically bounce back to SRAM’s AXS Mobile app. Since training with energy meters, such as electronic transfer, was so far too expensive (or limited to users with a single bike), this new capability now makes it easy to get a single training tool via your device. WayAnd the Gravel, And the Mountain bikes. Also, the power meter will happily talk to other training apps and devices, such as Garmin cycle computers etc., to enable easier tracking during interval actions.

As for pricing, SRAM says it expects the bulk of the Rival eTap AXS to come on newly purchased bikes; If you want to upgrade your existing drive system, here’s the thinnest:

Dual front chain with power scale: $ 1,639
Double front chain, no power meter: $ 1,420

Single front chain on power scale: $ 1,409
Single front chainstay without a power scale: $ 1,190

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