Why is Clary Sage such a popular cramp oil

Why is Clary Sage such a popular cramp oil

Clary Sage Oil is a popular cramp oil among women.

in a The Complete Guide to AromatherapyAuthor Salvatore Battaglia wrote:

“Clary sage is one of the most important essential oils as a treatment for women.. Clary sage is known to reduce menstrual cramps due to its analgesic and cramping effect on the womb.”

He also says that Clary Sage Oil remains important for women during childbirth and menopause.

This popular oil teaches spasms

From a scientific point of view, the benefits of Clary Sage are largely due to two ingredients that help calm muscle cramps:

Both Linalool and linalyl acetate can calm cramps individually. And when they appear side by side (as in Clary Sage!), They reinforce each other’s effects. We call that work in Solidarity.

This is an inotropic oil recipe with Clary Sage and three other popular oils for cramps: Roman chamomile, catnip, and bergamot. (Bergamot also has linalool-linalyl acetate synergy!)

Clary sage synergistic spasm oil

  • 1 ounce (30 ml) jojoba oil)Simmondsia chinensis)
  • 7 drops of clary sage essential oil (Clary sage)
  • 5 drops of catnip essential oil (Nepita Kataria)
  • 4 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil (Chamomile fine)
  • 2 drops of bergamot essential oil (Citrus bergamia)

Make this mixture in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle.

Mix jojoba and essential oils in the bottle, and shake gently to mix all ingredients. Massage it into your stomach as needed when you have cramps.

Clary sage synergistic spasm oil

About the other oils in this spasmolytic recipe

Linalool and linalyl acetate aren’t the only natural ingredients that can calm cramps. So I combined the recipe with a few other oils for contractions to take relief to the next level!

Catnip essential oil

Nepita Kataria

Catnip Contains oil Nibitalactone, That can calm your mind and body as one. (The calmer your mind, the more stress your body will give up.) This is why catnip is often included in anxiety-relieving recipes.

Neptalactones have also been shown to reduce inflammation, which means they can help soothe pain.

Roman chamomile essential oil

Chamomile fine

Roman chamomile Traditional and popular oil for cramps!

It is rich Esters A chemical family of molecules that can release muscle tension and calm spasms. I like to use Roman chamomile in any belly mixture. She has a knack for relieving everything from cramps, to nausea, to indigestion. If your belly needs support often, Roman chamomile can become a good friend of yours.

NB: German chamomile is not always considered a substitute for Roman chamomile. The two oils are completely different. Learn about their differences.

Have you tried any of these popular oils for cramps?

I would like to know your experience! Share it in the comments. You can help someone else looking for guidance.

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