Where to explore California’s spring wildflower

Soon after this spring The fall of the fire The event ended in YosemiteWhere the last rays of the sun lit up Horsetail Falls On Captain of the national team, And turning the water into a fire-like orange – the annual springtime wildflowers in the garden were in full color. Starting in mid-March and running through mid-April, the Lower Merced River Valley blooms with tufted poppies, childish blue eyes, and purple lupines.

“It has totally blossomed now,” says Julie Hadzega of the Mariposa Yosemite Tourist Office.

Yosemite High Cove
Tony McDaniel

One of the best places to see spring blossoms in Yosemite is the Hite Cove Trail, at the confluence of the South Fork and Merced Rivers along CA 140. The 4.5-mile path winds along the river onto a hillside in the Sierra National Forest and begins at Savage’s Trading Post parking lot. The best place to see wildflowers near Yosemite begins at the Briceburg Visitor Center (closed until April 30), located 12 miles east of Mariposa.

Poppy in California near Presburg
Alexia Cooper

After crossing a single-lane cable suspension bridge, a redirected railroad follows the Merced Route, with a broad gorge running east and west. A footpath leads to the east while a dirt road extends west. Currently, the landscapes, shown in the photo above and below, are a patch of orange, purple, and blue.

Yosemite High Cove
Tony McDaniel

“We are asking people to visit these areas responsibly,” says Tony McDaniel of Mariposa Yosemite Tourism. “Don’t pick the flowers, don’t trample the flowers, and stay on the road. These are flowers for everyone to enjoy.”

Along the coast of Central California Montana de Oro State Park“It’s a wonderful bloom here now,” says host Seth Souza. “There are hundreds of thousands of poppies that cover the hillsides in orange color.” He recommends Point Buchon, a special area near the park where visitors can enter as long as they sign a waiver. “It’s exceptional, there is the beach, the limestone arches, the whales and the dolphins are amazing.”

Montana de Oro, Central California
Charlotte DeWitt

Obligatory to Covid-19 Precautions, Point Buchon is currently only partially open to the public, including a 1.8-mile hike leading to the sea. Now, only 275 people are allowed in per day. He continued: “The stroll along the sea all the way, and it is suitable for the family.” The hike takes viewers to Windy Point, overlooking Diablo Canyon.

Anza Borrego Superblum
Desert flowers in the Anza Borrego State Park. Shutterstock

So called the famous state of CaliforniaSuperblumsIt requires ideal conditions, including regrowth after a fire, and requires frequent rainfall, warm sun and low winds. Unfortunately, given rainfall events in late winter and early spring, Southern California is not experiencing large-scale explosions of wildflowers that often draw hikers and outdoor crowds to hot spots like Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (Pictured above) and Walker Canyon, near Lake Elsinore, California (pictured below).

Lake Elsinore CA Walker Canyon superbloom
Landscape in Walker Canyon during great bloom, in the valleys and hills outside Lake Elsinore, California. Shutterstock

So, as you stare further north, additional major viewing areas for northern California’s blossoms in spring are at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, which is located seven miles north of Calistoga and on the nearby Oat Hill Mine Trail in town. “We have gorgeous flowers here,” says Jessica Ardizon of the Napa County Provincial Park and the Open Space region, which oversees both regions.

A five-mile stroll in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park takes viewers to the summit of Mount St. Helena, where on clear days the scenery stretches up to 200 miles. Seventeen species of lupine grow there, including silver lupine, which varies in color from blue-violet to pink. With both fragrance and beauty, California lilac has blue-violet blossoms and a rich scent.

Along the 8.3-mile-long Oat Hill Mine Trail – an old and re-purposed road – hikers are rewarded with views of Napa Valley as they pass oak trees, Douglas fir, volcanic rocks, and grasslands. Although some parts are closed by the recent fires, the Oat Hill Mine Trail is one of the most scenic in Upper Napa Valley.

The start of the Oat Hill Mine Trailhead is across from La Prima Pizza, between Laura Michael Wines and the von Strasser family of wine. Although the tasting room at Laura Michael Wines remains closed, von Strasser is open and offers al fresco tasting by reservation only.

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