What is common? The neutral color palette of suede shoes is at New Republic

As we begin to “venture” into life again in the coming months, we all look forward to doing our best. Convenience and effortless elegance are the new must-haves, and no one delivers better than New Republic.

This casual contemporary brand will quickly become your new obsession in the second you put it on your first husband. Of classic style Daily sports shoes To turn the head Suede shoesQuality and comfort are at the core of every New Republic product. This Los Angeles-based startup, run by CEO, Josh Kaplan, appeals to modern millennials, who are looking for quality and style, with accessible price points.

New Republic
Matthew Clerkin

Here is the latest versatile and neutral color palette you should have in your closet today:

KURT SUEDE sneakers

New Republic has redesigned one of its best-selling designs for the ultimate in style and comfort. The lower, lace-up top is designed for comfort and easy styling. The Kurt Sneaker features a 100% sustainable Tencel Mesh footbed to increase comfort and breathability. Sizes up to $ 13.98 for men, available in

New Republic
Matthew Clerkin

Chelsea Sonoma box in suede

Sonoma is the New Republic’s best Chelsea shoe so far! Chelsea casual shoes have been redesigned from the ground up for greater comfort, durable, comfortable and stand the test of time. These shoes provide the wearer with a comfortable stride without the need to break it and improve with age. Sizes start from 7 men’s to a size 15. $ 128, available in

New Republic
Matthew Clerkin

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