What is butterfly pea flower tea?

Next time you’re aiming to cool off, try an ice cup of purple and blue pea flower tea.

If you are not familiar with IG type of teaYou’re about to be educated – get your taste buds and camera phone ready!

What is butterfly pea flower tea?

Blue Pea Flower Tea is a beautiful, enchanting drink made from the dried flowers of Butterfly Pea Plant (clitoria ternatea)Originating from Southeast Asia.

Most teas are black, green, amber, or clear in color, but Butterfly Pea Flower tea begins with a dark cobalt blue.

But what does butterfly pea tea taste like?

The taste of this tea is woody and earthy with a light fragrant aroma – after all, you drink flowers!

The butterfly pea plant is also multitasking – different cultures have used it as a file Popular, natural dye for centuries.

Dry butterfly pea flowers.

What is a good butterfly pea flower tea?

Of course, it is good to make an unforgettable impression. Besides blueberries, you will rarely see any blue food in nature.

No wonder the drink was taken Social media By storm!

You can drink the tea as is or use it in colorful cocktails, lemonade, and boba drinks.

Despite their glamour, you won’t easily find pea flowers at the grocery store.

If you want to give it a try, search online for dried pea flowers, powders, or liquid extracts.

3 Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Butterfly pea flower powder in glass jar

The health benefits of pea flower tea are relatively scarce, and you likely won’t be drinking enough to make a difference.

And if you’re worried about electric blue, don’t worry.

According to Brittany Crump, MPH, RDN at tasting nutritionButterfly pea tea is safe to consume, and most people do so without any major side effects.

1. Butterfly pea flower tea contains antioxidant-like compounds

Butterfly pea flower contains anthocyanins.

“Anthocyanins are a type of antioxidant-like compound responsible for giving many purple, blue, and red fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors. They can help you stay healthy,” says Crump.

Antioxidant-like compounds can protect you from free straysThese are unstable molecules that can interact with your cells, damaging them.

else Foods that contain anthocyanins are blueberries, blackberries, purple cabbage, and Red wine.

In general, a diet rich in antioxidants is associated with good health. If you get anthocyanins from a cup of tea, you get more power!

2. Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Caffeine Free

Butterfly pea tea is an herbal tea Caffeine Free. This is great news if you are sensitive to caffeine.

It’s especially great news if you want to enjoy a cup of tea hot tea before sleep.

Drinking Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Changing Colors

3. Color changing butterfly pea flower tea يتغير

The magic of butterfly pea tea does not end there: add a little lemon or lime to the liquid drink, and it will change from dark blue to beautiful violet before your eyes!

This is because anthocyanins In butterfly pea flowers react to changes in pH. Acidic ingredients (like lemon and lime) lower the pH causing the blue color to turn purple.

In theory, basic ingredients could make blue pea tea in the shape of a butterfly, but this is not common.

How to make butterfly pea flower tea

you don’t Oh really Need a recipe for tea. Simply drop the dried pea tea flowers into the boiling water and let them steep for three to five minutes.

We recommend a ratio of 1 cup water to 1 tablespoon of dried flowers. Then filter the flowers and Enjoy the tea!

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