What essential oils can soothe a tension headache?

What essential oils can soothe a tension headache?

4 Science-Backed Essential Oils in the Tension Headache Inhaler.

While science isn’t completely sure what causes headaches, it is known that stress can play a role.

Tension headaches can occur if emotional stress causes your muscles – especially the muscles in your neck and shoulders – to tense. Sometimes this tension spreads to your scalp, and soon your head pulsates in constant pain.

So for this inhaler recipe, I use essential oils rich in ingredients that help in two ways:

  • Calm emotional tension
  • Release muscle tension

Two of the main ingredients in this mix are Alpha Pinin And the DrLimonene I’ll tell you more about it after the recipe!

Gum and lemon headache inhaler

Gum and lemon headache inhaler

  • 6 drops frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carterii)
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil (Citrus sinensis)
  • Two drops of catnip essential oil (Nepita Kataria)
  • 2 drops of patchouli essential oil (Caplin Bogostemon)

Making a nebulizer is simple – even if you’re new to it!

There are reusable inhalers with glass bottles to hold the essential oils. You also get disposable plastic inhalers with absorbent cotton inserts. Just drop your essential oils on the cotton, put the bottom of the inhaler in place, and that’s it! You are ready to The same.

Convert these essential oils to treat tension headaches

Frankincense essential oil

Boswellia carterii

Frankincense contains a high percentage of Alpha Pinin.

I mentioned this component above. It is a natural monoterpene molecule, and it has been shown to calm inflammation, so we know that it can relieve pain. Α-Pinene also helps release tight muscles.

Frankincense is also known for its mind-centering ability – meaning it brings you into a state of peace, not distracted by worries. This feature has made it a staple of ceremonies, rituals, and meditations for thousands of years.

This is also why frankincense is one of my favorite essential oils for tension headaches. (We’ve even written an entire blog about using frankincense for headaches! Check it out and get a generic recipe!)

Lemon essential oil

Citrus lemon

The bright and fruity scent of lemon makes people smile naturally!

Flag indicates the component DrLimonene Which can really help you feel happier by calming stress. The more calm you are mentally and emotionally, the more relaxed your muscles will be.

Lemon (and Dr-limonene) can reduce inflammation and muscle spasms as well, making it an ideal tension headache inhaler.

Catnip essential oil

Nepita Kataria

Whenever I mention Catnip for soothing pains, such as headaches, I’m often surprised. I understand! Catnip is often associated with kitties.

But it’s also a traditional stress reliever herb.

It is full of Nibitalactone, Studies have shown that it has soothing effects on inflammation. I love using Catnip oil for a neck and shoulder massage, and sometimes I put my fingertips on my scalp.

Patchouli essential oil

Caplin Bogostemon

Patchouli oil contains an ingredient called Patchouli It is not found in any other essential oil!

Patcholol is a natural sesquiterpenol molecule that can provide pain relief. One possible way to do this is by blocking the COX-1 enzyme, which is involved in the body’s inflammatory reaction.

If you are familiar with patchouli, you may also be familiar with its reputation of peace and quiet. You will find that many oils that reduce inflammation in the body can also calm feelings. It is a beautiful expression of the relationship between mind and body. Patchouli is a great example!

Hope you never need this recipe.

But if you do, I hope it helps you feel yourself again!

The highlight is frankincense essential oil

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