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Seamaster, first introduced in 1957, is a veteran of the Omega watch lineup, but even six decades later, he’s still going strong. Last week, the brand released an updated version of the Omega Seamaster 300, and it’s doubling down on the Diving watchMid-century aesthetic while updating the watch with a modern interior. If you want classic style without the hassle of looking for an authentic old clock, this is a great choice.

“The Seamaster 300 stands as one of OMEGA’s most popular watches,” she says Men’s magazine Fashion Editor Kevin Breen. “Its elegant look and vintage look makes it the perfect watch for the summer.”

Since its introduction, the Seamaster has grown to be a favorite with divers (and anyone working on or near the water) due to its robust, elegant build, and the latest release remains compatible with that winning formula – with some notable modifications.

Like the original model, it is made of stainless steel and is presented in black and blue, but the 41mm case now has a slimmer appearance thanks to a new domed sapphire glass over the dial. The edges are also slightly thinner and made of anodized aluminum to increase rigidity. The result: a watch that’s more wearable and durable, while still displaying the antique magic that made the original such an icon.

Omega Seamaster 300
Omega Seamaster 300 in black with a leather strap Courtesy Image

Another notable feature of the main pattern is the sandwich disc, in which a dark blue or black layer with holes for numbers and indicators is placed on top of a lighter substrate. The base layer is treated with Super Lumi-Nova for excellent visibility, and the cutouts add unique 3D detailing that really helps this watch stand out. Plus, it’s available with both leather straps and stainless steel bracelets, so it’ll play great with any outfit you put together.

It’s classic on the outside, but on the inside, this watch is all modern. The sapphire crystal on the back of the case provides a view of the main coaxial Omega 8912 chronometer, which is an METAS certified Chronometer master. This means that the watch has undergone rigorous testing to ensure a reliable and unwavering timing display due to magnetic fields, temperature fluctuations or movement of your wrist. It’s also self-winding, and it also offers a 60-hour power reserve. Combine it all with a 300m water resistance rating, and you have a watch that is truly built to last.

Are you planning a summer beside the water? The Seamaster 300 will fit in with.


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