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Get the details on each 21-day repair container and how to use it to see maximum results.

I get a lot of customers texting me after purchasing the 21 Day Fix and saying they are having trouble detecting the control containers in the parts their software came with. The 21 Day Fix aims to keep eating simple, so I thought I would share some tips on how to use containers properly so that you can plan meals easily and also see better results!

First, let’s talk about each container …


There are 6 colors to match 6 different types of foods.

The green container for vegetables. It can be cooked, raw, or cut into strips or cubes. Some examples include romaine lettuce, spinach, zucchini, paprika, and mushrooms. If you are making a salad with lettuce, keep eating this lettuce for a huge salad.

Purple container for fruits. Berries, cherries, and grapes can easily fit in a container, and do not need to be chopped. But large fruits like watermelon should be cut into small pieces and then placed in the container.

The red container for protein. Fill this container with chicken, fish, lean red meat, eggs, Greek yogurt, tofu, etc. There is a long list of proteins in our 21 Day Repair Guide, so pick and choose your favorite.

The yellow container for carbohydrates and starches. This container is for foods such as potatoes, rice, beans, and whole grain pasta. For foods that don’t fit in the container, such as a tortilla or a piece of bread, check our 21 Day Repair Guide to determine the correct portion size.

The blue container for healthy fats. I like to put nuts, cheese, mashed avocado, or chickpeas in the blue bowl.

The orange container is for seeds and dressings. This container is the smallest and is used for high-calorie foods like salad dressings, coconut and seeds. There are a bunch of certified 21-day salad dressing recipes in the guide, so definitely check them out. You can pre-make them in a jar and store them in the refrigerator for a few days.

A small spoon for oils and butter. A small spoon is not provided with your containers, so you will have to use your own utensils. It is used for delicious things like nut butter and coconut oil!

Here ** additional advice **

21-day repair advice

The containers are supposed to be full, but not too full to put the lid on! The fitting part is the container filled with the lid.

How to use containers

Now that you know what goes into containers let’s figure out how to use them properly.

First, you have to go to Page 4 of the 21 Day Fix Nutrition to find out how many calories you are allowed each day. This calorie count will tell you how many calories you will eat to lose weight when taking the fix method. ** Remember, this calculation in the book 21 Day Fix is ​​based on average calories burned during Fix exercises. So if you are doing another exercise, like T25 or Body Beast, you need to use T25 Calorie Counting or Body Beast first to find out your calorie goal.

So once you’ve set your calorie goal, take a look at the graph on page 19 to see how many containers of each color you should be eating each day for your calorie range. I love that we don’t actually count calories in this program, we just count how many containers we can have each day. This makes it very simple! If you care about your macronutrient proportions, you’ll notice that it contains 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match foods in the same category to fill one container. Let’s say you make a cover for lunch. You can fill half of the green container with lettuce and the other half with tomatoes to equal one green container.

Why does the repair container system run for 21 days

No more calorie counting! If you use the 21 Day Fix, you don’t have to calculate every calorie. Instead, it just counts how many containers you can have in a day. If you need help tracking your containers, please use our free printable 21 Day Fix Tally Sheets!

You are not starving! I don’t think I have received a complaint from a customer saying they are starving using this system. In fact, the opposite is usually true! Usually my clients tell me that there is too much to eat! This is because healthy food contains a much greater amount than junk food. If you find that you are too full to eat all of your utensils every day, then just eat all of your utensils. ** But make sure to eat a few of them All Instead of just filling in your favorite type and avoiding the least liked.

It is my business! Portion control is all about moderation and being aware of what you eat. Containers help you achieve this. Soon enough, you’ll go into a routine of how many fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats you should be eating each day.

My recipes are approved for 21 days of repair and I’m breaking down the container equivalents so you don’t have to guess (If you have a question about a recipe please call me.) If you want more ideas for 21 Day Fix Certified Meals, definitely check out Fixate Cookbook. It’s full of delicious and healthy recipes and includes containers that fit the recipe.

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