True Military Trained Experts Warn Against Weaponizing “Science” and Data, Jerry F. , Barry T: 5G / EMF / RF Father’s Day Stories

by Patricia Burke

Army men versus the meter and the microwave

A new generation of two-way wireless and power line (TWAC) “smart” meters were first “published” about a decade ago.

Unbeknownst to the public, the new meters can send and receive signals back and forth from the instrument, and eventually communicate with transmitters inside the home. The industry has made many misleading statements about how much extra EMF/RF has been introduced into the environment, claiming, for example, that the data is sent only 4 times a day, For billing purposes only. This is just one example of the widespread, covert nature of “spread”.

Direct experiences of individuals who have reported symptoms of reaction and/or sensitivity to the imposition of additional frequencies in air waves and electrical wires contradict industry claims, both with regard to safety and actual meter transmission. It has only been due to the extraordinary efforts of citizens scrambling to play catch-up with the secret forces behind an additional wireless technology install engine, that we know that the claim of “4 times a day” is outrageously false.

Meters move 4 times a day, for billing purposes only – NOT!!!!!! 190,000 is not equal to 4. PG&E’s big confession

The EMF Safety Network was one of the first groups to establish a web presence and begin to chronicle the issues with the deployment of smart meters in California.

EMF Safety Net reported, “PG&E’s big confession.”

In April 2010, the EMF Security Network submitted a file Request With the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requesting hearings on health effects, including “smart” radio frequency (RF) emissions data. we wrote:

“The frivolous, inconsistent, and contradictory PG&E information about RF emissions from smart meters is unbelievable and contradicts the findings of other RF experts. Several PG&E publications and spokespersons make different claims about how often smart electric meters transmit radio frequencies, anywhere From every hour to every 4 to 6 hours to 2% or 4% of the time.”

We just wanted the facts, but CPUC Rubber Sealed PG&E’s claims about RF safety and rejected our request, saying:

“All radios in PG&E’s smart metering are licensed or approved by the FCC and comply with all FCC requirements.”

“Smart meters produce radio frequency (RF) emissions well below the levels of many commonly used devices.”

PG&E offers Information from Richard Tell Associates On their website titled “Supplementary Report on Analysis of Radio Frequency Fields Associated with Operation of the PG&E SmartMeter Software Upgrade System” This report shows that smart meters transmit at 1 watt with 0 gain antennas. claim:

The 1W transmitter is configured to transmit data approximately once every four hours to the company, so its duty cycle is very small (The actual duration of data transmission over any four-hour period, however, will vary, depending on how often a particular meter transmitter acts as a repeater for other nearby meters).

from Frequently Asked Questions About PG & E Smart Meter: SmartMeters™ uses a low-power (1W) wireless cordless transmitter to wirelessly transmit customer energy usage information to PG&E for data collection. … Do electric SmartMeters constantly emit radio frequency? PG&E answers:

No. SmartMeters™ devices communicate intermittently, with each RF signal typically lasting from 2 to 20 milliseconds. These intermittent signals total, on average, 45 seconds per day. During another 23 hours and 59 minutes of the day, the meter does not transmit any radio frequency.

at Letter to Congressman Lynn Woolsey, the FCC wrote, “Devices [Smart Meters] Usually sent for less than one second several times a day Consumers are usually tens of feet or more away from the counter face…”

Well, enough false claims!

Just give us some real facts! Recently an administrative law judge CPUC I ordered amy yb-kikugawa All investor-owned facilities (IOU’s) to answer radio frequency questions by Smart Meter (RF). PG&E Answers. It is an amazing confession! Question 2: How many times (average and max) a smart meter is scheduled to send in a 24 hour period?

PG&E says the average number of radiofrequency pulses for an electric meter will be about 10,000 per meter per day and the maximum over 190,000.

90% of these pulses are for mesh maintenance (signals bouncing from homes) and only 6 for reading meter data. This does not include home network transmissions.

What about peak power numbers? The PG&E electric meter transmits at 900MHz with 1W of transmitting power. It has 4.0 dBi gain antennas for a peak level power of 2.5 watts. This is two and a half times more than the mentioned safety data.

Disinformation, ruse, propaganda, outright lies – ex-military men respond

The importance of what is disclosed – eg, the undisclosed truth about meter transmissions and antenna gain – is not reported or understood by the public, in part due to the concentration of ownership of mainstream and social media by those who make use of the data Mining and surveillance enabled by wireless.

When citizens investigate and disclose wrongdoing to policy and law makers, decision makers fail to act. This includes huge amounts Accounting fraud. Indeed, cover stories and lies about wireless technology continue into the public narrative. The fact that the introduction of wireless network counters was done under the guise of pretense, disinformation, ruse and outright lies requires deeper examination and investigation, particularly with regard to the claims about “sustainability”.

Two of the voices that appeared are two former military men, Jerry Flynn, and Barry Trore.

Captain (Retired) JJ Flynn, Serial Number 25614-G Royal Canadian Navy, Electronic Warfare

National Day of Action Against Smart Meters with Jerry Flynn

“I am a retired captain of the Canadian Armed Forces (commissioned from the ranks in what was then the Royal Canadian Navy) and have spent 22 of my 26+ years in the ‘forces’ In electronic warfare (EW) and signals intelligence (SIGINT), The former included two years at the National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ) Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW). I worked in electronic warfare closely with the armies of the United States and NATO, and on my own initiative, I attended a major course for electronic warfare officers in the NATO army in Anzio, Italy, and participated in a large NATO field training in electronic warfare in Germany. Invitations to visit both the US Department of Defense and, later, Fort Bragg, North Carolina (the main electronic warfare base of the US Army) were accepted. Earlier, Radio Warfare/EW was conducted at sea on two Canadian warships. At SIGINT, I was the Executive Officer and Operations Officer for two years at one of the largest and most sensitive radio intelligence gathering stations in Canada, employing over 200 specially trained radio operators who conducted both COMINT (Communication Intelligence) and ELINT (electronic intelligence) under my supervision. Throughout this period, she worked closely with the US National Security Agency and the British Gulf Cooperation Council.

Although I finally retired in 2005, since 2008 I have spent most of my time researching, writing, and speaking publicly about all aspects of this incredibly sinister cause caused by the corrupt US military-industrial complex.. History will record that this ongoing corruption now threatens literally all life on Earth! Tragically, very few Americans heeded then-President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower, in 1961, when he warned them to be wary of the emergence of a corrupt US Mic!

Upon leaving the forces, in my second career, which also lasted for 26 years, I was very fortunate to have a client list that eventually included the Saudi government as well as major multinational corporations that collectively had large operations and/or projects in various countries on the five continents . Thus, it soon embraced all things wireless: a Blackberry cell phone, Wi-Fi routers (in the office and at home); Cordless phones (both locations), microwave ovens (both locations), laptop (wireless of course), Bluetooth cell phone and heated seats in my car, electric radiant heat in the floor in my house, not to mention silent and invisible I have been exposed to electric field and field radiation Magnetic (EMF) in working and living environments.

In the fall of 2016, cancer almost took my life! Suddenly, I developed a particularly virulent form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – which, in hindsight, I only attribute to my indefensible stupidity and naivety in assuming that Health Canada has tested and verified that all wireless and electronic products on the market were “safe” For public use! My weight dropped quickly from about 175 lbs to less than 130 lbs, and I needed an oxygen machine to breathe day and night! In the past, had it not been for an excellent medical team and for my beloved wife’s tireless attention and endless nursing, and for her stubborn insistence not to let me go, I would not have been here to fight this, what has become, mother of all crimes – which now threatens, incredibly, all life on Earth! “

Barry Trore, EMF Weapons Expert, UK

The dangers of microwave technology – microwave expert Barry Trorr

“Dr. Barry Trore is a British physicist who trained at the Government’s Microwave Warfare Institution in the 1960s and worked with the Underwater Bomb Disposal Unit, the Royal Navy, the British Secret Service and the CIA. He is considered an expert in microwave technology.” He has a special interest in protecting schoolchildren from microwave exposure.

at Degree Filed for lawsuit in Oregon over WiFi in schools, he stated,

“I trained at the State (Department of Defense) Microwave Warfare Institution(s) in the early 1960s covering all aspects of microwave technology, its uses, and health hazards. Subsequent work was included under Water Bomb Disposal which included microwave technology.

In the late ’60s and ’70s, part of my job was to extract classified (until now classified) information from major criminals, terrorists, and spies. This included Cold War microwave technology.

My first degree is in Physics with a major in Microwaves. My second degree is a research degree. I have a teaching diploma in human physiology. Before retirement, I taught advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.

I am a scientific advisor to the Radiation Research Foundation and the HESE (Human Ecological Social and Economic) project.

I am the author of both the Tetra Reports for the Police Federation of England and Wales and the Federation of Public and Commercial Services.

My work is done completely free of charge and I have never accepted any money from any person or organization in the years I have been doing this research. I consider myself completely independent.

To my knowledge, “radiowave or microwave disease” was first reported in August 1932 with symptoms: extreme tiredness, fatigue, interrupted sleep, headaches, intolerance, and high susceptibility to infection. See Hecht, K et al. Overloading towns and cities with wireless transmitters (cellular transmitters): a danger to human health and a disturbance in environmental ethics, International Research Center for Health Environmental Technology (IRCHET), Berlin-Germany, at l¶3 (2007). These symptoms have been reported to be due to thermal effects.”

He asks, “If microwave systems are safe, why is there still a stealth warfare industry going on for 60 years?”


Barry Troyer on 5G | The genocidal nature of non-ionizing radiation

Save the date from Stop5G International: Synchronous International Day of Meditation.

This is part of the 5G series for Father’s Day that you can read in full Here.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for the identification of new biologically based limits for microwave radiofrequency exposure. [email protected].

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