Together, these 12 amazing women lost 127 kilos in just 12 weeks!

Wow Wow wow!!!! These are some of the superhero women who completely transformed themselves in The Healthy Mummy’s 12 week challenge!!!

There have been so many amazing success stories. Well done to everyone who committed to the 12 week challenge. Cassandra and Kirsty were our first winners, each receiving $5,000 from Healthy mummy.


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We are so proud of all these women! Check out their amazing success stories below….

12 women lose big numbers in The Healthy Mummy’s 12 Week Challenge

1. Cassandra Perrin – 30 kg 80 cm

Cassandra is 41 years old from Bridbow, New South Wales and the mother of six beautiful children between the ages of 19 and 6 years old. She admits that pouring her heart and soul into her amazing family over the past 22 years has meant that she lost herself quite a bit along the way.

In fact, Cassandra says that after two stressful pregnancies, children with special needs and dealing with the challenges they face as a teen, has led to her putting on weight.

I got depressed and it was a vicious cycle. It amazed me when Challenge 12 was announced because that was just what I needed,” Says.

“I had 12 weeks of support and accountability with a group of women who were all out there doing the same thing, and I could do it safely in my home and still be connected to a great community support system and each responsible for a week with my weight, measurements and progress photos.

“I didn’t have to go to the gym. As an overweight woman with social anxiety and depression, this was amazing. I was excited to be part of a community and still hide.”

Watch more of Cassandra’s story here.

2. Kirsty Whitehead – 18.5 kg 72 cm

Kirsty Whitehead lost 18.5 kg and 72 cm on 12 week challenge. The 39-year-old mother who lives in South Africa was following 28 day weight loss challenge Since 2015, he has lost 38.9 kg in total.

“Before announcing the 12 week challenge, I made the decision to focus on myself and my desires. The timing was perfect and I wanted to do my best,” Says.

My pledge was to abide by myself. To not give up, to focus on myself completely, physically and emotionally as well as my inner health. To lose 10 kilos.

In total, Kristi has now lost 33.9 kg! See their results below!

Watch more of Kirsty’s story here.

3. Kristen Hemann – 13 kg

Kristen Hamann lost 13 kg and 32 cm in just 12 weeks 12 week challenge!

The South Australian mother of three decided to take on the challenge because she needed to give herself a head start.

“I became satisfied with my health journey and the scales started slowly rising again,” recognize.

“My pledge was to lose 5kg and stay consistent all the way and I exceeded my pledge and lost 13kg 32cm.”

Watch more of Kristen’s story here.

4. Cerstal Joy McGuire – 11.2 kg

This Grafton-based mum lost 11.2 kg in just 12 weeks on The Healthy Mummy’s 12 wiK a challenge!

Crystal has been following the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge since the end of April 2021 but really started when the 12-week challenge started in May 2021.

“I decided to join as I saw a full length picture of me on our vacation in April 2021 and it was so horrible that I said I couldn’t look like that anymore and that my son needed a healthy mother to keep up with it and not to be an embarrassment to my son,” Says.

Watch more of Crystal’s story here.

5. Jasmine ready – 10.5 kg

What a transformation Jasmine Ready made on 12 week challenge, She loses 10.3 kg and 37 cm of her body!

The Queensland based mom has been a member of the 28 Days Weight Loss Challenge since 2016 and has lost a total of 39kg in that time!

Jasmine signed up for the 12 Weeks Challenge because she wanted to lose 10-12 kg and get dressed!

“Amazingly, the dress was able to do in six weeks and I changed my pledges for the other six weeks to get my back laps back,” Says.

“Now, I am getting stronger and fitter every week and I am continuing towards my goal. I have used the app for everything during my 12 week challenge and have continued to use it.”

See more about Yasmine’s story here.

6. Patricia McKerlin – 10 kilos

Patricia Mackerlin lost 10.5 kg with the help of the healthy mummy on 12 week challenge And the 28-day weight loss challenge.

The 67-year-old mother and grandmother says, “I heard about the Healthy Mummy program when my daughter started the program after the birth of her third child.

“She was an older mom than her, didn’t have her first child until she was 38 and the third at 43 (almost 44). She was like me and had always gained more weight than needed during her pregnancy. I started with The Healthy Mummy on April 4th and haven’t looked back since That moment “.

Watch more of Patricia’s story here.

7. Joanne Jones 8.8 kg

Joanne Jones lost nearly 9 kg and 42 cm in 12 week challenge!

Coffs Harbor-based mother of three, who is also a grandmother, follows healthy mummy for a few years.

“I didn’t really stick with it until the 12 week challenge. I had two surgeries, one of which was a total knee replacement,” Says.

“I wanted to put myself in the best possible position to achieve a great result, and of course, losing weight is my number one priority.”

Read more about Joanne’s story here.

8. Vanessa Tickle – Weight Loss 7.3 Kg

Vanessa Tickle lost 7.3 kg in the 12 week challenge!

This mum of two from Geelong, Victoria, vowed to stay fit and exercise at least 3 times a week.

Her efforts have paid off more than just losing 7.3 kilograms, but also 20 centimeters of her body.

9. Keri Leah Strasbourg Wilson lose weight 6.1 kg

Mum 2 Kerri-Lea from Queensland lost an impressive 6.1kg in a 12 week challenge and only regrets not finding out about healthy mummy sooner!

Says , “I wish I knew about this from you guys after I had kids over 10 years ago!”

Keri Lea was eager to get back to playing sports after shoulder surgery.

“I had shoulder reconstructive surgery last year in July and didn’t do one 3 years ago due to pain. My pledge was to build strength and restore my muscles to do at least 45 minutes of the workouts you guys gave.”

Keri Leah kept her promise and dropped from 77.1kg to 71.2kg at the end of the challenge.

10. Tammy MacDonald – 4.9 kg

Tammy MacDonald from Clarkson, Washington was thrilled with the results of the 12-week challenge.

She says: “During the challenge, I lost 4.9 kg and lost 49 cm!”

The forty-year-old mom decided that this wouldn’t just be a diet and the changes would be for the long haul.

“I vowed to live a healthy and sustainable life.”

11. Serena Slater – 4.5 kg

Serena kept herself in check by drinking heaps of water and exercising as much as she could each week for 12 weeks.

“I lost 4.5 kg and also lost 20 cm in the 12 week challenge,” Says. I drink two liters of water every day. I did a dance workout, I did cardio three days a week, and I went for a walk twice a week.”

Read more of her story here.

12. Bernie Fanning – 2.8 kg

Bernie looks great and I’ve also noticed that she’s built muscle while taking on this challenge.

“My happiest thing is losing centimeters around my waist but gaining centimeters in my arms, which means I’m building muscle,” Says.

“I vowed to train four times a week, and drink two liters of water a day to reduce visceral and body fat. To feel happy, fit and strong. For 10,000 steps Monday through Friday, include a healthy mummy smoothie or protein shake. Also to include self-care.”

“I succeed most days and definitely feel happier, fit and strong.”

Read more of her story here.

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