Tips for exercising when you are on vacation

If you’re looking to get some sunshine and a rejuvenating trip away after a long school season or a grueling few months of work (the pandemic has definitely caused some work stress and ups and downs, I’d say!), exercise is probably the furthest away. out of your mind.

However, even though you may not want to do strenuous exercise sessions when you’re away from resting and recovering, you can still find ways to exercise while on vacation — and in forms that will feel more like a fun activity than a workout session. You probably won’t realize you’re exercising as long as it’s fun or makes you explore new territory.

So, don’t forget to pack those sneakers and some sportswear kit (or even travel gear if you want) in your bag. You will be able to use it without sacrificing a level of “fun” and “freedom” on your journey.

Plus, you’ll probably feel better getting back into real life again if you’re able to stick to some sort of fitness routine—there’s no way to let all the good vacation food go to waste (and you shouldn’t). Here are some tips to get you moving.

come ready

Whether you have access to the gym where you’re staying, be sure to research that first when you arrive. If there are weights and cardio machines, you can definitely find time to squeeze into your workout.

If not, be prepared with what you may need for your trip. Think: resistance bands, booty bands, or even small weights depending on how you travel and how much weight you use. And of course sports clothing and athletic shoes are essential. Hint? Pack your favorite clothes – you’ll be more inclined to dress up and work out!

You have a good playlist

Make sure you have a few killer playlists on hand so you can get in the fitness mood quickly with some happy and stimulating vibes. Start listening to playlists a few days before your trip to create an association between songs and exercise, if it helps you.

You will practice simply because you want the opportunity to listen to these tunes. Either way, the music will keep you in the zone during your workout and get you to the finish line.

Find activities outside of your habits

A great way to increase motivation to exercise is to choose activities that are outside of your regular fitness routine or that don’t feel like exercise, but are more fun and an active adventure that you can do in your spare time for fun.

Some examples might be biking or touring the area, water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing or kayaking, tennis or golf, the latter two being especially fun for a spring or summer break when the weather is warm. Most people find tennis and golf to be a form of entertainment or a hobby – you still burn calories, so technically it’s a good exercise!

If you are visiting your parents or grandparents and they have been isolated for a long time, it is a safe bet that they have some business that requires someone more physically able to help. So don’t be afraid to help them shovel leaves, do yard work, or take part in a building project they put off on a rainy day. Simple household chores are a great way to raise your heart rate and you’ll feel good knowing you’re helping your family.

recruit a friend

If you can’t find the motivation to exercise during the flight, find an exercise buddy to hold you accountable but also to help pass the time and make exercise more enjoyable. You can ask someone you are traveling with to join you. Tip – Travel with people who are more compatible in terms of lifestyle and hobbies when possible.

But if you’re on your own or your company isn’t as active as you are, hook up with someone who works at the gym or a class you’re taking and assign a friend for future sweat dates during your stay. We all have to work on our social skills anyway!


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