Three reasons why the world needs more health and exercise professionals than ever before

2020 was a tough year. Our model methods for training, educating and training our clients have changed dramatically. Personal choices were closed for months on end, our ability to communicate became fragmented and our face-to-face interactions faded. Although many of us have centered around embracing the new normal through online options and outside training, we still wonder how or if our actions will turn back.

We are here in 2021, but in many ways, it feels like 2020: the sequel. Although many limitations and complications persist, one thing has changed dramatically. The world needs you now more than ever; The volume was raised in the health and wellness conversation, and no one could escape the story. Here are three reasons I think the world needs you now more than ever.

We are suffering

Collectively, we all suffer mentally. While requests to stay home, limited contact with others outside of your ‘bubble’, and similar isolation behaviors were essential to slowing the spread of COVID-19, it affected us all mentally. Add to that the pressure on employment, finances, health and well-being, and many are suffering like never before. According to a survey Conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of American adults experiencing or showing symptoms of an anxiety disorder and / or depressive disorder has quadrupled since before the pandemic.

As someone who has dedicated your life to studying and teaching the benefits of exercise, you know the tremendous impact it can have on a person’s mental state. Exercise calms our nervous system and can help combat depression and anxiety. Moving your body enables you to deal with stress and manage your emotions. It can also help remove brain fog, increase energy and focus, amplify motivation and willpower, and provide feelings of hope and perspective. As more people start moving their bodies or trying exercise, they will begin to make that connection and want more of it.

We learned the truth

The global pandemic has revealed another secret that many of us know all the time: exercise is being Medicine. Obesity has been listed as an adjustable risk factor for developing serious illness from the virus that causes COVID-19. Diabetes, heart failure, coronary heart disease, and chronic lung disease (for example, COPD or COPD) are also listed as risk factors or factors that may increase the severity of this disease. Boosting your immune system has continued to be a rallying cry in the past year, and exercise has been shown to improve or help control all of the above. The reporting continues to link the exercise with prevention of COVID-19, as well as a way to reduce the severity of illness in the event you fall ill.

While we’ve always touted the fact that exercise can help control weight, relieve many health issues and improve the ability to fight disease, it has sometimes fallen on deaf ears. The challenge was getting people to take action to prevent something that might happen sometime in the distant future. Now, the need is urgent – COVID-19 is right in front of them. More people are willing to try this “antidote” and when positive results occur, this validation leads to more of this newly discovered behavior.

We need help

Persons I know They need to move, and they will likely always do. The volume of search, the sheer number of audio clips, and all of the health and exercise professionals have sprung up in the past year and previous years, along with fitness companies calling to open clubs to combat COVID-19, a spike in interest.

Unfortunately, fewer people are now moving than ever, but you have the power to help change that by:

  • Increase your access to your workout by meeting people outside, on the Internet, and in any other creative way you can, regardless of your preferred method.
  • Redefine and demystify exercise by checking all the ways in which a client might find pleasure in moving, whether that is walking, lifting weights, following a training plan, combining lots of different platforms and programs, or listening to their favorite music And moving their bodies in the kitchen while preparing dinner.
  • Putting the pieces (again) together by looking at what they used to do, could do and what not and customize a plan that will work for the long term.

You are a confident and compassionate professional who knows a lot about moving the body and how to get people to do it regularly. The world is ready … are you?

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Written by Joseph

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