This mom, who lost 30 kg, reveals the things she is doing to speed up her results

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Super coach Sasha Farley has lost 30kg since she joined 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Since then she has maintained an optimal body weight, even after several pregnancies.

Amazingly, a gorgeous mom of four shared her tips on how to help her speed up her results.

Sasha 30 kg

How Sasha speeds up weight loss results

Sasha says it’s easy to think a lot about everything you’re up to when you start hitting your health and fitness goals.

“The main thing is to focus on all the small changes and know that they all add up,” Says. “ It’s also very important that the traditional low-calorie approach of 1,200 will only send you into diet circles, so get this 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge app, calculate your basal metabolic rate and focus on the daily calories given to you personally.

“This is very important in keeping things realistic and in the long term.”

Here is a simple list of things you can do to speed up your results:

1. Increase your protein intake

“It will boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and help regulate hormones that support weight loss.”

2. Switch the exercise

“Be it the type, the time and the effort – it is true that we have become adapted to the things we do consistently for an extended period of time, so” shock “your body and you get a reaction! Weight training is amazing to change your makeup.”

3. Increase your water intake

Make sure you drink regularly throughout the day, as there is no point in drinking in the morning and afternoon. Small sips throughout the day are essential. “

4. Recalculate your BMR

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“Often times we forget this! If you lose a few kilos, are on birthday or change / change your exercise – recalculate your daily calories as you will likely need more! This will actually help in weight loss.”

5. Eat every 2-3 hours

“When I was more successful on my journey, I would eat every 2-3 hours, 3 meals and 3-4 snacks per day! It helps my energy levels, stops me from starving and then overeating. If I also kept my blood sugar levels stable. “.

6. Drink the juice twice a day!

“Having healthy mummy juice for breakfast and lunch was great when I was doing it. I accelerated my results because I knew exactly what I was eating and it is full of protein, vitamins and minerals. I used a Chocolate Snickers recipe so I’m still getting my calories.”

7. Swap out your favorites that you might indulge in or crave

This mom, who lost 30 kg, reveals the things she is doing to speed up her results

“Replace them with a healthy alternative. I find that when I have balance, I get better results because I don’t overeat or overeat like eating!

A consistent balance is better than trying to be good all week and overeating all weekend! I have a piece of flourless chocolate cake every day! ”

The story of Sasha’s weight loss

Before discovering the healthy mummy, Sasha has tried lots of different diets, lots of restrictions and lots of all or nothing. For her, it was all about this quick fix and she was believing all the crazy myths about losing weight like counting calories and not eating after 6 PM.

“I didn’t think living a healthy lifestyle could be enjoyed, so I thought it was always denial and punishment in the gym or dissatisfaction with your body, so I couldn’t find the balance between the two. I didn’t have that knowledge and education,” Sasha says.


Sasha admits that she has always been very self-conscious.

“I always hated my legs, always hated my lower body and never appreciated my body for what it could do, it was always what it looked like,” Says.

Sasha 1

But now, for Sasha, it’s not all about being confident in different outfits. Instead, she says her confidence comes from what she eats, improving her health and energy levels and only knowing that she is controlling her body in a way she has never before!

“It’s fun now and I’m happier overall and my mental health is also better, I think, from the inside out,” Sasha adds.

Sasha Farley

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Sasha Farley

I am an active but sleepless mother of four, I work full time and live on Northern Shores in Sydney NSW. I like spending time with my family for a walk or going to the beach. We love a movie on the sofa just as much! I lived the healthy mummy life for nearly 5 years and I have never looked back!

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