This 8-year-old mum lost 46 kilos in 10 months!

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A mother of eight looks like Skybie McBain unbelievable!!!!

The Tasmanian-based mum lost 46kg in 10 months and dropped from a size 22 to a size 12 after following a healthy mummy support group and eating Healthy recipes for mummy!

This 8-year-old mum lost 46 kilos in 10 months!

How did this mother of eight lose 46 kilos in just 10 months

Skybie decided she needed to make a change after seeing a photo of her walking in the bush with her husband.

“I was disgusted for letting myself go like this. I’ve never been skinny or fit since I had my first child, but I wasn’t overweight either. Just overweight” Says.

“Anyway, when I saw that picture I just cried. That was the day I thought, ‘I need to change.’ Not just for me but for my children too.

“It got to the point where I was too embarrassed to take out my kids or see friends.”

This 8-year-old mom lost 46 kilos in 10 months!

In fact, Skybie followed Private health mummy support group And I decided to start researching the recipes that also appear on The Healthy Mummy app.

“I started making a couple of things here and there, I guess the first thing I made was Chicken pesto pasta This is still my favourite.” Says.

Sacha pesto pasta

“I think it’s been 11/10 months now and I’ve lost 46kg. I was a size 20/22 when I started and now I’m a size 12/14″.

Moreover, Skype has noticed that it has much more energy than it did before.

I have a lot of energy, I do a lot with my kids. Lately I’ve had a lot of fun at the children’s play centers because I can actually join them.” Says.

This 8-year-old mom lost 46 kilos in 10 months!

What Skybie has on a normal day

morning: Porridge, honey and banana

Morning snack: Bacon and Zucchini

lunch: Cereal muffin with avocado, egg and tomato

Afternoon snack: Banana bread with chocolate chips or whit-pix slice, and cheese roll

Dinner: Hidden baked vegan sausage

This 8-year-old mum lost 46 kilos in 10 months!

“For dinner, I try to make something my family will enjoy, too, but they’re very difficult. I’ve had success with the kids who have had baked noodles with vegetables and sausage, baked chicken noodles, and seasoned sausages,” Says.

“I have a fridge full of Heathy Mammy’s meals and snacks, so even when the family has something different from mine, I’m not tempted to eat unhealthily because it’s all set!

“I also go to the gym six days a week and walk every day.”

Skybie’s top tips

1. Meal preparation for me is very important. This is probably my biggest advice.
2. Don’t just rely on metrics and have confidence in the process.
3. It’s not easy but with all the support in the group we can all do it together.

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