These moms – and dad

How amazing for all these moms – and dads – look? !!!

Not only did they convert the kilos they wanted to lose, but they now feel fitter and healthier than ever before! They all use 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges And the healthy mummy juices.

Check out their amazing weight loss success stories below…

How these parents gave up the extra weight they were carrying

Ellis Thompson

These moms - and dads - are feeling healthier and healthier than ever before!

Ellis Thompson has changed not only who she is on the outside, but also who she is on the inside.

Says , “I don’t recognize my old self anymore! 35 kgs lost between photos! New and healthier for me, thanks Healthy mummy! “

Daisy Rains

These moms - and dads - are feeling healthier and healthier than ever before!

Daisy says, “I remember today how far I have come to my country healthy mummy Journey in the past seven months.

“Having a really bad start into 2021, I let PTSD paralyze me at times and it helped me make every excuse in the sun to not take care of myself.

“I am currently five weeks after the operation with a severe 10cm abscess on my intestines with no end in sight to finish healing anytime soon. Meaning I cannot do any exercise without causing me pain.

“Healthy Mummy has mentioned that I can do this stronger than my excuses.”

Lena Adams

Lina says, “I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 6, but the most important thing is that I feel healthier than ever.

“Last year I had a lot of health problems healthy mummy Help me reach my health goal. With many great recipes and exercises from the app. Also, delicious smoothies are a great meal when I don’t have time to eat.”

Cassie McKay

Cassie says, “Having a healthy, healthy relationship with food, exercise and me is extremely important to me. Many times, especially as a mother, I let these things slip by.”

“To work towards my goals, I started weighing the ingredients again to make sure my meals were what I needed to fuel my body, I stopped eating dessert at night because the food I had been eating all day was driving me to my target calories (1750).

Keto plans on healthy mummy app It was cool because I’ve been following them loosely. I was also able to work through my fear of getting injured in the gym and increase my efforts there. I still eat an amazing variety of food and never go hungry – the added benefits are losing 4kg and getting fit in my old clothes again, plus feeling fit, strong and confident in the body! “

Bridget Finlayson

Bridget says, “I started with Healthy mummy juices At the beginning of 2017, then subscribe to the application. I did really well that year and I lost a lot of weight.

Fast forward to 2018, and after some personal issues, I lost all motivation and taking care of myself. I was in a really dark place and slowly put on a lot of weight for the next year and a half.

“In August 2019, after speaking to my GP, something clicked and made the changes I needed. I signed up for the app, started eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising almost every day. I have now lost 22kg and am stronger and healthier than any time as an adult.

I no longer constantly eat fast food, I no longer skip meals, I no longer sit and do nothing. My whole family now eats a variety of nutritious and delicious foods.”

Kelly Joyce

Kelly says, “Less than six weeks makes a difference here and I can see changes in my butt and stomach. But it’s not just about losing weight, I’m feeling fit and eating healthy. I exercise every day and enjoy it. I find myself again and that’s a big thing for me.”

Sarah Houghton

Sarah says, “I’m not sure what my weight is in the first picture, but I joined in healthy mummy in 2018 with a weight of 73 kg.

“In that time I have lost 10 kilos, I am fitter, healthier and most importantly happier than I have ever been. Joining was one of the best decisions I made for myself and my family of six.”

Casey Krausek

Cassie says, “I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle to be the best mother to my children. I lost 43 kg and now my size is 8.

“Today I am a healthier, happier, better mother and a good role model for my children. I am fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident.”

Michelle Waters and hubby

Michelle says, “You know that box…the box you keep ‘When I lose weight clothes’—I’m sure most of us have one—it finally came in handy! I dug it up as some of my clothes started falling off.

“My husband and I have been doing healthy mummy and drink The right man shakes. We both eat healthy mummy recipes. He walks in heaps and I follow workout programs from the app.

“We are happier, it has brought us closer to each other because he understands and shares the same goals as me.”

Amanda Grace

Amanda says, “The first picture was in late November and I started noticing some changes during the first few weeks of being a healthy mummy, but looking at this picture I can see how sad I am inside for me, this is the biggest hurdle for me. E. jumped.

“The fact that I lost 35.3 kg is amazing, but the journey my mind has taken is much more important. I am at peace inside my body for the first time in a very long time.”

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