These affordable cities and municipalities will pay you up to $15,000 to move

What if we told you that there are some cities in America that will pay you to move? If you get that annoying voice in the back of your mind – that voice trying to convince you إقناع Pack all your belongings And uproot your life for a fresh start – well, now is the time to listen to it.

Perhaps you toyed with the idea of ​​escaping to a familiar place – or perhaps somewhere far away. You are not alone, but more and more people are taking the lead. About 31 percent of young adults (aged 18 to 31) have relocated, either permanently or for a prolonged period, during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Survey conducted by Bankrate. More than 15.9 million people applied for a change of address last year from February through July alone, every Data collected from the United States Postal Service.

Global migration trends are nothing new, but this phenomenon has certainly been driven by the coronavirus. With the skyrocketing rise of remote working—along with pent-up cabin fever—people realized the “big step” was finally within reach.

Now, destinations across the country are jumping on the bandwagon. They offer incredible incentive programs in hopes of attracting these new digital nomads to relocate permanently (while boosting their local economies along the way). Perks range from tax breaks and transfer assistance to free co-working space and cold hard cash. So before you pack up and hit the road, check out these innovative pay-to-move programs to see if any of them are a good fit. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled, because experts predict that these kinds of incentive initiatives will keep popping up in the future.

These Affordable Cities In America Will Pay You Up To $15,000 To Move

Sunrise or sunset view of Lake Kansas near Topeka.
Choose Topeka Choose Topeka

1. Choose Topeka

where can I find him: Topeka or Shawnee County, Kansas

What’s the deal: Looking to pack your belongings and set up your bank account? if so, Topeka It offers up to 15,000 reasons why you should take a closer look at moving to Kansas. Choose Topeka It is designed to attract talent to Shawnee County by offering a range of benefits, which vary depending on whether you are an on-site employee or a remote worker.

View of a street in downtown Topeka, Kansas.  The tallest building has a sign that says
Choose Topeka Choose Topeka

For example, people who accept an on-site position in Topeka can receive up to $15,000 when they purchase a home in the area (or up to $10,000 if they decide to rent within their first year). Meanwhile, remote workers can earn up to $10,000 to buy a home or $5,000 to pay rent. To sweeten the deal, Jimmy John’s will also throw in an extra 1000 dollars Bonus for program participants who move to one of the three Topeka delivery areas. Read all the details and frequently asked questions about files Application portal.

View over the Tennessee River toward the city of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
remote shoals Cliff Billingsley

2. Remote shoals

where can I find him: The Shoals, Alabama

What’s the deal: If you’re the type who prefers an under-the-radar destination, then shallow water From Northwest Alabama it may interest you. The area is known for its creative atmosphere and welcoming communities, which include the cities of Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia. It’s also conveniently located – just a two-hour road trip from cultural centers like Birmingham, Nashville, and Memphis.

View across the Tennessee River to the city of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  There is a large dam on the right.
remote shoals Economic Development Authority Shoals

remote shoals It is currently accepting applications and will reward program participants with $10,000 in costs to move to The Shoals (25 percent up front, 25 percent after six months, and 50 percent remaining after the first full year). So, who is eligible? Applicants can be full-time, remote employees, or self-employed contractors, but must currently live outside the area. They must also be at least 18 years old, eligible to work in the United States, be able to relocate within six months, and need to bring in at least $52,000 per year. You’ll be joining “Sweet Home Alabama” in no time.

A view of a lake in southern Indiana with cattails in the foreground and a small woodland hill in the background.
Explore Southern Indiana Explore Southern Indiana

3. Choose Southern Indiana

where can I find him: Dubois or Orange County, Indiana

What’s the deal: You might be surprised to learn that many of Indiana’s unfamiliar communities far outperform their weight class. Recently launched Choose Southern Indiana The program is an economic development initiative to raise the level of talent and highlight the hidden gems of the region. while the Dubois County The move incentive targets remote workers between the ages of 25 and 40 who earn between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. Orange County The program is specifically designed for veterans under the age of 45. Participants in both programs will receive a check for $5,000, but they must maintain their Indiana residency for a minimum of two years. Approved applicants can also choose two Additional Free TrialsWith options like a free season pass to West Boggs Parks or a tour and tasting at Patoka Lake Winery. They will pay you to move and then some money.

A view of a fountain in a park in southern Indiana.
Explore Southern Indiana Explore Southern Indiana

This new initiative was a collaboration between Radius Indiana, Dubois Strong, and the Orange County Partnership for Economic Development. said Jeff Coyle, President and CEO of Radius Indiana.

A view of Centennial Park in Tulsa with the city skyline in the distance.
Tulsa Remote photo courtesy

4. Tulsa Remote

where can I find him: Tulsa, Oklahoma

What’s the deal: Tulsa It first made a name for itself as the “oil capital of the world” in the early 1900s, but the city has seen a vibrant rebirth in recent years. Today, it is a dynamic destination that combines classic Southern hospitality with sophisticated international cuisine. Tulsa Remote It was created to attract entrepreneurs while encouraging diversity and strengthening community. The program includes $10,000 (split throughout the year) and free office space at 36° North, a gorgeous coworking space in the heart of downtown Tulsa. They also host regular community building events and meetings so that program participants can network with each other and meet locals.

A view of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Tulsa Remote photo courtesy

for the purpose of application (and qualify for them to pay you to move) you need a full-time remote job, or self-employment outside of Oklahoma. Applicants must also be able to transfer within 12 months of being accepted. In 2020, Tulsa Remote has more than 375 members, and they hope to break that record in 2021.

An aerial view of Newton, Iowa.
Newton Housing Initiative Newton City

5. Newton Housing Initiative

where can I find him: Newton, Iowa

What’s the deal: I’ve never heard of Newton, Iowa? This hermetic sanctuary can be found in central Iowa just 30 miles from Des Moines. Newton is known for its small town charm and attractive attractions that combine safety, affordability, and a true sense of community. So if you are looking to build your dream home from the ground up, then this software is perfect for you.

An aerial view of a new development in Newton, Iowa with several homes under construction.
Newton Housing Initiative Newton Housing Development Company

Since 2014, the Newton Housing Initiative It provided a set of incentives to expand the quantity and quality of the city’s housing stock. Aimed at home builders, property developers, and home buyers, the program will contribute up to $10,000 to new single-family homes that begin construction in 2021. The home must be worth $180,000 to qualify for the full incentive. Meanwhile, new homes worth between $100,000 and $179,999 are eligible for a $5,000 bonus. They will also throw in a “Meet Newton” welcome package worth over $2,500 for both program levels.

View of Lewisburg Main Street, West Virginia.  Flowers are in the foreground and local businesses line the street.
Ascend WV Ascend WV

6. Ascend WV

where can I find him: Lewisburg, West Virginia

What’s the deal: rugged mountain towns West Virginia A promise of a higher quality of life, thanks to a relaxing pace, unbeatable cost of living and abundant adventure opportunities. but new Ascend WV The program makes the destination more desirable for remote workers. Those accepted into the program will reap benefits such as networking opportunities, free co-working space, and free outdoor recreation. However, the real draw is an unrestricted cash incentive of $12,000.

Rafting and paddle boarding pass through white waters in New River Gorge, West Virginia.
Ascend WV Ascend WV

Launched in April 2021, Morgantown’s first host city has already closed its submission window after receiving over 7,500 entries (an offer to pay people to move in and see what happens…). Lewisburg It’s next, open to applicants in early 2022. “Here, remote workers looking for a change of pace will find an attractive small town with a thriving downtown, local arts, restaurants, and warm Southern hospitality,” says Chelsea Ruby, secretary of the West Virginia Department of Tourism. . The program is made possible by a transformative donation of $25 million from Brad D. Smith (a native of West Virginia and former CEO of Intuit) and his wife, Alice. Partners also include West Virginia State, West Virginia Department of Tourism, and West Virginia University.

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