The second ingredient in this Panna Cotta recipe that moms can’t get enough of!

two. ingredients. And only 46 calories per serving!!

Yes, all you need are two ingredients to make this amazing low-calorie, super-easy and delicious dessert! On top of that, both are ingredients you may have already had in your cupboard and fridge!

When you think of the traditional Panna Cotta, you might think of cream, sugar, and vanilla as the main ingredients. Delicious but heavy on calories. Panna cotta actually means “cooked cream” in Italian.

Our new recipe on 28 day weight loss challenge Combines jelly and Greek yogurt for amazing results! Very simple, but very tasty. And only 48 calories per serving!

Scroll down for the recipe and find out why moms love this Pana Cotta recipe from The Healthy Mummy’s!

panna cotta recipes in healthy mummy app

Along with heaps of other delicious dessert options, 28 day weight loss challenge It already contains many very popular Panna Cotta recipes in Healthy Mummy app.

Our 2 ingredients passionfruit panna cotta The recipe using jelly and ricotta was a tried and tested recipe in Healthy mummy community With moms raving about how good it is!

2 ingredient passionfruit pannacotta

And now we’re excited to share a file 2 ingredient panna cotta An option that is bound to become a family favorite in your home! Check out the recipe below!

2 ingredient panna cotta

This recipe serves 6 at only 46 calories per serving


  • A box of light jelly – a flavor of your choice
  • 1 cup greek yogurt
  • 1 cup boiling water


  1. Make jelly using all the crystals and only one cup of boiling water
  2. Let the jelly cool
  3. Add 1 cup of Greek yogurt to a bowl
  4. Add cooled jelly
  5. Mix well in a whisking motion with a fork until smooth to texture
  6. Pour evenly into 6 silicone trays or individual cups
  7. Chill Overnight and Enjoy!!

See how easy it is to make here

The possibilities are endless with this recipe and many moms in the healthy mummy community are climbing aboard the panna cotta train and creating all kinds of variations!

Find out how moms make Panna Cotas!

Stephanie Porte says “Why do you only have one flavor when you can have two?”

“Raspberry and Pineapple Panna Cotta with Cherry and Passion Fruit. Very Good! (Note: I made both light jelly and natural Greek yogurt)”

Emma Muller loves this recipe

“Just have some panna cotta. Using Greek Yogurt and Raspberry Jelly! That’s how easy healthy mummy recipes are. I can’t wait to try them out tomorrow.”

Brie Campbell loves this recipe for kids!

Bec . says “Lots of cheating on panna cotta (Greek yogurt and light jelly) made for school sweets and desserts at 100 calories for 125ml per portion which is perfect for us! Plus the kids don’t know they’re getting the quality of Greek yogurt.”

Jenny Vineris has just found her new favorite!

“Oh my gosh, this is to die for… I’m not usually a fan of panna cotta but this one is amazing. The whole family is out and I’m sitting here enjoying!”

Amy Sinclair has created a sauce for her!

“My Panna cotta made a little more tonight!! Panna Cotta Made With Light Jelly And Greek Yogurt. A sauce made of ½ cup of frozen berries and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, brought to a boil, whisked and put in a colander. It was so delicious! “

Jodie Sierzputowski loves mixing flavors!

Panna cotta jelly and yogurt dessert is so quick and easy to make, I just made tonight’s dessert to put in the fridge to set and it only took a few minutes while I made breakfast. I thought Raspberry was my favorite until I tried Lemon oh my Yum!

Michelle Knight and her family loved this desert option, so Michelle sought maximum nutrition with another healthy product.

“My family has been pissed off at this delicious dessert and I must admit I enjoy making it. Today’s special. using Healthy Yogurt for Babies.

Are you ready to try this recipe?

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