The return of the mandates of the mask and the vaccine with vengeance

by Patrick Wood

Here are two main stories that emphasize the continued use of fear to implement authoritarian policies on society. First, the CDC is reversing the indoor mask policy by saying that all adults and children who have been fully vaccinated should wear a mask again. Second, Biden is about to announce a mandatory vaccine policy for all federal employees.

For employees who refuse, there will be a mandatory policy of weekly testing (at their own expense) and quarantine after a positive test.

At the same time, the unvaccinated is clearly and strongly blamed for the re-emergence of the delta COVID boom.

To avoid legal resistance, the CNN report stated,

Justice Department attorneys have decided that federal law does not prevent public agencies and private companies from ordering Covid-19 vaccines, even if the vaccines are authorized to use only in emergency situations, according to an opinion published online Monday.

The Department of Justice under President Trump decided just the opposite. This indicates the absolute politicization of the rule of law. Changing laws at will is a sign of chaos and tyranny.

CDC reverses indoor mask policy, says fully vaccinated people and children must wear them indoors

By Berkeley Lovelace Jr. via CNBC

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that people who have been fully vaccinated start wearing masks indoors again in places where they are. High transmission rates for Covid-19. The agency also recommends that children wear masks in schools this fall.

Federal health officials still believe that fully vaccinated individuals account for a very small amount of transmission. However, some people who have been vaccinated may carry higher levels of the virus than previously understood and may pass it on to others.

“This pandemic continues to pose a serious threat to the health of all Americans,” CDC director Rochelle Wallinsky told reporters in a phone call. “Today, we have new science related to the delta variant that requires us to update the guidelines as to what you can do when you are fully vaccinated.”

The updated guidance comes ahead of the fall season, when a highly contagious delta variant is expected cause another mutation in the new Corona Virus And many large employers plan to bring workers back to the office. In mid-May, the CDC said that people who have been fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks in most settings, whether indoors or outdoors.

“In areas with high, high prevalence, the CDC recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks in public and indoor spaces to help prevent the spread of the delta variant and protect others. This includes schools,” Walinsky said. The CDC recommends that everyone in elementary schools wear masks indoors, “including teachers, staff, students, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status.”

Walensky said the new data shows that the variant behaves “uniquely different from previous virus strains,” suggesting that some vaccinated people with the delta variant “may be contagious and spread the virus to others.”

Biden will announce the federal government’s vaccination demand on Thursday

By Phil Mattingly and Jason Hoffman via CNN

President Joe Biden on Thursday will announce a requirement to vaccinate all federal employees and contractors against Covid-19, or require them to undergo regular testing and mitigation requirements, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The announcement will come in remarks where Biden is also expected to put in place a series of new steps, including stimulus, in an effort to spur new vaccinations as the delta variant spreads rapidly across the country. It would also follow a decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs to require the vaccination of frontline health care workers over the next two months.

Biden hinted at the looming announcement on Tuesday.

“That’s under consideration now,” Biden said when asked if he would impose a vaccination mandate on federal workers.
While details are still being finalized, the source said, federal workers will be required to certify their vaccination status or undergo regular testing and the proposal would be roughly similar to what is being implemented in New York City, the source said. Additional requirements for non-vaccinators may be added as agencies pay to vaccinate their staff.

Biden will not impose this condition on the US military, despite his authority to do so, for the time being. The source said, however, that it is likely to specify how the Defense Department may seek to deal with the issue in the future.

When asked if he thought the new revised guidelines on masks from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would confuse Americans, Biden blamed unvaccinated Americans, saying that if they were vaccinated “we’d be in a completely different world.”
“We have a pandemic because the unvaccinated are sowing massive confusion. The more we know about this virus and the delta variant, the more anxious and worried we are. And there is only one thing we know for sure, if those hundreds of other people were vaccinated, we would be in a completely different world,” He said.

The administration’s decision to require vaccines for Veterans Affairs health workers provided a strong signal that vaccine requirements may be necessary to convince those still reluctant to get their vaccines.

To advance the case for vaccine mandates, the administration is taking steps to clarify the legal bases on which U.S. entities can require employees to obtain them.

Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on sustainable development, the green economy, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and historical technocracy. He is the author of Technocr Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes One and Two (1978-1980) with the late Anthony C. Sutton.

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