The pathologist calls for a review as people who recovered 9 months ago were counted as COVID deaths

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Chicago, IL Monroe County pathologist Bob Hill caused waves in his home state of Illinois this week after examining part of a list of possible deaths from COVID-19. What he found was extremely shocking and led to calls for audits of COVID-19 deaths in his state.

according to Center SquareIn, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 1,983 deaths through the end of February in Illinois as COVID-19 was listed among multiple causes. Of those deaths, there were about 1,830 deaths, or 9.2%, COVID-19 was listed as the only cause of death.

This percentage is higher than in September 2020 when the rate was around 6%.

However, Hill calls these numbers into question after reviewing several cases and finding that people who have died of non-COVID-19 issues are counted as dying from COVID-19.

“What worries me is that I have reviewed several (out of 100) cases about ten cases here in Monroe County, as the state has considered COVID-related deaths and none of them had underlying conditions or contributing factors to COVID,” Hill said. “So my concern does not matter when a person is tested positive, the state automatically gives them a classification of death in relation to COVID.”

One of the glaring cases that the coroner found during his review was of a man who had accidentally died from a drug overdose. The man died in January from an overdose, but three months earlier in October, he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. His death was recorded as a COVID-19 death, according to Hale.

“Once that death reached the state, they went ahead and categorized and put the statistic as a COVID death,” Hill said.

After Hill made his concerns publicly known, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the governor responded with the Department of Health recognizing that the data could change.

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“Once the IDPH has the opportunity to further investigate the data, communicate with local health departments about specific cases, review death records, and undertake other quality assurance measures, the data may change,” a department spokesperson said.

“A confirmed or potential case of COVID-19 will be considered if: death is within 30 days of the onset of symptoms,” the ministry said, among other factors.

But Hill has found cases that do not even come close to meeting these criteria.

Hill said: “We see people on the list that they put in as deaths from the Coronavirus, who tested positive 9 months ago, have recovered since then and died from other problems unrelated to COVID.”

Illinois Governor GB Pritzker dismissed Hill’s claims, saying the state was “doing its best” during this emergency to count the deaths. But is considering someone who clearly died of an overdose as a death COVID-19 really “doing your best”?

“All those numbers, look, we’ve been in an emergency, we’ve been in a pandemic,” Pritzker said Wednesday at a station in Lincoln, according to the Square Center. “Everyone is trying their best. There is no desire on the part of anyone to record more or fewer deaths, there is only need to record what is presented to us as data from the provinces.”

But Hill says it happens all the time, which is why he calls for an audit.

“Don’t automatically create a statistic on a death (COVID) when the cause isn’t confirmed,” Hill said.

When asked why Hill believed these deaths were wrongly calculated, he said maybe we should follow the money.

“The only assumption I can make is the hope that the state seeks some federal money to bring down the system for all our death tolls from COVID-19,” Hill said. “This is the only thing I can assume. Otherwise, why would you want to inflate the numbers that are specifically related to COVID.”

This small number of deaths wasn’t isolated in Illinois either. There are cases like this from coast to coast. One insanely blatant case comes from New York where police shot a man seven times.

Ricardo Cardona, 55, was shot 7 times by NYPD officers and died five days later in hospital. However, the cause of his death was not included in the gunshot list. As For reports, He died of COVID-19 despite seven bullet holes in his body. You cannot make this up.

Listen to the coroner’s report Here.

Source: Free Thought Project

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