The nurse who survived the COVID-19 virus shares an amazing picture of what she did with his body

A San Francisco nurse highlights the severity of the disease Covid-19 With a shocking picture of its effects on his body.

Last week, Mike Schultz shared pictures alongside more than 40,000 followers on Instagram of the dramatic 50-pound weight loss he experienced during an eight-week hospital stay as he was being treated for the illness caused by the new disease. Corona Virus.

He said, 43 years old Health That he is pictured on the left, he weighs about 190 lbs. He added that he exercises every day and does not suffer from basic health conditions.

“I weighed myself that day, my weight dropped to 140 pounds, and I probably weighed less than that when I started in rehab,” he told the magazine. “I’ve never been this skinny in my life.”

Schultz explained Buzzfeed News The reason why he decided to post his now viral pics. “I wanted to show that it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, have pre-existing conditions or not. It can affect you,” he said.

Schultz said CNN He contracted the Coronavirus in early March, “before any of the restrictions were lifted” and it is possible that he got it while attending the Miami Winter Music Festival. His friend DJ, Josh Hublithwaite, was at the event.

“We knew it was there,” Schultz told Buzzfeed, indicating that no “shutdown” orders had been issued at this point. We just thought, ‘Well, we should wash our hands more often and be careful not to touch our face. ”

The Miami Herald I mentioned that 38 people who attended the LGBTI + friendly music festival later fell ill, and three men died,

On March 14, about a week after the festival, Schultz traveled to Boston, where Hiblithwaite lives.

He told CNN that when he first arrived in Boston, he had a cough, but “it wasn’t really a big problem.” But on March 17th, he found himself with a fever of 103 degrees and was having difficulty breathing.

When Schultz arrived at the hospital, he underwent a chest X-ray and smear. He tested positive for the coronavirus and was also diagnosed with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome, according to CNN.

Soon after, he was intubated and placed on a ventilator to help with breathing.

“This was the last time I saw my friend,” Schultz told Health. I texted him, “I’m afraid.” Soon after, I was drugged, and I don’t remember much after that.

According to CNN, he remained on a ventilator for four and a half weeks. He told Buzzfeed that during this time it was as if he was “in a coma”.

Schultz said that when he woke up from his ordeal, he thought only a week had passed. “I still have a punctured windpipe [tube]I couldn’t speak, and my hand was so weak that my phone felt like it was 100lbs, ”he told Health.

He also noticed that he had lost weight, but nothing could prepare him for what happened when he finally saw himself in the mirror. He told CNN, “I didn’t even know myself.” I cried a lot when I looked in the mirror, I was like, ‘Oh my God. ”

Schultz is now recovering slowly.

“I do breathing exercises to raise my lung capacity, and a lot of exercises to stabilize my legs so I can finally walk without doing a penguin shuffle,” he joked to Health.

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