The most powerful organic skincare lines come from Italy

There is no doubt about Italy’s reputation for decadence. From fashion to automobiles, the Italian shoe has broken into some of the most famous and desirable brands (such as Gucci, Maserati and Ferrari) into the mainstream. Heck, even the simplest culinary exports are like Pizza And pasta somehow manages to be tough in its indulgence. But what about skincare – will France and Korea continue to dominate? Well, when it comes to clean and organic skin care products, Italy He quickly became a strong player on the field.

With a diverse climate, Italy is a goldmine of natural botanicals and marine ingredients that benefit the skin. Over the past few years, small batch Italian brands have been climbing up the ranks due to the growing demand for organic, chemical-free, and non-toxic skin care products. After all, we should all be aware of what we slip on our faces.

Two research-driven, family-owned brands based in rural Italy are expanding their offerings in men’s grooming and crafting some of the best body care products around. Think of it like adding fresh, grated parm to your bowl of pasta. There is a difference you can see and feel.

Molecular cell hydration complex from seed to skin
Molecular cell hydration complex from seed to skin photo courtesy

Seed to Skin: Molecular Green Science from Tuscany

I’ve heard of farm-to-table eating as the pinnacle of ethical eating. The seeds on the skin It is the equivalent of skin care. It is nestled among the rolling hills of Tuscany Borgo Santo Petro, a luxury resort built from the ruins of a 12th-century outpost along a medieval pilgrimage route. Today’s retreat is also a sacred site for visitors who seek respite among the best of the world Italian beauty. Danish couple Janet and Klaus Thotrop opened the doors in 2011. Over the past decade, they’ve expanded the property to 22 rooms and suites, adding two Michelin star winners. Mio Modu A restaurant, a 220-acre organic farm, and a leading spa use their custom organic skincare line.

Janet Thotrope launched Seed to Skin as a testament to ingredients with powerful skincare benefits that need minimal intervention. It is a task that comes from an interest in holistic healing. Thottrup’s pursuit of natural health remedies eventually led her into the world of organic skincare, and to Dr. Anna Bonacure, an Italian cosmetologist. Together, they came up with an idea for results-based skincare backed by “green molecular science.” It is a technology that identifies the active ingredients down to the size of the particles.

“In some cases, we have to research and test individual formulas for more than a year before we are ready for launch.” Production director Christina Guidarelli explains.

Our custom-designed Seed to Skin lab is located a short walk from the Borgo Santo Pietro estate in the quiet little one-bar village of Palazzetto. Many of the ingredients come from the surrounding farmland. This includes everything from aromatic herbs and medicinal plants to raw honey and even sheep’s milk cheese. (The milk goes to the third-generation cheesemaker who makes Pecorino for the hotel; his workshop is a few doors away.) A close inspection is made whenever outside farmers get into the mix. They even check the type of soil they use to ensure sustainable practices meet organic skin care standards.

Simply put, outsourcing is not an option for Thottrup and the team. Formulas are individually mixed and manually filled on site. Each batch is also assigned a number for transparency. There is only pure goodness within our signature emerald glass jars; There are no artificial fillers or preservatives, plus the subtle scents come from all-natural sources, thanks to aromatherapist Lindsay Woodman.

Seed to Skin's Green Ritual Kit . Green Bottles and Jars
photo courtesy

Best of all, the proven regenerative effects of Seed to Skin products don’t discriminate when it comes to sex. (The range has always been very popular with men.) And with the launch of its first ever product dedicated to men’s grooming, green ritual set for men ($296), there’s more to love. The Divine Cleanse is a detoxifying cleanser that can also be used as a shaving gel; Alche’Mist™ is a nutrient-rich serum mist; And The Cure for Men is a version of his popular vitamin-rich moisturizer, specially formulated for men, to reduce the effects of aging and inflammation.

“Men’s skin becomes rougher and more exposed because of shaving, so it’s important to strengthen the skin barrier and microbiome as much as possible,” says Thotrop.

Among the powerful ingredients in the serum are honey and hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin. Anti-aging peptides, plus prebiotics and probiotics to repair and rejuvenate. The remedy for men is also the only seed product for the skin that contains an extract of saffron follicles that has regenerative effects on the skin.

“It is able to reverse the aging process by stimulating contact between skin cells,” Thotrop adds. “It stimulates the secretion of growth factors in keratinocytes that promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis. Thanks to its growth factor-like activity, it is able to rejuvenate the skin.”

These are some powerful things.

Furtuna Skin Transformation Set: Acqua Serena Micellar Cleansing Essence, Vital Doors for Face and Eye, and Biphasic Alberi Moisturizing Oil
Furtuna Skin Transformation Set: Acqua Serena Micellar Cleansing Essence, Vital Doors for Face and Eye, and Biphasic Alberi Moisturizing Oil Andrea Caruso

Vertona leather: extremely powerful ingredients “sound baths” from Sicily

Fortuna leather He’s also taking advantage of Italian countryside bounty for his organic skincare line, this time from his 856-acre La Furtuna estate in rural Sicily. The country trail is home to an organic farm called Bona Furtuna. There are over 12,000 olive trees and hundreds of medicinal plants covering its hills. Spring water flows from Monte Barrow, the fourth highest mountain peak on the island. This naturally helps water the organically grown plants used in the drug’s skincare line.

It was launched in November 2019 by model Agatha Relota Luczo and beauty creator Kim Walls. Fortuna Skin aims to address the age-old skepticism about organic beauty, that is, about consistency and efficacy. The secret lies in the sound.

Furtuna Skin is the first skincare brand to use Soundbath™ extraction methodIt is a leading technology in the pharmaceutical industry. It looks cool because it is. Traditional methods of extracting elements from organic materials usually involve harsh chemicals and overheating. It is a process that can easily damage fragile components. Instead, after hand foraging and processing fresh-cut plants into fine particles, the Furtuna Skin team dunks them in oils. They then codify the mixture using ultrasound energy at low temperatures, which extracts highly effective biomaterials. This quick – but gentle – process preserves the integrity of the nutrients and keeps antioxidant levels at a maximum. It’s also a difference you can feel.

“We have access to the best ingredients in the world,” says Heather Records, Vice President of Brand at Furtuna Skin. “Why do we want to destroy them?”

it’s a transformation group (Travel size $225; $398 full size) Includes Acqua Serena Micellar Cleansing Essence, Porte Per La Vitalità Face and Eye Serum, and Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil. This organic skin care trio contains powerful ingredients like olive leaf water, olive oil and magnolia extract. Together, they work to prevent 100 percent free radical damage, defend against environmental skin stresses (thanks to antioxidants), repair the skin’s moisture barrier, and support the skin’s natural collagen synthesis.

Fortuna Skin Forza D'Agro After Shave Serum is made from wild botanicals in Sicily.
Fortuna Skin Forza D’Agro After Shave Serum is made from wild botanicals in Sicily. Andrea Caruso

All of their products are unisex, but earlier this summer, Furtuna Skin released the new product Forza D’agrò After Shave Serum men only. The dual-purpose elixir uses skin-repairing properties that reduce signs of fatigue while hydrating facial hair. Despite the presence of olive oil, borage oil and shea butter in the composition, it looks very light and non-greasy. Soothing prickly pear also works to rejuvenate the skin in the long term. With each use, the serum takes you on an olfactory journey through pastoral Sicily due to the presence of essential oils such as lime, laurel laurel, juniper and rock rose.

All Furtuna Skin organic skincare products are available online and in-store exclusively with slangA wellness and beauty store located in Brooklyn, New York. Shane also introduced the signature Gentleman’s Facial as a new treatment, with Forza D’agrò After Shave Serum, for star-looking skin. This might be the closest thing to enjoying under the Sicilian sun – so take it.

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