The lockdown leads to devastating levels of “psychological distress” among young people

by Brad Bulombo

Most young people are at a slight risk of dying from the Coronavirus. But the New Survey of Research Pew It is shown that they bear disproportionately the consequences of harsh lockdowns of epidemics and isolation of government restrictions.

The Pew Center found that 32 percent of youth between the ages of 18 and 29 had high levels of “psychological distress.” Another 31 percent said they passed an average level. Notably, women and those with low incomes are more likely to experience serious psychological distress within this subgroup of youth.

Meanwhile, 45 percent of respondents under the age of 30 reported being “nervous, anxious, or nervous” at least “at least” sometimes or for a moderate period of time. “

What is the root cause of this distress among young people? Well, reports often attribute it to “pandemic” or “COVID,” but in reality, this is largely attributed to lockdown policies and government restrictions, not the virus itself.

The death rate For members of this age group, roughly 18 to 29, the ages range from .003% to .013% – a very small percentage of the percentage. So, it is not the virus itself or the fear of it, but primarily the denial of their lives and livelihoods that is driving young Americans down.

“Young people represented a specific set of concerns during the pandemic for mental health professionals, and young people stand out in the current survey to show higher levels of psychological distress compared to other age groups,” He explains. “The closures have disrupted job opportunities, university experiences, and the mixing and mixing that represents the transition into adulthood.”

The only conclusion left is that young people are present Life threatening Psychological distress and trauma due to excessive government lockdown policies.

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These policies have been implemented with a focus on the tunnel vision to contain COVID-19, something lawmakers have proven unable to do. Government officials enacted unprecedented restrictions that deprived people of their livelihoods, closed schools, and isolated people from their communities and families – failing to account for the unintended consequences and secondary effects that were always certain to ensue.

We will remember the arrogance of our elected officials as the root cause that the results of the Coronavirus have been so disastrous. They fail to heed one of the key lessons in economics: disastrous results await policymakers who lack humility to see the limits of their ability to control society from the top down.

“Legislators need to be fully aware that every human action has both intended and unintended consequences,” said Ant Davies and James Harrigan of the FEE. He explains. “Human beings interact with every rule, regulation, and system imposed by governments, and their reactions lead to outcomes that can be very different from those intended by lawmakers.”

They concluded that “while there is a place for legislation, that place must be delimited with great caution and tremendous modesty.”

When it comes to unprecedented lockdown measures, our policymakers have not been modest. Legislators and public health experts foolishly believed they could solve everything with top-down mandates and centralized control – and the collective spirit of an entire generation of young people would be affected as a result.


Brad Bulombo (Embed a Tweet) Conservative editorial journalist and opinion editor at the Economic Education Foundation.

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