The judge has fined Amish Farmer $250,000 and is threatening imprisonment for providing the food the club members want

by Brian Shelavy

Serving healthy and ethical food away from Big Food Wall Street Billionaires who control the world’s food commodity system Not an easy task.

I know this from experience. The California Department of Agriculture threatened my company for years, healthy traditions, to ship eggs directly from Amish farmers in Wisconsin to consumers across the United States, including California.

Regardless, in the more than 11 years of shipping eggs, which were the first to come from chicken on a soy-free diet that we developed, we’ve never had a single complaint about any safety issues from any of the tens of thousands of customers around the world. country.

The fact that we dared to ship unrefrigerated eggs infuriated the California Food Police, who have tried unsuccessfully to stop our operations for years.

The problem for them was that they had no jurisdiction, as the eggs were produced and shipped out of Wisconsin, where all local laws were complied with, so we kept ignoring their threats.

So a few years later, they finally contacted the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, filed a formal complaint, which resulted in the Wisconsin authorities shutting down our operations after having been shipping to customers for 7 years by then.

We successfully refuted the California allegations, which were not based on any complaints from customers, and also got massive support from the public to put pressure on then-Governor Scott Walker and his Secretary of Agriculture, who sent representatives to our Amish farmers to come to an agreement for them to stay in business. .

However, as part of the agreement, Wisconsin authorities told us that we would have to move our corporate office out of Wisconsin, or obtain a retail license, even though we didn’t sell any eggs at the retail level.

Getting a retail license would have forced us to comply with all state regulations, which would have included expenses our farmers could never have afforded and stayed in business.

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I grew up in Wisconsin, it’s my home state, and I put Wisconsin on the map nationally as a source of quality organic food developed by small farmers and shipped across the country, and they responded to my treatment, a home boy in Wisconsin, by kicking my business out of their state .

However, California was not satisfied, and began using dogs in FedEx facilities to sniff our packages for eggs, and then destroy them.

Again, no customer complained. In fact, it was a customer in California who informed us that he had not received his eggs, and we were told that they were destroyed in the warehouse.

At the time, we were shipping less than 30 shipments a month to California, and less than 200 dozen eggs a month—barely competitive with the California egg industry.

But we didn’t have $2 million free to fight them in court, so to this day we don’t ship our eggs to California, much to the disappointment of our California customers. See our previous articles on this:

Wisconsin shuts down soy-free egg market: Rejects consumers’ choice to buy healthy eggs

Egg farmers in Wisconsin are shipping eggs again — for now

California uses dogs to sniff and destroy shipments of soy-free eggs

Last month, we brought you the story of another Amish farmer, Amos Miller of Pennsylvania, who provides healthy and ethical food to local food clubs in the Northeast, and how the USDA was threatening to fine him $250.000.00 for failing to comply with all of their regulations, at Although it was not sold through the retail food system, but directly to consumers on contract through local food clubs. be seen:

USDA attacks Amish farmers who sell real food to protect industrial farming for companies

Unfortunately, Judge ruling against farms and food clubsAnd if he can’t raise a quarter of a million dollars, he’ll be out of business and possibly spend some time in prison.

Again, this isn’t because of any complaints from his customers: those who pay him to raise the food. It’s about protecting Wall Street and Big Food, and taking away any choices consumers have about how their food is produced, and who they can buy it.

Who is this GoFundMe Page.

Help Amos Miller preserve our traditional food

To those willing to help, all members and potential members of our private association:

Amos Miller Organic Farm It is a century-old Amish family farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania – serving its very own member association. The farm raises its animals and other pure foods the way nature intended and we are absolutely proud to be Chemical and GMO free. Animals are born and raised without antibiotics or hormones and spend their entire lives naturally, stress-free, on pastures. All farm food is traceable, pure and grown in nutrient-dense soil, according to time-honored traditional methods.

The farm is now under attack by the USDA over nonconforming practices, practices that predate USDA history. They are suing the farm for compliance with USDA laws, regarding the way farm animals are processed and how our food is labeled. The farm and its members believe that we have the right to free assembly and the right to choose how our food is processed and consumed without the USDA dictating the farm.

Our farmer, Amos Miller, needs your help to maintain traditional farming the way God intended. In order to defend the way the farm has produced its pure food for more than 100 years, Amos must hire civil rights attorneys to argue the farm’s case in court against the army of attorneys that the USDA brings into the courtroom.

Amos and his family know that how food is grown, raised, and processed is directly related to the health of the people who consume it. We oppose cruelty in any form or form. The focus of the farm is to grow foods that are rich in nutrients and free of chemicals, while being careful not to harm the animals, the environment, or the people who consume our foods. We are what we eat and this is clearly an undeniable fact.

The ever-increasing environmental toxins from the overuse of synthetic chemicals make modern agriculture highly questionable. As for the ethical aspect, which is to eat animal foods, it leaves doubts in the minds of many. Our community members joined us because they have chemical sensitivities and only begin to recover and thrive once they start consuming foods rich in real nutrients. They depend on our farm food. Members with a vegetarian background started enjoying animal foods again once they realized that the death of an animal doesn’t have to be cruel. Did you know that our farmer Amos prays before he plans to sacrifice an animal? Amish farmers are wonderful, ethical, and honest people. We are members of Amish Farms trust and its integrity is invaluable.

Please note that accepting contributions is not normally permitted in Amish culture. The Amish believe in earning what you have – through hard work. But Amos needs help defending our association and has agreed to accept donations through the GoFundMe campaign.

If you believe as we do and believe farming can be done and maintained in the proven traditional way, please support our food freedom and our farmer Amos and donate any amount you can.

Please share and help the case. We need to make a change in our diet and secure healthy, non-GMO foods, not just for ourselves at this moment in time, but for our next generations to come. We owe it to our children and ourselves to stand up for the right to eat nutritious foods that keep our bodies healthy.

Thank you so much for your support, prayers and contributions.


Brian Shelavy is the Editor for Health Impact News, which is where this is first appearance.

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