The best workout clothes and accessories for men

You need new workout clothes. But not just any clothes. Want to fit it, ah, yes, Thin You’re OK — pieces that feature quality fabrics, functional details, and maybe even a tech innovation or two. Bottom line: You want things that look good, support optimal performance, and last a long time. Whether you are a fan of cardio, deal exclusively with lifting, or want to get involved in it HIITWe’ve got workout clothes to answer your sweaty prayers.

The best new workout clothes and accessories for men

1. Skins Series-3 Men’s Geographic Flame Half Leggings

The knit fabric and graduated compression panels provide these shorts, whether you’re wearing them for a lifting session or hitting the track. Compression is claimed to enhance performance by applying the right amount of pressure in targeted areas to aid circulation and deliver oxygen to the muscles in need. No matter if you’re getting a fitness boost, these shorts will keep you cooler and drier than your average pants. Reflective logos and a side mesh pocket stow small items around these top-notch half socks.


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AGOGIE RESISTANCE PANTS AVAILABLE IN +20 AND +40 RESISTANCE LEVELS - It has eight resistance bands built into the fabric to add extra tension as you go about your daily movements, exercise or run (+20s are perfect for walking, hiking, yoga or housework, while That +40s is suitable for HIIT routines, quick training, and strength-building routines)
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2. AGOGIE Resistant Pants

Want to take your training to the next level? These resistance pants (yes, you read that right) are available at +20 and +40 resistance levels. exist eight Resistance bands built into the fabric to add extra tension as you go about your daily movements. +20s are perfect for walking, running, yoga or housework, while +40s are best suited for HIIT routines, speed training, and strength-building routines. The bands help build secondary support muscles, while activating the core, lower back and hip muscles – enhancing strength and speed over time, while burning fat.


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This combination of natural and technical fabric is just enough to make the Odlo Kinship Light Crewneck Shirt worn around the house.
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3. Odlo Kinship Light Crewneck T-Shirt

temperature regulation? Yeah. TENCEL fibers are sustainably sourced? you betcha. Odor Resistant? Definitely. This combination of natural and technical fabric is enough to hide a shirt. Wear them to play tennis, go for a walk, or do your usual tasks: jogging, lifting, running errands.


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The Department of Supply isn't kidding when they say they're using science to solve everyday wardrobe problems (for example, redesigning a suit to make it breathable and machine washable or inventing dress socks that use recycled coffee to keep the stink in check).  Here, they've made some of the best gym shorts we've seen so far, made with an ultra-light, moisture-wicking fabric and two pockets to hold sundries.
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4. Ministry of Supply Newton Active Shorts for Men

The Department of Supply isn’t kidding when they say they’re using science to solve everyday wardrobe problems. They found a way to make suits more breathable and machine washable, and invented dress socks with recycled coffee grounds to keep the stench away. Here, they crafted some of the best gym shorts. They didn’t reinvent the wheel, but they did use an ultra-light, moisture-wicking fabric and S.Café Silver thread to naturally combat odor no matter how hard your kickboxing session might be.


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Made of 58% Cotton, 37% Modal, and 5% Spandex, you'll love using modal in this 90 Degree Reflex Men's Super Soft V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt, which is breathable, sweat-wicking, and moisture-wicking.
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5. 90 Degree by Reactive Men’s Super Soft V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

You’ll love the modal use of this comfortable tee (the blend also includes cotton and spandex), which is breathable and wicks away sweat and moisture. Bonus: This shirt is 50 percent more shrink-resistant than all-cotton shirts.


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Collect ten thousand pebbles
Collect ten thousand pebbles photo courtesy

6. Gather ten thousand pebbles

Co-designed by the brand’s customers, this limited-edition set consists of the durable “almost bomb-proof” jersey ($34) and short cut-out ($68), with the word “GRIT” embossed on both. In addition to being extremely comfortable, the shirt has anti-odor fabric treatment and laser underarm ventilation; The shorts are sweat-wicking and quick-drying with four-way stretch to help you bring your A-game into any stressful workout.

[from $34;]

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The Gorilla Training Group Dixon Hoodie offers three pockets and is made from a blend of lightweight, long-wearing, moisture-wicking materials, to keep you comfortable during your next warm-up or run.
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7. Dixon hoodie gorilla training set

For a headpiece that doesn’t break the bank, grab this one in blue, gray, or black. It has three pockets for plenty of storage space and is made from a combination of lightweight and moisture-wicking materials to keep you comfortable during your next warm-up. You’ll appreciate the lack of labels and plastic packaging. To further enhance its eco-friendly quotient, the brand plants a tree for every purchase made.


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Designed with a comfortable insole, wider toe box, higher instep, shock-absorbing cushioning, anti-slip heel loop, and dual-density non-slip sole, these are the comfort-supporting FitVille men's shoes that fit you've been patiently waiting.
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8. FitVille Men’s Rebound Core Sneakers

It is estimated that nearly eight in 10 Americans will experience foot problems at some time in their lives. If you’re in this bucket and have wider feet, or conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, hammer toe, and/or bunions, these sneakers are for you. (For a diagnosis of different foot conditions, always consult a podiatrist; you may need orthotics as well.) Designed with a wide toe box, upper instep, shock-absorbing cushioning, anti-prone heel loop, ergonomic insole, and dual-density sole, these are operations The cushioned sneak that supports the stability you’ve been waiting for patiently.


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Complete with UPF 50 protection, the Peter Manning NYC Tech shorts are made from canvas
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9. Peter Manning NYC Tech Pants

Wear these shorts—available in black, grey, khaki, and taupe—for your next 5K class or Peloton class (you can even wear padded liners underneath). It’s made of quick-drying fabric that has plenty of elasticity and features UPF 50 protection. The 7-inch inner seam allows for greater range of motion, and it’s stylish enough to wear from the CrossFit box to the brewery. Finally, work out clothes that can go anywhere.


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Launched in March of this year, this Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Full Support Boxer Bag from the industry leader features a patented, suspended pouch construction to keep your cajons supported and comfortable, thanks to breathable mesh inserts (which also prevent chafing) .
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10. Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Boxer Briefs

The proprietary, patent-pending hanging pouch keeps the cajons supported and comfortable, thanks to breathable mesh inserts (which also prevent chafing). With advanced odor protection and moisture-wicking properties, we’re also happy to share a product that uses recycled polyester to reduce landfill waste.


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The high-performance, lightweight, sustainably sourced fabric in the Matador Meggings Compression Shorts has four-way stretch, plus sweat-wicking properties.
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11. Matador Meijings Compression Shorts

This fabric has a lot going for it: It’s sustainably sourced, lightweight, 4-way stretch, and has effective sweat-wicking properties. They work well for their next CrossFit session where they perform on a yoga mat – all while being crusaders for the so-called no-VPL (Visible Penis Line, folks). With sturdy family jewelry support and a design that helps you avoid chafing, these shorts also include an open pocket, a zip, and a T-shirt/towel loop.


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The OLO bracelet with built-in hand sanitizer is designed for pandemic-era gym sessions (let's hope we get to the end of that), but it's also good for general hygiene since the gym can be, you know, really freaking gross.
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12. OLO Band

This wristband with built-in hand sanitizer is designed for pandemic-era gym sessions (let’s hope we get to the end of that), but it’s also good for general hygiene since the gym can be, you know, really disgusting. You can dispense with the hand sanitizer by pressing the pump, and just having it on your wrist is a good reminder to keep hands clean. Even if your gym has hand sanitizer available, this is perfect for all times when the auto dispenser is empty or there is a line to use the bottle that is always touched at the front desk. We used to wear it to shop for groceries and run errands too.

[$30 for a three-pack;]

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