The best remote bars around the world

The green exterior of an Irish pub in Namche Bazar, Nepal
It is common for climbers who return from the summit of Everest to purchase tours of the entire strip. Slient! Courtesy image

5. Irish Pub

where is she: Namche Bazaar, Nepal

Why is it awesome: Why climb to a bar stool in a village hidden high in the Himalayas? Because it is there! Although there were no roads, the Nepalese owner, knowing Irish pubs are on the trademark for bustling fun, hired porters to raise the shamrock collection to 11,000 feet in the village. All so you can grab a yak burger while watching the Sherpa Shooting Pool and international climbers on their way to Everst top Swallow what could be their last shot of Jameson.

what do you drink: Although the “Donkey Piss” cocktail is tempting, an Irish bar must pour the perfect pint of Guinness, even if it has to be imported via Kathmandu.

The interior is a strip of stone and wood called The Thirsty Camel in Mongolia
Courtesy image

Mongolian Rhapsody

6. The thirsty camel

where is she: Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Why is it awesome: The Three Camels Lodge offers plenty of brag-worthy excursions into the vast Gobi Desert it swallows up, from nomadic archery to digging for dinosaur bones. Between these dusty adventures and being trapped in a well-stocked tent, relax once more at The Thirsty Camel. The elegant rustic space, built of stone and exposed wooden beams, is open and intimate, making it easy to have conversations, or maybe bet on a tour. ShagaiMongolian dice game played with goat ankle bones.

what do you drink: Surprisingly, in the midst of any strange place, there is a universal collection of whiskey. Just don’t slip into actual bacterial beauty. The camels are mean drunk.

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