The best new whitewater kayaks, steep streams, and tours

some pine for toy boat This is lighter and more responsive, others want to relax surface water Tourer to roam around the calm water. But if you’re adventurous, you’ll want an adventure-ready kayak. No matter what your current boat quiver is, there’s always another model you can’t help but add to your stable.

Almost every type of twin blade boat can benefit from new frontiers in rowing technology that are getting more exciting and exciting. Advances in materials and equipment mean it’s easier than ever to order the boat of your dreams.

Inflatable designs and hacks into the structure’s features can help you enjoy a few extra miles—not to mention make the white water challenge a little easier. This great new kayak will enhance your next escape on the water, no matter what you’re rowing into – hell or high water.

Enjoy extra miles and more efficient outputs with these adventure-ready kayaks

Add to your kayak quiver with one of these new specialty boats.
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1. AirVolution advanced elements

Best for easy storage/roaming

The key to hard-shell-like performance in a kayak that deflates to fit your wardrobe is the high-pressure seams on the floor and sides (the same technology that makes them inflatable props very rigid). The open deck and gentle seat on this excavator increase comfort for longer mileage.


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Add to your kayak quiver with one of these new specialty boats.
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2. Dagger code (shown above)

Best for steep tables

The secret is in the code: With a flat, striped hull for agility in rough water, a wide rear for stability, and towering rockers for punching holes, it’ll help unlock game downstream. Add multiple safety features, plus Contour Ergo Creek fittings for comfort, and the Class 5 isn’t rated.

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