The best new beach essentials for summer 2021

Looking to upgrade your beach game? Sure, going with the people you love is great and all, but the real secret to having a better time is having the right person on the beach fittings. Comfy chairs, quick-drying towels, and coolers that deliver on their promise, you know, to keep your drinks cold—all of these are summer beach 2021 essentials.

If you’ve been using that rusty beach chair since 1983 and shoveling it along Uncle Bob’s dollar store cooler, it’s time for an upgrade. Below, our favorite new beach essentials for summer 2021.

The best beach essentials for summer 2021

SUNFLOW كرسي chair
SUNFLOW كرسي chair photo courtesy


A great beach day is 30 percent weather, 30 percent company, and 30 percent comfortable (the other ten get a parking spot). This lounge chair has quickly become a fan favorite with its easy-to-carry back straps, rust-resistant aluminum, and 22 colors and patterns to suit your style. For $296, upgrade to SUNFLOW’s beach package; Includes sunshade, drink holder, and dry bag to keep your wallet, electronic devices, and the like protected from water, sand, and a beach towel.


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Meryl Hydro Mok
Meryl Hydro Mok photo courtesy

2. Meryl Hydro Mock

There is good reason to compare these kicks to the Yeezy Foam Runner and call them a cooler version of Croc. It is easy to install and start the waterproof Hydro Moc. It can take you from hiking to a swimming hole – hell, an energy walk from beach straight into the water. The rubber-like boot features a contoured arch with an articulated heel and strap for added support.


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Spotmovمي photo courtesy


Using a skin-mimicking innovation called Dermatrue, these sunscreen stickers absorb, fade and gradually change to purple when it’s time to reapply SPF. They’re great for long beach days, but we also throw them in our hiking package.

[$35 for 6;]

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Hydro Flask 20L Day Escape Bottle
Hydro Flask 20L Day Escape Bottle photo courtesy

4. Hydro Flask 20L Day Escape Bottle

After just one trip, you’ll wonder how you survived a trip to the beach without this gorgeously designed backpack cooler. It weighs only 48 ounces but holds up to 36 cans without ice. We like the convenient handles and built-in carabiners if you need to attach additional equipment (like the Hydro Flask’s waterproof .). dry storage Container). Whatever you’re transporting, this cooler keeps things cold for up to a day and a half to ensure you keep toasting or hydrating for more than a full day at the beach.


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BottleKeeper CanKeeper 3 in 1
BottleKeeper CanKeeper 3 in 1 photo courtesy

5. BottleKeeper CanKeeper 3-in-1

Watch a thread here with our love for cold drinks? Needless to say, nothing spoils a day at the beach like a lukewarm drink. New in the BottleKeeper 2021 lineup, this product keeps your regular and slim 12-ounce cans as well as tall boys 16-ounce cans cold for hours thanks to its double-walled, vacuum-insulated design.


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GoPro Mezcal Sunglasses
GoPro Mezcal Sunglasses photo courtesy

6. GoPro Mezcal Sunglasses

These polarized sunglasses float in both salt and fresh water, and are extremely durable in the boot. It offers 100 percent UVA/UVB protection and comes with three interchangeable lenses: a blue mirror finish to enhance detail and color in low-light conditions, a bronze finish to enhance detail and color on water, and a gray to get the truth. Long lasting color and glare reduction on sunny days.


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Coolibar UPF 50+ 6 Foot Intego Beach Umbrella
Coolibar UPF 50+ 6 Foot Intego Beach Umbrella photo courtesy

7. Coolibar UPF 50+ 6 Feet Intego Beach Umbrella

We’re big on this umbrella for how lightweight and portable it is (5.4 pounds and folds up to 45 inches, respectively). We’d be remiss not to mention its top-notch durability and the fact that it blocks UVA/UVB rays from above, and helps reduce sunlight reflecting off the sand and water.


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SAXX Lingerie Set
SAXX “Oh Buoy” Lingerie Set photo courtesy

8. SAXX Oh Buoy Lingerie Set

These loose fit 5″ swim trunks come with an inner pouch to create a separation between the hips and thighs for chafing-free bliss. Moisture-wicking fabric, back patch pocket with safety key loop, front pockets, plus an extra leg pocket, and mesh lining.


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American Linen Organic Beach Throw
American Linen Organic Beach Throw photo courtesy

9. Organic Beach Throw American Linens

Do you use an old bed sheet to spread out on? Ditch these stylish blankets. It’s inspired by a traditional Japanese stitch and made entirely of organic Supima cotton from California. package in tote. It does an excellent job of keeping you warm when the temperature cools off in the evening – or protecting your scorched shoulders.


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Everyday California Midnight Palm Boardshort California
Everyday California Midnight Palm Boardshort California photo courtesy

10. Everyday California Midnight Palm Board Shorts

In the market for a new pair of board shorts? These sports shorts come with an elasticated waist, side hip pockets, and a back pocket. One percent of every purchase benefits a variety of environmental nonprofits by partnering with the brand 1% for the planet.


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Wildhorn Outfitters Aculmal Beach Towel
Wildhorn Outfitters Aculmal Beach Towel photo courtesy

11. Wildhorn Outfitters Aculmal Beach Towels

Every sandbag needs a good beach towel. This towel is generously sized, quick-drying, and made from 75% recycled bottles, and is great for poolside picnics. The storage bag doubles as a vessel for sunscreen, books, and just about anything your day at the beach adventure calls for.


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Sierra Designs Luxury Folding Stroller
Sierra Designs Luxury Folding Stroller photo courtesy

12. Sierra Design Premium Folding Wagon الفاخرة

Don’t knock on a kid’s toy until you use it to draw your six groups. This camper can carry up to 180 pounds from beach stocks to oceanfront real estate. When you get home or on your vacation rental, the foldable frame (made of durable steel) keeps storage space small. MORE THINGS YOU LOVE: A foldable back table, molded cup holders, and a dedicated space to store your phone.


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Hayden Slowtide Changing Coat
Hayden Slowtide Changing Coat photo courtesy

13. Slowtide Hayden Change Coat

This is one of our favorites for the days when you’re at the beach from dawn to dusk. Wearing wetsuits or swim shorts with hidden internal pockets, this cotton poncho lets you shroud yourself in the softest towels. For storage, there is a kangaroo pocket and a front pack with wires. It’s definitely more stylish than a neon green rash guard.


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RITC . Beach Bag
RITC . Beach Bag photo courtesy

14. RITC Beach Tote Bag

This versatile bag is water- and puncture-resistant, and features a water-resistant pocket on the inside to keep your watch, wallet, phone, and the like secure. When you close the store for the evening, lift the hoses off the bag and you’re good to go. Bonus: The padded handle makes heavy loads more bearable.

[from $45;]

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YETI Tundra Haul Steel Chiller
YETI Tundra Haul Steel Chiller photo courtesy

15. YETI Tundra Haul steel radiator

Recently launched in Aquifer Blue, it’s the first YETI coolant on wheels, and it doesn’t disappoint. With top-notch insulation, this two-wheel cooler is a must-have for beach gatherings (not to mention fishing trips). If you didn’t opt ​​for the limited-edition shade of turquoise, go with white, which can be customized with a team logo or an MLB logo of your choice.


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