The best Irish whiskey in a bowl: Redbreast, Dingle and Midleton

5. Drumshanbo

Founded in 2014 in County Leitrim, The Shed Distillery debuted with its delicious, unforgettable gin — but its only bowl that’s still whiskey, launched in 2020, has eclipsed its uninhibited sister. The single pot 3-year-old Drumshanbo is still triple distilled and includes Barra oats on the grain bill. Aged in both bourbon and ulrosso sherry casks and bottled at 43 percent ABV, they’re the perfect guide to showcasing dried fruits, roasted oaks, and signature spice flavors.


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Three forces swallow

Three forces swallow photo courtesy

6. Three swallowing powers

According to the owner of the Irish Distillers brand, the name is a bit of a wordplay, referring to the small bottle of whiskey carried by the trainers of the Power family, as well as the Irish Swallow, which the distillery uses as a symbol of the age, quality and purity of its products. Triple distilled from salted and unsalted barley, Powers takes on narrower pieces at the second and third distillery, and matures in second and third pre-filled bourbon casks to allow the distillate to take center stage. After initial ripening, Three Swallow is finished in oloroso sherry casks.


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Glendalough pot is still Irish whiskey

Glendalough pot is still Irish whiskey photo courtesy

7. Glendalough

Although Glendalough has been distilling whiskey for a few years, he contracted with West Cork Distillers to produce this single pot that matures in former bourbon casks and ends in virgin Irish oak casks. The use of native oak is uncommon in Ireland, and is mainly seen in the Midleton Very Rare’s Dair Ghaelach series (see below), making Glendalough a truly special casting. Bottled as a single barrel, the whiskey designation identifies the same tree that is used to make the barrel.

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