The Best Inflatable Backyard Bounce House For Your Small Backyard

It might surprise you to find out that the Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer is the perfect choice for your backyard even if it is small! Many parents enjoy the size, quality, and safety features of the Blast Zone activity bounce house, making it the most popular for the kids.

Compared with other bounce houses, the bounce house itself looks rather ordinary. This design is made to look like a castle, with bright and basic colors for the primary border. Black safety nets greet visitors to the front, while red, blue, and yellow dominate the exteriors. Kids can enter and exit the bounce house by sliding down the small slide in front. If you need any kind of information about any Bounce House yopu can visit and contact at

What is the recommended weight and age?

On Amazon, the product description indicates that the bounce house is suitable for kids aged 3 and up. According to the manufacturer’s website, the game can be passed on to children as young as 12 years old. The maximum weight is 300 lbs per person, so 100 lbs maximum.

It may not be that an adult jumping in exceeds the total weight limit, but you could run into the “bottoming out” risk due to its weight distribution being non-equal.

The size

It has a small footprint compared to KZ Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer. Dimensional measurements are 8.5’W, 11’L, and 8’H. There is a maximum occupancy of three kids inside this bounce house. It is ideal for small backyards.

However, the staff at a day-care facility also said they could fit in four toddlers in total. Don’t overcrowd the bounce house, and make sure the total weight is within 300 pounds.

The pictures of this bounce house make it look as big as a long dining table, which proves that it’s still a spacious bounce house even though it is smaller.

A modern light fixture will meet a standard ceiling at a height both high and low enough to keep children inside. Almost anywhere can be used in the backyard as a bouncer. Your living room can even be used, if you have extra space!

Its durability

It features double-and quadruple-stitched reinforced construction, has a commercial-grade impact surface, and features X-Weave material for durability.

Quality control has been conducted on every bounce house to ensure the optimal quality. There are lots of foot holes and safety handles in the fully enclosed bouncer, as well as safety netting, to make it easy for kids to climb into it.

On Amazon, many of the reviews commented that it is durable and well-made, and holds up well.

An actual case was the owner of the bounce house who bought it for his two-year-old son, and his wife, who weighed 130 pounds, was participating inside the bounce house with him as well. It held up well, and he predicted it would continue to work for a number of years to come. A disadvantage was that he was too big to watch them play because he was over 300 pounds.

The Ease of Use

Inflatable bounce house setup usually takes quite some time, but the inflatable Blast Zone Magic Castle makes the setup process a snap thanks to the included UL Listed blower.

According to their website, the unit inflates in less than two minutes. Unrolling it, hooking the included blower which comes with the inflatable tube and stake it down is easy too – no tying of strings necessary. It will inflate instantly right in front of your eyes after you turn on the blower.

It deflates itself on its own when the blower is switched off. Then put it away in the included carrying case for the next time since it rolls to the size of a large sleeping bag.

Having to fold this into a carrying case from the initial size can take some time. There were reviewers who used a large Rubbermaid-type bin instead of putting the product back in its carrying case.

Reviews from customers

At the time of writing, more than 1,000 reviews have been found for the Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer. The majority of all the reviews are positive and the only negative ones are extremely small. In order to keep their customers satisfied, Blastzone must’ve done something right to earn such a stellar rating.

Some users noted that the warranty only lasted a year, and would not stay firm the next. Even a borrowed blower could not get it to stay up for them because of that.

In other reviews, reviews place emphasis on how areas of the bounce house ripped when it was made from thin plastic and the like.

Many reviewers mentioned that it was a lot of fun for their kids all year long. One reviewer stated that their older children liked it as well, demonstrating that it’s not just for toddlers despite the smaller size.

During the winter, they loved the fact that it was small enough to be used indoors. Others commented on how easy it is to set it up and how they can pop up several jumps simultaneously.

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