The best day bags for hauling your gear on the road

For a simple way out, nothing beats Good height. But unless you’re just taking a quick tour, you’ll want to bring a few essentials with you, like a Bottle of waterAnd snacks and maybe a beer can for the top. An extra layer, like a raincoat, is a good idea as well, just in case conditions change mid-flight. Where do you carry all this equipment? This is where daytime bags come in.

For shorter day hikes, choose a smaller, simpler package, but for longer trips, choose something that can store a lot of gear and handle a heavy load. There are plenty of bags to choose from, but no matter what you choose, make sure they have features like adjustable straps and padding for the shoulders and back – they’ll make walking more comfortable. Additional perks, like a water tank, will make your bag more functional on the road.

Below, we’ve broken down the best packages of the day for different types of trekking, from hiking with your child to scrambling to the top.

The best day bags for hauling your gear on the road

Hailey Hansen daytime bags
30L Healey Hansen transistor package Courtesy Image

1. Best comprehensive package: Healey Hansen 30L transistor

Whether you’re dealing with two miles or an ambitious 12-mile flight, the transistor package beats other similar models. We love the amount of light (only 1.8 pounds empty), but it also comfortably holds a large amount of gear, everything from water jackets to trekking poles. In addition to the main 30-liter bore, there are plentiful pockets: one on the bottom plate, two on the hip belt, and an inner mesh pocket as well. The zipper is easy to pull off even with gloves on, and all straps are adjustable for a snug fit.


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Mountaineering Tour 2020
Mountaineering Tour 2020 Courtesy Image

2. Best Tampon Package: The 2020 Mountainsmith Tour

Fanny packs are back, as an expression of old fashion and a practical alternative to a traditional backpack. For a day on the road, Mountainsmith 9-liter bag can hold a 32-ounce water bottle, your phone, and other valuables. The adjustable waistband and compression system keep it from wearing, even in situations of severe stampede, and the heavy-duty nylon fabric withstands scratches. For a smaller version of the same package, try 2020 small tour.


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WANDRD FERNWEH Backpack Courtesy Image

3. Best Camera Package: WANDRD FERNWEH Backpack

The 50-liter case might seem a bit too much for a day trip, but not if you pack the best lenses, a tripod, and extra camera batteries with you. This cave bag can store all your photography gear for a day of exploring and shooting, and thanks to its four access points, you can get what you need without digging. (WNDRD’s Camera cubes Offers additional protection for the camera as well.)

Don’t skimp on the other features, either: It’s built with a water bottle pocket, hydration sleeves, adjustable bras and shoulder straps, breathable foam and a mesh back panel, and even a secret passport pocket.


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Osprey Poco LT Baby daytime carry bags
Baby carrier Osprey Poco LT Courtesy Image

4. Best Baby Carrier: Osprey Poco LT Child Carrier

Time to take your baby girl for the first outing? As long as they weigh less than 48 pounds, consider carrying them in Osprey’s Poco packaging. The extruded sun shade keeps them protected from the rays when the trees weaken, and the cushion keeps drooling You are Shielded when you fall asleep. Top and side handles help you lift the package, it comes with several storage pockets, and the foam and mesh back panels keep your baby comfortable while transporting your little one.


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Six Moon Designs Flight 30 Ultra Running Pack Daytime Packs
Six Moon Designs Flight 30 Ultra Running Collection Courtesy Image

5. Best Fast & Light: Six Moon Designs Flight 30 Ultra Running Pack

Six Moon Designs created Flight 30 with runners and hiking in mind, and it’s loaded with features that help you keep up with speed. The jacket-style belt keeps it from wearing, the large shoulder strap pockets provide quick access to essentials, and the bag’s slim profile means it won’t get caught on twigs or rocks. It’s also located above the waist of most packs, which prevents it from interfering with hips movement while running, and features an adjustable torso length, so you can fit in exactly the right shape for your needs.


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Fjällräven Ulvö 23
Fjällräven Ulvö 23 Courtesy Image

6. Best City on the Road: Fjällräven Ulvö 23

Looking for one package to do it all? Enter Ulvö. Thanks to its padded 15 ” laptop sleeve and mounting loop for bike light, it’s great for traveling or posting on your coffee shop. When you’re done, they’re also trail-ready: Padded shoulder straps made of pneumatic mesh for ventilation will keep you comfortable, and Fjällräven’s waterproof Bershell fabric will keep your gear dry when the rain moves.


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Camelbak Classic Light 70 oz
Camelbak Classic Light 70 oz Courtesy Image

7. Best Hydration Pack: Camelbak Classic Light 70 oz

Camelbak is known for making some of the best moisturizing products on the market, and Classic Light is no exception. This small package comes with a 2L tank and tube that makes it easy to moisturize on the go; It also provides an additional 2 liters of storage space. Reflective details keep you visible in low-light conditions, and an external zip pocket stores your keys or phone as well.


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REI Co-op Flash 18 Day Pack
18 REI Co-op Flash Pack Courtesy Image

8. Best Budget Pack: REI Co-op Flash 18 Pack

When all you need is one medium-sized pomade to hide layers and other essentials, Flash 18 is a great option. The shoulder and back straps come with padding for a comfortable fit (bonus: the back cushion is removable and can be used as a seat), save 18 liters of luggage space, and the simple drawstring closure makes it easy to reach your items. Additionally, you can upgrade it with a water tank and hose and leave the water bottle at home.


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