The best bike helmets for every type of rider

Riding a bike without a helmet is like driving a car without a windshield: It’s not very safe. A good bike helmet is a staple in any rider’s kit. The first step in choosing a brain cage is deciding what you will be using it for. Road helmets usually prioritize ventilation, while passenger helmets are designed with durability (and elegance) in mind. Mountain biking Landing helmets usually come with extra coverage, such as a chin rail and condom.

But no matter what type of bike helmet you are looking for, there is one key consideration: added crash technology. In addition to meeting Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, helmet manufacturers have begun updating models using technology that dampens spinning forces on the brain in the event of an accident. MIPSThe “Omnidirectional Impact Protection System” is the most popular technology, and is identified by a circular yellow label. Some brands have their own safety systems; We detailed two of them below.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best new and notable helmets for all types of riding. No matter if you hitchhike, race down the slopes, or put the three-digit miles on the sidewalk, don’t forget to protect your head.

A. MIPS bike helmets ch
A detached MIPS helmet Courtesy Image

Best for mobility: a thousand-chapter MIPS helmet

We have never met a more handsome helmet. The Chapter is stylish, smart, and safe: Designed with MIPS technology, it features a magnetic strap that you can attach with one hand, and it comes with a 50-lumen light that attaches to the back of your helmet or on your bike. When you need to secure it in public, take out the logo marker to find a hole that fits the U-lock. The round frame and neat interchangeable bumper up for great mobility.


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Sweet Protection Falconer II Aero MIPS helmet
Sweet Protection Falconer II Aero MIPS helmet Courtesy Image

Best for road racing: Sweet Protection Falconer II Aero MIPS helmet

When speed is the goal, keep Sweet Protection’s latest racing model in mind. The sleek, futuristic polycarbonate exterior enhances aerodynamics without adding weight (it’s only 11.6 ounces), and cooling ducts keep the dome warm. It also comes with two sets of interior cushions in different thicknesses for customizable comfort.


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Specialized S-Works II vent with ANGi bike helmet prevail
S-Works specialist business predominates II vent with ANGi Courtesy Image

Best for everyday driving on the road: S-Works specialist II vent with ANGi prevail

The ANGi technology in this helmet provides next-level safety: in the event of an accident, the sensor in the helmet sends an SMS alert to your contacts in an emergency. The helmet also includes an integrated version of MIPS technology that saves weight and allows for better airflow. Plus, it achieved five stars Virginia Tech Helmet Rating, Which is a third-party evaluation of a helmet’s safety.


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POC Tectal Race SPIN bike helmets
POC Tectal Race SPIN Courtesy Image

Best for mountain biking: POC Tectal Race SPIN

SPIN – which stands for Shear Pad Inside – is a silicone gel-like membrane combined with two layers of other foam for added brain protection. The Tectal Race Helmet features a sturdy, lightweight single-body construction and a RECCO reflector that you can use to help rescuers locate your location if you get injured in the wild. Despite their large dimensions, they are actually fairly lightweight: All sizes are under a pound, according to POC.

If you really want to push the limits on your mountain bike, consider this Kortal MIPS Race helmet with the highest level of POC. During our Two-week testWe love the unmatched safety features and comfortable feel.


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Bell Super DH Ballistic
Bell Super DH Ballistic Courtesy Image

Best MTB Helmet for Full Face: Bell Super DH Spherical Bell

A full face helmet will keep your teeth safe if you blow it up on a technical basis. The Super DH Spherical has a removable chin bar that you can store away on the climb and drop paths. Weighing in at 850g, it’s on the heavier side, but it comes with a long list of features: MIPS, compatibility with eyeglasses and eyeglasses, a large number of openings, quick-drying and anti-stink padding, and eyebrow ports that keep sweat away from your face. eyes.


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Specialized Winter LED Lighting from Centro
Specialized Winter LED Lighting from Centro Courtesy Image

Best for cold weather: Centro specialist winter LED lights

While most helmets prioritize good airflow, when the weather is cold, the breeze in your hair is exactly what you want it to be. Do not You want to ride. The Centro Winter LED Helmet equipped with MIPS comes with an insulated liner to trap warmth and an integrated LED taillight to increase visibility in gloomy conditions. The simple frame means you can wear goggles or other glasses to keep snow out of your eyes, and when the temperature drops, add Wool hat ($ 45) to keep your ears warm.


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Bern Watts bicycle helmets 2.0
Bern Watts 2.0.1 update Courtesy Image

Best value: Bern Watts 2.0

Most MIPS-equipped helmets come at a higher price, but this one is a great choice if you are on a tight budget. With a compact disc-based fit-adjustment system, and 11 holes for optimal airflow, Watts 2.0 is best for commuting and casual rides in town. ThinShell’s build means it weighs just over a pound and is Bern-compatible Quickmount asteroid lightSo that cars can spot you when you are riding in the dark.


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