The best 29er mountain bikes to cover more ground with less effort

The rise of 29er mountain bikes (aka 29-inch wheels) is nothing new. But as manufacturers improve on the geometry and suspension benefits, rides with larger wheels are now the new standard. The new bikes are slower but better climbers, and you still have the advantage of rolling on everything and they are 29 wheels.

So if you’re replacing tired riding, saddle up, and you may learn you’re better mountain biker than you think. these Anthology From the latest crop of 29er mountain bikes, he reduced weight, carry speed, and added control—leaving no reason not to gain weight.

These 29er mountain bikes let you cover more ground with less effort

Big wheel 29 inch mountain bikes are more refined and rideable than ever before, check out these top picks.
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1. Jahid Canyon

Best in terms of technical speed

One feature that separates the Canyon Strive from the rest of the pack: Thumb levers adjust the bike’s shape in the middle of the ride. Click for a stiffer rear suspension when climbing, then release to a lower, more slack shape to get off with 150mm of travel (and 170mm forward). The “Shapeshifter” complements a full carbon frame for a crisp, rip-stop ride.

[From $3,999;]

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jump spur

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2. Jump spur

Best: bumpy distance

The Spur’s long, relaxed geometry, with 120mm of front and rear action, makes it a rocky platform despite the more conservative suspension numbers. It’s a transition period, so it crushes descent, as expected. But Speer does it without absorbing the ascent. It’s epic all day, although not the best choice for the lycra-clad crowd of runners.

[From $4,499;]

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REEB ReDikyelous courses

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3. REEB ReDikyelous Courses

Best: Hardtail

Built for technical downhills and all-day buggies, this bike proves that solid hardware is no longer for beginners and counting ounces. freaks xc. Long and quiet, with a low center of gravity, 150mm of travel and its handcrafted steel frame — agile enough for pump trails, sturdy enough for bike packing bags — it shreds any terrain.

[From $2,365;]

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Ibis Ripley

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4. Ibis Ripley

The best value

Nice, fun, fast and light, the Ibis Ripley 29er short-travel rings go for just over $3,000 when you opt for the aluminum “AF” frame. Built for demanding riding and proficiency in technical terrain, the all-mountain ripper is built more aggressively than its carbon cousin, with the same modern motorcycle geometry and super-efficient DW-link suspension.

[From $3,199;]

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Stumpjumper Evo Expert

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5. Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Expert

Best: all inclusive

You can make high adjustable The Stumpjumper is a more aggressive enduro machine with off-track adjustments (for flipping the chip and headphone). With a rear travel of 150mm (front 160mm), they’re the best pedals the professionals have made: precise, agile, and lag-free on climbs. Bonus: The SWAT inner frame stocking can hold a 22-ounce tank.


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