The 2021 NFL draft will revolve around these four questions

The 2021 NFL draft runs from this Thursday through Saturday in Cleveland – the first round Thursday night, the second rounds on Friday, and the last on Saturday – and will air on TV on ESPN. This year will have a slightly more natural feel than last year, like Draft It happens once in person, not remotely. Most importantly, it is shaping up to be exciting.

The first pick isn’t in doubt (former Clemson Tigers midfielder Trevor Lawrence is expected to be No.1 overall), but there were still plenty of surprises in the hatches right after that. The draft has a large handful of potential top players – more than it has in most years – and it’s also loaded with wide receivers. Wondering what to look for this year? These are the four questions that will determine much of how a draft unfolds.

1. Who will be the next midfielder after No. 1 overall, Trevor Lawrence?

Lawrence Clemson will be the first overall pick – it’s been clear in months. He had a dominant career of three years at Clemson, and he has one of the best guns a draft has ever seen. You don’t have to watch Lawrence long to understand why he goes first:

Aircraft appear BYU’s Zach Wilson is about to be crafting In second place overall. Then things get a lot of fun. 49 players traded from 12th selection to third place, ostensibly to draft their new midfielder to replace Jimmy Garoppolo. Coach Kyle Shanahan said he loves a whole bunch of QBs in that place. It says tea leaves The 49ers would make McJohns in Alabama – a somewhat surprising decision given the superior talent of Justin Fields in Ohio and, arguably, Trey Lance is from North Dakota.

This draft is noteworthy Incredibly talented midfielders. If Fields passes Pick # 3, some of the lower-ranked teams may be lucky enough to be in the recruiting order and land massive talent at this critical position. Some expect the fields It might last Up to mid or down the top 10.

2. Will the team amend the draft by trading in favor of one of the QBs?

Perhaps the messiest possible scenario in this year’s draft involves Landing Fields or Lance in the first round and a team not at the top of the draft order making a deal to grab it. To do so, the team will sacrifice additional selections later on for an early pick place in the first round.

Number of Reports And the Fake Drafts We expect one team to do just that: Patriots Bill Belisik. Belichick won six Super Bowls alongside Tom Brady, but he’s clearly now at the end of his coaching career. Maybe he would like the franchise to find a long-term answer in QB, so he can compete in 2021 and even be able to leave the Bates in great shape when he passes the reins over to a successor. The Patriots currently have the 15th pick. If Fields or Lance falls out of the top five, keep an eye out for New England.

There are a few other teams that are lower in the ranking of the draft do need backers and may be tempted to try a big deal. The Steelers, for example, would need to replace Ben Roethlisberger within a year, and Bears has nothing like a long-term solution in the position.

3. Who will get the top three most widely used receivers in this year’s draft?

As the analysts at Draft network Put it, “The wide receiver placement is booming right now.” There are many elite opportunities on a grand scale in the 2021 draft, but three of them in particular will almost certainly be selected in the upper half of the first round.

They are Ja’Marr Chase from LSU:

Devonta Smith, Alabama:

And fellow Alabama teammate Jaylen Waddle:

All three players are outrageously skilled. Chase is probably the best of the three to climb up and catch the jumping ball. Smith may be the smoothest runner of the track, while Waddle offers the broadest range of roles possible, such as being able to return kicks (as you can see in the video above).

In the draft, these players are a rare moment. Teams that capture them will receive instant game breakers that can completely change the dynamic of their crimes: they can potentially score for any game from anywhere on the field.

4. Will players who withdraw from the 2020 season fall on the scoreboards?

Due to COVID-19, many draft prospects decided not to play in the 2020 college football season. Others withdrew after the season had already begun. The way NFL teams treat these players on Draft Night will be an interesting sign for future generations of recruits. If the NFL was still eagerly designing players who hadn’t seen a game in over a year, other players might see it as a smart business decision. Why risk getting injured and ruining a professional payday if NFL teams don’t care?

Early indications are that the NFL is ready to embrace players who sat last in their last school season. Oregon attack countered to Penny Sewell, the LSU Ja’Marr Chase and Terrace Marshall receivers, the Northwestern attack countered Rashawn Slater, and Virginia Tech’s Caleb Farley, all of whom were sitting out of matches amid the pandemic. It’s very likely that all but Marshall are from the first round selections, and there’s a chance Marshall will sneak out as well before the end of the opening round. If all goes well for these players, expect their successors in future drafting years to take note.

Draft starts April 29 at 8 PM (EST) on ESPN.

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