Terry’s best menswear to wear by the pool this summer

In a world of summer fabrics like linen, hemp, and chambray, be terry. Why are you asking? Here’s the scoop: lighter than wool sweat and thicker than a shirt TeeTerekloth is the ultimate Goldilocks cloth You never knew you needed it during the warmer months. Terry doesn’t take himself too seriously, just don’t ignore it as a beach towel you can wear. This year’s coolest summer comfy outfits come in styles that can take you from the poolside cabin to the tiki bar.

Terrycloth is a medium-weight, low-maintenance knit fabric that originated in France in the 19th century, where it was woven on special looms of silk (and ultimately cotton) to make towels and bathrobes. The fabric, also known as towels or French towels, consists of raised, uncut loops that add extra surface area, making them exceptionally breathable and wicking off moisture. Its popularity exploded in the 1990s as mysterious logo-laden sportswear prevailed as a trend, but in the past few years the versatile fabric has been making a much-anticipated comeback in the form of resort-wear staples from sophisticated polo shirts to comfortable, retro pants and matching sets.

We discovered six pieces you’ll want to throw in your beach bag the next time you relax within walking distance of the pool or beach – no drying out.

Tombolo 'The Angler' Cabana Shirt
Tombolo ‘The Angler’ Cabana Shirt and Shorts Courtesy Image

1. “The Angel” cabana Tombolo shirt and shorts

Tombolo’s refreshing patterns will get you fired into the summer mindset in no time. The unisex brand wears a classic Cabana set with matching shirts and shorts that perfect for tropical holiday wear (a nod to the 1950s). We love the Angler Cabana collection, which comes in cream and green, and features embroidered fishing graphics, deep pockets, antique brass hardware, and lace-up shorts.

[Shirt $128, shorts $98;]

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J. Crew, lightweight French Terry Dock shorts
J. Crew, lightweight French Terry Dock shorts Courtesy Image

2. J. Crew, lightweight French Terry Dock shorts

These dull balls Cotton shorts J. Crew features the distinctive terry rings on the inside, giving you an ultra-smooth feel without the 3D woven look. The shorts come in seven different colors, and feature a drawstring waist for comfort and two back pockets with buttons to keep wallets and other items safe.


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A classic fit Orlebar brown Jarrett coconut towel polo shirt
A classic fit Orlebar brown Jarrett coconut towel polo shirt Courtesy Image

3. The Orlebar Brown Jarrett polo shirt A classic coconut towel matches the towel

The good “OB” term has always been synonymous with poolside cooling. You can see that in the huge number of polo shirts and T-shirts that make up their towel collection. We love the classic size Polo Garrett in cotton In coconut color, it has a white heart on the sleeves and collar, plus a two button hole for a more modern look.


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Dandy del Mar Gaucho Terry fabric shirt
Dandy del Mar Gaucho Terry fabric shirt Courtesy Image

4. Dandy del Mar Gaucho Terry Fabric Shirt

Located in California, Dandy Del Mar leans into the depths of the 60s and 70s with its nostalgic collection of loungewear and bathing suits. The leisure wear brand takes inspiration from countless sources. They use classic French flicks like Sun lightAnd vintage cigarette ads and old school tourism campaigns for inspiration. The Terry Gaucho Inspired by a classic Western aesthetic, this collection is designed with embroidered floral details, white piping, and tortoiseshell buttons. To get the complete “Equatorial Cowboy” look, object a pair of Gaucho shorts. Bonus: A portion of your purchases will be donated to an environmental nonprofit Ocean.

[Shirt $109, shorts $69;]

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OAS, desert terry shirt
OAS, desert terry shirt Courtesy Image

5. OAS Desert Terry Shirt

Swedes always have short, cool summers. However, they definitely know how to style a hip cut for a milder vibe. Case in point: The OAS collection of 100 percent cotton towel shirts comes in a range of Scandi Cool designs. We’re obsessed with ponytails accents on brown and beige Desert shirtMade with locally knitted materials in Sweden. No matching pants needed; All OAS styles are subtle enough to be paired with solid shorts.


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Onia shorts dyed French terry
Onia shorts dyed French terry Courtesy Image

6. Onia French dyed clothes Terry shorts

We think every item in Onia’s Modern Traveler collection is a hit – but Terry’s French dye-dyed cut in the sleek capsule could easily be our summer outfit. The four-piece set includes a sweatshirt, goggles, T-shirt and shorts that come in a range of shades from neutral to pastel colors, and a soft jersey lining for maximum comfort. It’s also clothes-washed, which is a technical term for pre-washing textiles for durability. This means the smoothness is out of control and the look and color will not fade over time.


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