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by Daisy Luther

Have you ever started reading a preparatory article and had absolutely no idea what the writer was talking about due to all the jargon? Wondering what all of these prep shortcuts actually stand for? Do you wish you had a prep dictionary to translate it all?

Especially when you are new to the world of preparedness, survival terminology can be very confusing. You’re now covered in this little glossary just for prep.


ABC: Airway circulation. This is the order in which you rate things when encountering a sick or injured person. (Learn more)

AGW: Anthropogenic global warming. Global warming caused by the direct actions of humans.

Alpha strategy: This happens when you stock up on long-lasting products more than your family needs, especially for bartering or charity in the event of a crisis. (Learn more.)


Tapping in: Staying in your current location during crises or crashes. (Learn more)

Tapping out: Leaving your current location during a crisis or crash. evacuation. (Learn about tapping And the Get an eviction checklist.)

Bob: Bag bug outside. A bag filled with everything you need to stay away from home for at least 72 hours. The bag should contain necessities such as food, essential items, built-in food supplies, a filtering device, and personal items, such as prescription medications or spare glasses, that suit your circumstances. (Learn more about A. All-over bag And prof Smaller.)

It was: Off-site bug or insect in a lodge. This is the drawback you plan to move into in case your home is in danger. (Learn more.)

Bor: Bug out of the way. This is a map with at least two routes that you can clearly follow before it’s time to leave your area. (You must practice by walking the road, looking for problems along the way, and identifying stops for shelter, water, or sustenance.)Learn more.)

BOV: Vehicle bug outside the car. Your favorite car to move from your current location to your sanctuary. (Learn more And also Consider bicycles.)


cache: Goods stored at locations along your route to get home or to your BOL. The term is also used to refer to supplies that have been buried for security reasons. (Learn more.)

Copy: Concealed weapon. This indicates carrying a firearm on your person, hidden from view of others.

CCP: Concealed pregnancy permit. This is a license from your local government that allows you to legally carry a firearm in most locations. (Exceptions will vary by location.)

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CCW: Concealed carry weapon. See CC above.

CME: Expulsion of the coronary mass. The expulsion of plasma from the sun that travels to the earth and has the ability to fry electrical transformers, causing long-term power outages in large geographical areas. Also known as solar storms. (Learn more.)


Deacon: decontamination. Control or containment of a chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological or emergency attack. (Learn more Here.)

Deacon A: Area clearing. The closed area in which the pollution is removed. (See cleansing above).


EDC: Everyday pregnancy: A small group with you every day. (Learn more.)

Electromagnetism: Electromagnetic pulse. A natural or man-made pulse of electromagnetic energy could be powerful enough to strike a power grid in a large geographical area. (Learn more.)


Fake: First aid kit. Not basic with a few Panda and some Neosporin, but a complete tactical kit with supplies to treat major trauma like gunshot wounds.

FIFO: The first that enters, first comes out. The basic principle of food stock rotation. (Learn more.)

FRH: Flameless heater. Water activated chemical heater included with MREs (see below for MREs) (Look for FRHs here.)

Fubar: **** d beyond all recognition A complete catastrophe that cannot be fixed.


Jenny / Jenny: Emergency power generator. (Learn more)

GMO: Genetically modified organism. Many prepared people choose food that has been genetically modified.

Gigabytes: Get the bag home. This should contain everything you need to travel from a place like work or school to your home in case an emergency does arise. (Learn more.)

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Hassan: Get out of the Dodge. Fast evacuation. Usually in connection with the event of making your site unsafe to stay on. (Learn more.)

The Gray Man: This is a camouflage method in plain sight. Convergence, is not easily noticeable or described. (Learn more.)


pork: Slang term for an amateur radio operator. (Learn more.)

Chopsticks: Electromagnetic pulse at high altitudes (see Electromagnetism)

Take coverStay safe at home throughout the emergency. (Also: tapping in)

I am

IFAK: Individual first aid kit. It is usually a small portable kit containing enough supplies for one person. (Go here.)

inch: I will never go home. Code to let your family or survival group know that you can’t go home and they shouldn’t wait waiting for you but should continue with the plan you set up as a group


Lead: Light Emitting Diode. Compact light bulbs that easily fit into an electrical circuit. They are extremely long lasting which makes them popular for emergency lighting. (Learn more.)

LEO: Law enforcement officer


Mag: Mutual aid group. A group of people meet on a regular basis to discuss setting topics and offer ideas, support and assistance to one another. (Learn more.)

Military law: When the constitution and ordinary laws are suspended and the highest-ranking military official is in charge, as opposed to an elected official. This is for times of extreme crisis.

Mine risk education: Ready-to-eat meals. A term for pre-cooked sachet meals that you can open and eat on the go. They are widely used by the military and often have a small flameless heater. (See FRH) (Search for MREs here.)

MSM: Major media. This refers to network news and newspapers of large companies. Not the most reliable source of information in many cases, due to political bias.


N95 maskA protective mask that filters out at least 95% of airborne particles. (Bring them here.)

N100 Mask: A protective mask that filters at least 99.97% of airborne particles. Use this if the contaminant or virus is made up of smaller particles. (Bring them here.)

On: It is not an exercise. A term used by the military and law enforcement to denote that a dangerous and legitimate event. If you hear this, move on.

NBC: Nuclear biochemicals. They are used to describe pollutants, weapons, or nuclear, biological, or chemical attacks. It is also used to describe equipment designed to protect the wearer from these pollutants. (Learn more.)

NWH: Nuclear warhead. The nuclear device attached to the missile’s tip.


OC: Open carry. Carrying a firearm on your person does not hide from the view of others.

Security operation: Operations security. Military term. Keeping your operations safe means that you are careful not to reveal the seemingly benign anecdotes of information that could be grouped together by someone with the intent to seize your supplies or your home. In other words, “loose lips sink ships.” (Learn more.)


palm: Post-apocalyptic world. What remains of society and technology after a colossal disaster.

PVC: A Post-Crash World (We see Post-apocalyptic world above.)

PDW: Personal defense weapon. A weapon that you carry on your person such as small firearm, knife, etc.

PSK: Personal survival kit. A small set, often a tin, contains basic items that can get you out of a confined space, such as a small compass, signal mirror, fishing hooks, flint, etc.)This is a good ready-made version.)


Qt: Quiet / Quiet. Doing something in silence or covertly to avoid noticing it. It can also mean doing something secretly.


Recon: reconnaissance. This is a task to secretly obtain information about a person or place. Often one person in the group will go to check and make sure it’s safe before anyone else arrives. (Learn more.)

The rule of three: It is generally considered the cut-off point for human survival: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.


evening: Survival, Escape, Resistance, Escape. Basic skills for surviving in the wilderness, search and rescue operations, and evading or escaping from captivity. (Learn more.)

Sheep: People who blindly obey or believe what they are told to without applying critical thinking.

Shelter in place: Staying at your place during an emergency rather than trying to go home / out of the area. This is recommended when traveling is dangerous.

SHTF: Sh * t hits the fan. This is an acronym for Tenants to use for an epic, life-changing disaster.

Citrip: Status report. When a survival group member reports to the group’s “duty manager” after a period of observation. Instead, a person returning from an expedition mission reports what they have seen and heard.

elbow grease: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A paper exercise used to evaluate your plan or site. (Learn more.)


TEAMWARE The end of the world as we know it. An acronym used to describe an event with life-changing dimensions. (This book is a classic in this regard.)

TPTB: Powers that be. An acronym used to describe politicians, billionaires and policymakers. (Usually considered an offensive term.)


VEI: Volcanic eruption indicator. A scale that measures the “explosion” of a volcanic eruption so that the events can be compared with each other.


Weapons of mass destruction: W.Weapons of mass destruction. Weapons capable of causing death and destruction on a large scale, usually of a chemical, biological or radioactive nature.

WROL: Without the rule of law. Chaos following societal breakdown. (Learn more from this example.)


Yoyo: are you alone. An acronym used to denote a situation in which there is no first aid, no law enforcement, and no medical aid. You only have yourself to rely on.


Very pot: An off-grid cooling method where a large terracotta pot contains a smaller amount of clay. The gap between sand is filled and then becomes wet. Evaporation keeps food at much cooler temperatures than the surrounding air. (Learn more.)

zombies: Not walking Dead Ok, but someone (or group of people) is walking around trying to figure out what to do next. After the shock subsides over their new reality, they will become hungry, hopeless, and dangerous.

Source: Organic Prepper

Daisy Luther is a blogger who mocks coffee and is famous for firearms and writes about current events, preparedness, economics, voluntariness, and the pursuit of freedom on her website. Organic Prepper. Republished extensively via alternative media and it sponsors all of the most important news links on its overall site, Daisy is the author of a book 4 books She lives in the mountains of Virginia with her two daughters and an ever-growing animal. You can find it at The social networking site FacebookAnd the Pinterest, And the Twitter.

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