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There are a lot of ways to interact with Information 2020 Class of Cell innovators. Whether at the Hive Innovator Meet, the Community Lunch, where we will have the opportunity to explore the innovator’s “what if” questions, or through the TEDMED Scout: Your Augmented Reality Guide to Innovation. This year, the Hive Innovator Trial is powered by our partner TBWA WorldHealth.

Innovators Meetings

At TEDMED 2020, the Beehive Innovators They will participate in structured meeting discussions on a topic consistent with their work. The Innovators Meetups are open to everyone in the site’s TEDMED community and are an exciting opportunity to learn more about Hive Innovators and the work they do to shape a healthier humanity. This year’s Hive Innovator Meeting topics include: New Age Diagnostics, Digital Health Personalization, New Models of Mental Health Care, Human Health Mapping, Power of Medical Knowledge, And the Techquity Health.

Community Lunch: Celebrating innovation with Hive Innovators and the TEDMED community

Delegates are invited to join Hive Innovators and members of the larger TEDMED community for an innovation-inspired lunch. Learn about the Hive Innovators by joining them for lunch at the tables marked by their labels “what if?” Questions.

TEDMED Scout: Your Guide to Innovation Augmented Reality

Embracing this year’s theme, “Give way to questions.”TEDMED teamed up with TBWA WorldHealth to coordinate an experience that celebrates innovation and unleashes our sense of wonder. During the event, delegates can unleash an augmented reality experience, we are calling TEDMED Scout: Your Guide to Innovation Augmented RealityWith their phones to get a closer look at the ideas each innovator represents. The virtual concierge will direct on-site networking connections between innovators and our community like never before. After the event, the experience will be lived digitally, giving anyone in the world access to the 2020 TEDMED Hive Innovators and the amazing ideas they’re working on.

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