Sweet and Sensual Essential Oil Body Lotion Recipe


Body lotion with a woody, soft and earthy essential oil for soothing strength.

If you feel easily distracted, then today’s recipe is for you!

The oils in this recipe of essential oils for body wash are: Grounding: It helps in increasing your awareness fully in your body. They can calm fears and focus your thoughts so that you feel less distracted and more comfortable in your physical environment – filled with a sense of calm and calm strength.

The sensual base and middle notes

We work with essential oils that contain base ingredients and mid notes.

It smells deep, earthy and sensual. Natural perfumers love them, because they add long depth to perfumes and colognes.

You can experience deep relaxation
With oils that contain basic and intermediate ingredients.

Most of this recipe’s cleansing power comes from the aromatic body oil of Castile soap. It’s very gentle (even for sensitive skin), but it easily removes dirt and microbes. And the four essential oils in the recipe also contain ingredients that reduce microbes, so you’ll feel super clean!

Sweet and Sensual Essential Oil Body Lotion

  • 8 ounces (240 ml) of Castile soap
  • 40 drops of Tamala Essential Oil (Cinnamomum tamala cut linalol)
  • 30 drops of cedar essential oil (Juniperus virginiana)
  • 25 drops of Gandhi root essential oil (Homalomena aromatica)
  • 25 drops of sweet oregano oil (Origanum majorana)

Make this essential oil body lotion recipe in a 250ml bottle with a frothy pump.

Pour the castile soap into the bottle, making sure to leave a vacuum on top. (The froth pump takes up some space.)

Add essential oils, close the bottle and shake well before use. This body wash works in both showers and baths. Try using it with your homemade bath salt, like this: Hot springs in a jungle bath salt!

Sweet essential oil body lotion recipe

About the essential oils in this body wash recipe

Tamala essential oil

Tamala cinnamon Ct. Linalool

Tamala oil has a warm and soft aroma of cinnamon and caramel. It is unique and weird!

It is rich in two ingredients that help reduce the presence of germs: Linalool and 1,8 cineole. Linalool can also calm the nervous system. Tamala is one of my favorite oils for creating a relaxing atmosphere where I can focus on the project.

Cedar wood oil

Juniperus virginiana

I love using cedarwood oil to stimulate feelings of safety and confidence. Its soft and warm woody scent is protective and familiar.

Cedar wood is also rich in few ingredients that are seldom found in other oils – such as CedrolStudies have shown that it helps reduce certain types of germs and relax the nervous system.

Gandhi root essential oil

Homalomena aromatic

Like Tamala, the Ghandi Root is rich Linalool So we know it’s effective for feeling calm and focused!

Ghandi Root also includes terpinen-4-ol, An ingredient that limits germs and helps flush out microbes from our homes (and away from our skin). This oil has a bold, earthy, sensual scent that adds depth to this essential oil body wash recipe.

Sweet marjoram oil

Origenum majorana

Another rich oil Terpenine-4-OL!

I love the way Sweet Marjoram’s woody and green scent can help people de-stress. Sweet marjoram is a comforting oil and has a pleasant warming effect that can bring more awareness to the area where it is applied. In the recipe for body wash, this means that it helps us feel more connected to our physical bodies.

If you’ve ever used a body wash or shower gel, I’d love to see your advice on how to personalize it. Share them in the comments to inspire others!

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