Swansea University develops a microneedle smart patch COVID vaccine that can track patients’ reactions

(Zenoba) – Researchers at Swansea University are designing a first-of-its-kind smart vaccine system that will deliver a COVID-19 vaccine and assess its efficacy by tracking the reaction associated with a patient.

The research, which is being conducted by the Institute for Innovative Materials, Processing and Numerical Technologies, will create the vaccine through a microneedle to create a smart patch. By monitoring biomarkers in the skin, the device will simultaneously measure the patient’s inflammatory response to the vaccination.

Swansea University is developing a smart vaccine, the first of its kind.

Researchers experienced in the use of microneedle arrays for transdermal therapeutic drug delivery and diagnostic applications will lead smart vaccine devices to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination project.

The project aims to create a smart vaccine delivery prototype that can deliver a COVID-19 vaccine through the skin and control biomarkers in the skin compartment without being invasive.

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Project Lead from Swansea University stated:

Measurement of vaccine efficacy is very important because it indicates the protective effects of vaccination on an individual by the level of risk reduction of infection in a vaccinated person compared to an exposed and unvaccinated individual. This vaccination efficacy measure will address an unmet clinical need and provide an innovative approach to vaccine development. Cutaneous vaccination with MNs has been described as a superior immunization approach due to its ability to overcome immune tolerance observed during pregnancy, and lower vaccination costs through antigen dose-sparing which is particularly important in underserved countries.

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