Surgeon kicked out of medical school for expressing concerns about children’s COVID shots

Via Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom,

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms Representing Dr. Francis Christian, Professor of General Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan and a practicing surgeon in Saskatoon.

Dr. Christian has been called to today’s meeting, He was suspended from all teaching responsibilities effective immediately, and dismissed from his position at the University of Saskatchewan effective September 2021.

over there Recording a meeting with Dr. Christian The day between Dr. Christian and Dr. Preston Smith, dean of the University of Saskatchewan Medical School, Dr. Susan Shaw, medical director of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and Dr. Brian Olmer, chair of the department of surgery at Saskatchewan Medical School.

In addition, Justice Center will represent Dr. Christian in his defense of a complaint filed against him and the investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. The complaint objects that Dr. Christian called for informed consent for Covid vaccines for children.

It was Dr. Christian Surgeon for over 20 years He began working in Saskatoon in 2007. He was appointed Director of the Surgical Humanities Program and Director of Quality and Patient Safety in 2018 and co-founded the Surgical Humanities Program. Dr.. Christian is also a newspaper editor Journal of Surgical Humanities.

On June 17, Dr. Christian issued a statement For more than 200 doctors he contained his concerns about giving Covid injections to children. In it he indicated that he is a supporter of the vaccine, And it does not represent any group, or the Saskatchewan Health Authority, or the University of Saskatchewan.

“I speak to you directly as a doctor, surgeon, and human being.”

Dr. pointed out. Christian pointed out that the principle of informed consent is sacred and pointed out that The patient should always be “fully informed of the risks of medical intervention, the benefits of the intervention, and whether there are any alternatives to the intervention.”

He wrote: “This should particularly apply to a new vaccine that has not previously been tried in humans…Before introducing the vaccine to children, both children and parents should know the risks of m-RNA vaccines.”

Dr Christian expressed concern that he had not encountered “a single vaccinated child or parent adequately informed” of children’s Covid vaccines.

Among his points he said:

  1. The m-RNA vaccine is a new experimental vaccine that has never been used by humans.
  2. The m-RNA vaccines are not fully licensed by Health Canada or the CDC in the US, and are in fact under a “Temporary License” in Canada and an “Emergency Use Authorization” in the United States. He noted that “full approval of a vaccine takes several years and multiple safety considerations – and that has not happened.”
  3. There must be an emergency in order to qualify for an Emergency Use Permission. While he said there was a strong case for vaccinating the elderly and vulnerable and health care workers, he said: “Covid does not pose a threat to our children. Their risk of dying from Covid is less than 0.003% – that is less than their risk of dying from influenza. There is no emergency in children.”
  4. Children do not transmit COVID-19 easily to adults.
  5. M-RNA vaccines have been associated with “several thousand deaths” in the United States’ Adverse Vaccine Reporting System. “These appear to be unusual, compared to the total number of vaccines being administered.” He described it as a “strong signal that should not be ignored”.
  6. He noted that vaccines have already caused “serious medical problems for children” around the world, including a “real and significantly increased risk” of myocarditis, and carditis. Dr. notes. Christian An German National Vaccine Agency and the UK Vaccine Agency They do not recommend the vaccine for healthy children and adolescents.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority/Medical College wrote a letter to Dr. Christian on June 21, 2021, alleging that they had “received information that you are engaging in activities designed to discourage and prevent vaccination against Covid-19 among children and adolescents. Recommendations and Epidemic Response Efforts from Saskatchewan and health authorities.” Canadian public.

Dr Christian’s concerns about Covid vaccinations are not isolated to him. The US Centers for Disease Control held an “emergency meeting” today to discuss the increasing cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) in younger males after receiving Covid-19 vaccines.

CDC . released New data today The risk of developing myocarditis after Pfizer is at least 10 times that expected in males and females aged 12 to 17 years. German government issued General guidance against vaccination Those under the age of 18.

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The World Health Organization published an update to its website on Monday, June 21, which included the statement regarding advice for vaccination against Covid-19 that “Children should not be vaccinated at this time. “Within 24 hours, this directive was withdrawn and New guidelines posted Which stated that “Covid vaccines are safe for those over 18 years of age”.

Dr. Christian says there is a “large and growing network of clinicians, ethical and ethical scientists” who urge caution when recommending vaccines for all children without informed consent. Doctors should “always put their patients and their humanity first,” he said.

Dr. Byram Briddle, a prominent immunologist at the University of Guelph with a minor in Vaccines, recently participated in Press Conference In Parliament House on the CPAC organized by Representative Derek Sloan, where he discussed oversight of scientists and physicians. Dr. Briddle has expressed concerns about the safety of vaccinating children with experimental mRNA vaccines.

Jay Cameron, the Justice Center’s director of litigation, is also concerned about the increased oversight of medical professionals when it comes to questioning the government’s narrative on Covid.

“We are seeing a clear pattern of highly qualified and skilled physicians in very prestigious positions being sacked, censored or even dismissed, for exercising appropriate science and medicine,” says Mr Cameron.

Justice Center Representing Dr. Chris Melbourne in Nova Scotia, who faced professional disciplinary action last year after excluding a group of activists from an opinion column he wrote in a local newspaper. Foot Center of Justice Submissions To the College on behalf of Dr. Melbourne, defending the right of physicians to express their views on matters of policy in the public arena and arguing that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, as guaranteed Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Including doctors. The Center for Justice noted that an attempt to discipline a physician professionally for his views and comments on matters of public interest amounted to bullying and intimidation for speaking out against the government.

Last week, Dr. Melbourne faced a penalty for speaking out about his concerns about public health policies, as was He was removed from his post as emergency chief for the Eastern District with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. In an unusual development, a petition has been initiated for Dr. Melbourne to replace Dr. Strang as the county’s chief medical officer.

“Censoring and punishing scientists and doctors for freely expressing their concerns is arrogant, oppressive, and deeply unscientific”, states Mr. Cameron.

Both the Western world and the idea of ​​scientific research itself are based largely on the principles of freedom of thought and speech. Medicine and patient safety can only be reversed when elite dogma and orthodoxy, such as that enforced by the Saskatchewan Medical College, punish physicians for expressing their concerns,” concludes Mr. Cameron.

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