Supreme Court orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $2.1 billion in baby powder case

Defending children’s health

Wake up times publishedr’s Note: We have been reporting on this issue for years, and point out the cover-up and deceptive practices of Johnson & Johnson. This is an article I wrote in 2016… For 40 Years Johnson & Johnson Hid Baby Powder The Ovarian Cancer Connection.

Tuesday’s Supreme Court unacceptable An appeal from Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to overturn a $2.1 billion ruling for plaintiffs who allege the company’s talcum powder products cause ovarian cancer.

Pharmaceutical company that advanced The Janssen COVID vaccine, asked the Supreme Court to review the ruling, arguing that he did not get a fair trial in Missouri where the court granted Payout $4.7 billion to 22 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

was the verdict reduced to $2.1 billion in June 2020, by an appeals court in Missouri.

J&J stopped selling talcum powder products in the United States and Canada last year. But the company still faces more than 21,800 lawsuits alleging that asbestos in talcum powder products, including baby powder, causes ovarian cancer.

Ken Starr, the attorney general representing the women who sued J&J, wrote in court briefings that pharma The company “has known for decades that their talcum powders contain asbestos, a highly carcinogenic substance with no known safe exposure level.”

he is Wrote:

“They could protect customers by switching from talc to cornstarch, as their scientists suggested as early as 1973. But talc was cheaper and the petitioners were not willing to sacrifice their profits for a safer product.”

J&J maintains that their baby powder is safe, does not contain asbestos, and does not cause cancer.

The lawsuits linking talcum powder to cancer aren’t the first time J&J has been sued over the safety of its products.

else Major lawsuits J&J Defective product recalls include:

  • 1995: $7.5 million fine for Document destruction To cover up an investigation into the mismarketing of Retin-A wrinkle-removing acne cream.
  • 1996: Undisclosed settlement dated false claims Condom protection claims to protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • 2001: paid $860 million in A class action To mislead customers about early disposal of 1 Day Acuvue soft contact lenses. J&J recommended that they only be worn once, although they found the lenses were no different than regular Acuvue lenses that will last for two weeks.
  • 2010: $81 million settlement Brand Error its anti-epileptic drug Topamax to treat psychiatric disorders and is hiring outside doctors to join the sales team to promote the drug for unapproved conditions. The following year, J&J $85 million Similar charges are made against the heart drug Natrecor.
  • 2011: Several J&J baby products were Discover to contain carcinogenic components.
  • 2013: Yu, S.; Department of Justice Accused The company has $2.2 billion in criminal fines for marketing its autism and antipsychotic drug Risperdal for unapproved uses. 45 states have filed civil lawsuits against J&J in the scandal. Janssen has also had a strong campaign to market Risperdal for use in children with behavioral challenges. Other serious adverse effects of Risperdal mentioned By the Food and Drug Administration, these include diabetes mellitus, hyperprolactinemia, drowsiness, depression, anxiety, psychotic behavior, suicide, and death.

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