Super-Shredder HIIT Workout to Burn Fat and Build Strength

HIIT is effective in melting body fat, but burping Forgetting can be a way of sucking the soul into a sculpted end. Instead of returning to autopilot and blasting through the usual mountain climber spin and squat jumps, try this HIIT strength endurance exercise, courtesy of LululemonThe newest brand ambassador and bootcamp expert, Akin Akman.

“These exercises strengthen the neuromuscular pathways and open up fast-twitch muscle fibers to help you move freely through all levels of movement,” Ackman says. Instead of aggravating the knees and ankles, this HIIT exercise strengthens the joints and tendons while improving bone density. “You’ll move and react more sharply, and you’ll become more receptive, focused, and alert,” Ackman says. Plus, all that single-leg action enhances longevity and peak performance.


Exercise 1 and 2 is a super AMRAP set: perform as many repetitions as possible in one minute, then immediately begin the second movement without rest. Repeat a comprehensive set on the other side; This is one round. Rest 45 seconds between super sets and two minutes between rounds. Do 3 to 5 rounds.

1 a. Pivot access lateral lunge with row (shown above)

Hold the dumbbells at the sides with a neutral grip, feet hip-width apart. Take a large side step with the left leg, pivot foot, and torso facing forward, as you descend into a lunge and reach with arms to frame the front leg. Interlock the lats and draw the elbows back into the row of weights. Drive with your left foot to rotate around the axis again to start. Immediately go to 1B.

Skater with high pull and side jumps

Skater with high pull and side jumps Marius Pogue for men’s magazine

1 b. Skater with high pull and side jumps

Standing on the left leg with a soft bend in the knee and the right hand holding dumbbellsPalm facing you. Lean forward as you raise your right leg behind you, and pull your left arm back for balance. Jump with the left foot to the left. Stabilize, then immediately jump back to the right, and go down with the right foot as you perform a high pull, bearing the weight on the shoulder. Stay on your right foot and jump horizontally (side to side) 4 times. refer to 1A; Switch sides.

One leg tilt

One leg tilt Marius Pogue for men’s magazine

2 a. One leg tilt

Stand on your left leg with your right leg bent at a 90-degree angle, with your foot flexed, holding a heavy weight in your left hand. Don’t Rush: Keep the oblique and glutes aligned as you descend to the left. Immediately go to 2B.

V . tennis training

V . tennis training photo courtesy

2 b. V . tennis training

Stand in a separate position, right foot forward, left foot back, holding a medicine ball With both hands. Rotate the torso and hips, drawing the middle ball to the left hip. Move diagonally forward, planting your feet, then use the middle ball from the right thigh up to the top of the left shoulder while keeping the arms mostly straight. Go back and repeat. refer to 2A; Switch sides.

BOSU Ball Side Plank to grab

BOSU Ball Side Plank to grab Marius Pogue for men’s magazine

3. BOSU Ball Side Plank to grab

Right hand transplant BOSU . ball, then come to the side plank, shoulder stacked over wrist, feet overlapping with bottom foot behind, top foot in front, hips off the floor. Hold a dumbbell in your left hand, palm facing you. Turn on the core and grab the weight above the head, then lower it and repeat the process. Note: You can do a high pull instead of a snatch. Make it easier by getting into the forearm board or removing the BOSU completely. Perform AMRAP as a straight set: 1 minute per side.

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