Summer running gear that will help you get ahead

Whether you train for The first 5 kilo Or lost track of how many bibs you have, cool summer running gear and accessories can make the difference between a tough run and a miserable experience, or even your dreaded DNF (it’s not over). So I got Running shoes, What now?

From clothes to smartwatches, payback day gear to water bottles, we’ve cut through the clutter to bring you the best summer running gear on the market. Periods, divisions, loops, hills, here we go.

Summer running gear that will help you get ahead

Furlabs Short Bolt 5 inch
Furlabs Short Bolt 5 inch photo courtesy

1. Fourlaps Bolt Short 5″

New for Spring/Summer 21, these shorts are designed to move with you and keep you cool thanks to moisture wicking technology and laser-cut vents. Made of 4-way stretch fabric, you’ll also appreciate the zip pocket in the back to stash your essentials when you’re out and about. With 88 percent RE-UP recyclables, you can feel good about your purchase for the health of our planet, too.


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Quick Moisturizing Blend with Honey Extract
Quick Moisturizing Blend with Honey Extract photo courtesy

2. Rapid Moisturizing Mix with Honey Extract

I came and saw and conquered those hills. And now you need a great water break. This first-of-its-kind hydration system blends honey with sodium to boost your H2O. It speeds up the absorption of key nutrients that your body craves. Flavors include strawberry juice, lemon, pomegranate fruit, watermelon, mango, black cherry, mandarin and raspberry.


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Sleeping Bed No. 360 i8 Smart
Sleeping Bed No. 360 i8 Smart photo courtesy

3. No. 360 i8 Smart Sleeping Bed

If you’re serious about running (or any kind of training, for that matter), you’re serious about sleeping. This award-winning 360 smart bed with proprietary SleepIQ technology digitally senses your movements throughout the night and automatically adapts to keep you comfortable. Technically speaking, the algorithm measures sleep time, quality, heart rate and respiratory rate, providing the ultimate in comfort for your personal needs. People who sleep in high temperatures, in particular, will dig out the temperature-balancing sleeping surface and smart 3D fabric that is said to be up to 50 percent more breathable.

[From $2,750;]

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Moshi Mythro Air SS21 Bluetooth Earphones
Moshi Mythro Air SS21 Bluetooth Earphones photo courtesy

4. Moshi Mythro Air SS21 Bluetooth Earphones

The latest version of these earbuds has prominent specifications such as improved noise isolation, charging time, and Bluetooth range. As someone who has lost too many earbuds in the middle of a run or on wooden trails, you’ll appreciate the magnetic clip to help keep the accessory secure. Another noteworthy feature: eight-hour playback. We can hear the marathon hallelujah choir from here.


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Ombraz Dolomite Armless Sunglasses
Ombraz Dolomite Armless Sunglasses photo courtesy

5. Ombraz Dolomite Armless Sunglasses

In addition to the two cool limited edition colors, slate and charcoal, there are plenty of reasons to love these armless sunglasses. For one thing, they stay secure in place and are virtually impossible to break. The lack of arms over the glasses also helps relieve discomfort on the side of your head. Other features you’ll appreciate include nose pads to reduce haze and side masks to eliminate peripheral glare. It’s so comfortable and cute that it might become your go-to pair off the beaten path. The frames are also sustainable, with each pair of Ombraz sunglasses being 1,384 times more carbon negative. Furthermore, 20 mangroves are planted by the Ombraz Shade project for every pair sold.


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Columbia M FKT II Windbreaker Jacket
Columbia M FKT II Windbreaker Jacket photo courtesy

6. Columbia M FKT II Windbreaker Jacket

Beat your best with this high-quality, lightweight jacket that comfortably fits the entire range of motion. Perfect for trail runners, the windbreaker offers advanced water and stain resistance, a zip security pocket, and reflective details for added visibility.


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Stogo sports bottle
Stogo sports bottle photo courtesy

7. Stogo Sports Bottle

This sturdy, foldable and visually pleasing bottle features a tie-down attachment so you can carry this 20-ounce bottle on your backpack or duffel. The twist-on cap makes it easy to use for tough runs, and we’ll never argue with dishwasher-safe water bottles. The cap is BPA-free and contains no phthalates, threads, or glues.


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Egal Active Style Lim Tech
Egal Active Style Lim Tech photo courtesy

8. Aktiv Style LIM Tech Headband

There’s no shame in wearing a headband while running, especially if last year convinced you to ditch the entire haircut. Launched in the spring, this ultra-light sweatshirt is made of a high-performance knit fabric that has excellent moisture wicking properties to wick sweat away from your face.


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Salomon Sense Pro 10
Salomon Sense Pro 10 photo courtesy

9. Salomon Sense Pro 10

This Spring 21 innovation has been a long time coming. This hydration jacket offers a snug fit from a clever design and intuitive adjustment system, it won’t interfere with your running, and the soft mesh wicks and locks in moisture as you take the steps. There is also the option of ample storage space with front and rear compartments; Soft flasks are included.


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Matador Meggins Gray Camouflage Compression Shorts
Matador Meggins Gray Camouflage Compression Shorts photo courtesy

10. Matador Meggings Gray Camouflage Compression Shorts

These compression pants will make running more fun. There’s a shirt/towel loop at the back, a zip pocket for valuables, and it’s made from a sweat-wicking blend of polyester and Lycra. Protect your family’s jewelry with an excellent thigh support and soft cup, while benefiting from increased blood flow thanks to the compression fabric.


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AFO Singlet . Promise
photo courtesy

11. AFO Singlet . Promise

This tank is characterized by its freshness and quick drying, which is what suits you for hot and humid running. It is part of the Chennai brand group. The print was designed by textile artist Kashmira Bahti of Chennai and depicts the vibrancy of the surrounding forest.


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ice barrel
ice barrel photo courtesy

12. Ice Barrel

If you’re a recovery lover, you’ll love giving your days off a boost with this cold therapy training tool that holds up to 105 gallons of water and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to helping with muscle recovery and reducing inflammation, you may find that you get a mental boost from taking a dip in that vertical pelvis, too. If you are looking for something at a lower price, check this out cold therapy wraps.


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ProForm Pro 9000
ProForm Pro 9000 photo courtesy

13. ProForm Pro 9000

Looking to improve your old treadmill or show off your first time? This tread offers live and on-demand interactive iFIT workouts on a 22-inch HD touch screen. It also has high-tech bells and whistles such as automatically adjusting your speed and tilt during workouts to match your trainer. Bonus: There’s Bluetooth capabilities to connect to headphones as well as heart rate wearables so you can track your workout intensity.


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DOGPOUND X Lasso Performance 2.0 Compression Socks
DOGPOUND X Lasso Performance 2.0 Compression Socks photo courtesy

14. DOGPOUND X Lasso Performance Compression Socks 2.0

This latest collaboration has resulted in unparalleled compression socks with medically supported ankle support and graduated compression to keep your running in peak condition. There’s a good reason coaches, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists love these socks—and once you’ve tried a pair of the only patented joint support socks, you’ll understand why. Go ahead, treat yourself to the four-pack for $90.

[from $30;]

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01.Algo Train Short Stitch Repair
01.Algo Train Short Stitch Repair photo courtesy

15. Stitch Repair 01.Algo Train Short

Complete with two zip security pockets, these lightweight, ultra-comfortable shorts are part of the recently launched Stitch Fix’s 01.Algo expansion capsule, which includes seven exclusive new Stitch Fix-fix silhouettes existing customers can go with. Here To place their order, new customers can sign up Here. Dial 01.Algo on your next fix (that’s their custom dresser jargon), and get ready to crush your next internship.


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Fitbit Sense
Fitbit Sense photo courtesy

16. Fitbit Sense

Fitbit’s latest smartwatch doesn’t disappoint health data junkies – and runners looking to improve their craft are sure to be no exception. Sense tracks your heart rate, sleep, and activity levels, using all three to give you daily stress management points for a bigger picture of your health. Runners in particular will be rewarded with built-in GPS for speed and distance on the watch and a map of their workout after the run. Another useful integration is Bluetooth pairing so you can listen, store, and play music offline using Deezer and Pandora and control Spotify.


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Suunto 9 Pick
Suunto 9 Pick photo courtesy

17. Sunto 9 Peak

If you want to enjoy a sports watch, good luck beating this real beast for a device that is 37 percent thinner and 36 percent lighter than Suunto 9 Barrow. Peak provides blood-oxygen measurements to help you gauge acclimatization levels at higher altitudes, it has an automatic backlight intensity adjustment that shifts with conditions, and a watch display reveals weekly training metrics so you can keep working on those improvements. A GPS watch with weather stats, on-watch navigation capabilities, wrist rate, barometer, and more is available in both Standard ($569) and Titanium ($699) models.

[Available June 19, from $569;]

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