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With the weather warming and thawing, it’s time to start getting back outside – or at least to find new ways to create an outdoor space that goes beyond the worn-out winter limits of your pandemic bubble. When rounding out your spring camping kit, advances in materials and design only result in lighter, high-performance gear when ounces count in the package, or when the ounce counts in the package, or when the storage space in your vehicle you choose to get away from the crowds – whether it’s by bike, boat, Or the car – at a higher price. the spring Shoulder season It also means flexibility in dealing with large fluctuations in temperature from day to night and sudden changes in the weather. Prepare to change with The right gear. Start the longest days of the early camping season with these 11 new campground items for both Countryside Adventures Frontcountry fun.

MSR water filter

Clean drinking water is guaranteed with new MSR Guardian water purifier. The Guardian combines a 10-liter tank with a hands-free water purifier that was originally designed for the military and has been classified as safe. Water Anywhere in the world with complete protection from viruses, protozoa, bacteria, sediments and plastic particles. The system is based on gravity and produces up to 1 liter in 2 minutes.

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Veteran Binoculars

The Binoculars Maven B.3 Offers crisp, bright optics in an ultra-compact package – ideal for bird breeders and hunters who want to steer off the beaten path. We tested the powerful 10x model, which easily focuses on a 341-foot field of view at 1,000 yards. On top of that, these sturdy waterproof boxes weigh barely 16 ounces. Maven offers a variety of customization options, a no-questions-asked guarantee, and direct manufacturer sales, providing great American-made optics at a great price.
[$500 and up,]

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BF Goodrich Spaces

Spring camping often means rain. Count on new BF Goodrich Off-Road Wipers Let’s take you to the road no matter the monsoons or mud. Designed to duplicate the tread of BF Goodrich’s signature T / AKO2 tires, these sturdy blades provide a great style for 4x4s and SUVs. Sold in packs of two.

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Thermarest NeoAir

Here’s a sleeping pillow that lives up to the name itself: Thermarest NeoAir UberLite The scale barely filters a half a pound and packs a fist size. Despite these feathered dimensions, we couldn’t believe the comfort factor: The pillow uses Thermarest’s new one-way valve system to inflate to 2.5 inches, providing plenty of pillows to sleep on lumpy floor. The 2.3-R value makes it ideal for summer use.

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The sea to the summit

Want a warmer and thicker sleeping pillow? Check out the marigolds Deluxe Sea to Summit Comfort Pillow. This giant 4-inch-thick cushion features a woven top sheet that is comfortable in all temperatures and an R 6.5 value that makes it ready for year-round use. After a few times of our test sleep, we learn we’ve found the perfect pillow for car camping and the perfect bed around the house.

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The BioLite Flashlight

the new Biolite headlamp 330 Provides high-energy, weather-resistant outdoor lighting in an ultra-thin package. Credit Biolite USB Rechargeable Battery, 330 Lumen Torch Light Wicking Fabric, Comfortable Fit. Slick and flood settings offer a variety of lighting solutions, with up to 80 yards of vision at full capacity. The battery lasts between 3.5 and 40 hours, depending on the output, with the brightness intelligent memory function and the lock feature.

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Somewear Labs Satellite Communication Devices

The brainchild of Silicon Valley veterinarians, The Somewear Labs satellite communications device It has held itself as a reliable alternative to competing big-name brands in backcountry. This pocket-sized Somewear miniature unit makes a Bluetooth connection to your phone to enable two-way texting, tracking, real-time weather forecasts and emergency SOS rescue safety, anywhere on the planet. Now, it’s better with a Exclusive partnership with the onX Backcountry app, Providing an award-winning navigation system with satellite connectivity to keep tabs on your crew.
[$279 plus subscription,]

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A safe and reliable mosquito control method improves with new Thermacell E55. This fist-sized unit is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts over 5 hours per charge and creates a 20-foot “protection zone” against mosquitoes that might infest a camping trip in the spring. Thermacell’s EPA-Tested, odor-free chemical that really works, especially in calm winds. Forty and 120 hours Packages Available.
[$39 plus refills,]

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VSSL mill

If you like the great ritual and taste of coffee, check out VSSL Java To prepare the beans for your next drink in your country. This hand grinder features a high-performance grinder with up to 50 settings to dial in to your favorite coffee taste. We particularly liked how quickly the unit grinds 8 to 12 ounce cups of delicious coffee – along with an all-metal construction for the replaceable parts.

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Gerber armbar

The latest daily tote bag from legendary knife maker features just the tools you need. The Gerber Armbar Slim It comes in two types, both of which are installed with a 2.5 inch locking blade and a bottle opener. The Cuts The option includes scissors with a smooth function while Leadership Includes a bit driver. Both weigh 2.5 ounces and feature a keychain attachment.

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Sierra Designs

Feather sleeping bags provide superior comfort and compressibility for rural camping – but often at a premium price. Not so with Sierra Design Get Down 35. Rated 35 degrees, this is a great affordable summer sleeper option, packed with 550 power capacity, water resistance, and a weight of under 2 pounds. A 20-degree warmer version is also available.

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