Sounds of experience, wisdom and insight, part two

by Patricia Burke

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Thia Fournier and Julie Ricardi: Healthy people need healthy food, healthy homes and healthy societies

Around the same time that Peggy and Diana were working in Wayland, nutritionist, mother Thia Fournier and floral designer Julie Ricardi and others learned that Metro PCS is coming to townOther carriers follow later. On the northern shore, Thea and Jolly have created what may be the first community-sourced website to raise awareness about the risks of exposure to EMF / RF, and work to keep the towers away from schools, nursing homes, homes and other sensitive environments. Like many environmental advocates, Thea has also been involved in other health disputes, including opposition to having an incinerator spewing mercury into the air. Thea organized two community groups, the Andover Citizens’ Rights (NARC) and the Community Against Radiation Exposure (CARE). She ran two successful fundraising campaigns to cover legal fees to fight the placement of antennas at historic Steven’s Mill in town, in the midst of a residential area. After that, several telecom companies contacted a number of community churches to install antennas in their church towers. NARC reached out to educate church and community members, and was successful in keeping the antennas in trouble. Theia nutrition customers from other cities were also communicating with it because towers and antennas were restricted to churches, apartments, and near schools in other communities. Then I started getting calls from all over the country.

The natives of N. Andover managed to keep the infrastructure in trouble for years, until they weren’t. The interim minister and church finance committee, just a short distance from Thea’s historic Victorian home, dismissed health concerns. In many of the congregations, church members have faced closed-minded financial committees whose goals conflict with those who want to protect the neighborhood and serve the community. Notice Thea, “The money in the temple blinded them.” The church and its sons bought industry propaganda, ignored the precautionary principle, and turned their backs on neighbors, allowing the antennas to be placed in the steeple. Additional carriers followed, installing more wireless infrastructure. Thea continues to work on the MA’s wireless issue, and in particular advocates for a fee-free unsubscribe of wireless utility meters. In 2014, she testified in front of the MSc Public Utilities department on smart meters, sitting next to tobacco scientist Peter Valberg. MA DPU accepted and strengthened opinion The world of tobacco.

Tobacco World for Smart Meters / Wireless Industry Peter Valberg of Gradient testifies to MA Department of Utilities in 2014, The same week he testified for Philip Morris Cigarettes. L to R. Peter Valberg, Helen Walker, Thea Fournier, Dr. Lisa Nagy

Thea devoted years of her life to protecting her community, but ended up in the RF impact of the antennas in the steeple. In its professionally protected EMF-free office, she continues to see many clients experiencing dramatic improvements in challenging sanitary conditions as they clean up their EMF / RF environment. It continues to advocate for health and environmental protection in a number of areas, including GMOs, product labeling, healthcare selection, and EMF / radiofrequency.

Tobacco Science for Wireless Networks

In 2014, in addition to speaking to MA DPU, Peter Valberg also prevailed for Philip Light cigarettes, denying victims the right to participate in a class-action lawsuit because they did not pay an additional fee for the light cigarettes.

for him Opinion Concerning the safety of smart meters has formed a basis to justify smart meter policy decisions across the United States

Nina Anderson: Pilot versus pilot program

Speaking of tobacco scientists who work in the wireless industry, stepmother Nina Anderson She was one of the first women who worked as pilots for a company, and at one point flew Philip Morris cigarettes. Fast forward a few decades, and in 1995 I founded “Scientific Education Alliance”. Her organization focuses on educating the public and providing information that allows individuals to make informed business decisions. Located in the triple corner of Berkshire, her organization caters to MA, CT and NY, with past educational / outreach efforts that include indoor air pollution, GMOs, and lead paint. Help you safe It is the arm of her organization that addresses wireless health risks. Nina single-handedly put pressure on her town to create a smart counter ban when she learned of pilot Worcester Ngrid, which was being imposed on the community without the residents’ knowledge and consent. She was particularly concerned that Philip Morris Tobacco scientist Peter Valberg was the expert who testified before the Worcester Zoning Board to override citizen health concerns. It is actively involved in the 5G issue, and is working to help Sheffield update its communications regulations to reflect issues related to small cells. Like many societies, the current regulations are inadequate for 5G and other telecom expansion plans. Concerns were raised recently in California Pillars include overloading, proximity to homes, property values, health, fire risk, underinsurance, carbon footprint / power consumption for wireless networks, ADA issues, lack of inspection and maintenance, and the fact that publishing does not address the digital divide. 5G doesn’t facilitate audio data or an Internet connection – it only increases video download speeds, is unreliable in adverse weather, is not safe online, and contributes to climate change because it requires electricity for many antennas.

Communities that are healthy need health protection laws

Nina explains:

The telecommunications industry is involved in the widespread deployment of millimeter-wave and microwave “small cell” antennas across the province to facilitate the next generation of wireless communication known as 5G. This new technology uses existing wireless infrastructure and new types of radio frequency (RF) radiation to transmit large amounts of data, but requires much greater proximity to users, resulting in a dense deployment of antennas near residences, schools and hospitals. Due to the short range transmission, 5G units may be as far apart as one in five homes on existing telephone poles. These units can be as large as mini fridges. The 5G network will use 6 GHz and mm wave bands so that 5G signals cannot penetrate buildings and wooded areas. Therefore, many trees may have to be cut down for a reliable service. This is unacceptable for our countryside landscapes. The FCC has not conducted any long-term safety testing for new 5G wireless technologies, and has failed to update exposure guidelines for human RF radiation since 1996, although the US General Accounting Office (GAO) and the American Academy of Medicine have advised it. Children, and hundreds of medical and scientific experts from all over the world. Communications industry leaders publicly acknowledge that they have not conducted any safety tests to determine the potential negative health and environmental impacts from exposure to non-ionizing millimeter-RF waves emitted by 5G-enabled small cell antennas.

Nina runs the blog There are no smart mass gauges.

2016: “These people No Scholars ”

In an article published in 2016, the Center for Public Integrity re-examined the issue of tolerance of corrupt tobacco science. “These people are not scientists. They are public relations people with degrees in science. These are the people who make a living by producing the results their clients want. This is not science,” said Stanton Glantz, director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education.

David Heath reports, “Philip Morris is using chemical industry advisers to perpetuate the myth of“ light cigarettes. ”Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the tobacco giant maintains that“ low tar ”cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. Philip Morris uses chemical industry advisors to perpetuate the “light cigarette” myth. ”

In a landmark ruling nearly a decade ago, a federal judge ordered tobacco companies to stop lying. After hearing 84 witnesses and seeing tens of thousands of exhibits, US District Judge Gladys Kessler of the District of Columbia took a year to write a 1,652-page opinion detailing the companies. Develop a strategy to deny the harmful effects of smoking.

BrieflyAnd the [the companies] They marketed and sold their killer products with zeal, deceit, and a single focus on their financial success, without regard to the human tragedy or the social costs that success imposed, ” Kessler Books in USA v. Philip Morris USA.

Kessler indicated that the Justice Department had filed a lawsuit related to extortion “Overwhelming evidence” of a plot to defraud the public. The companies have been ordered to take a number of measures, including stopping claiming that there is such a thing as a low-tar cigarette that reduces the risk of disease. Evidence showed that this simply was not true. However, in about a dozen lawsuits pending, Philip Morris continues to do just that. She routinely argues that the country’s best-selling cigarettes, formerly known as Marlboro Lights and now called Marlboro Gold, reduce cancer risk.

Part 3 continues May 11th.

Fires: Adding antennas to poles increases the risk of fire. Operating the complex 5G system inevitably leads to building up heat at its base stations along the highway. “Ineffective radio frequency conversion leads to continuous digital communication problems and creates thermal problems, threatening signal integrity and reliability.” Overloading on poles could lead to a fire like what happened in Malibu in 2007. “When the Santa Ana winds swept through the canyon on October 21, 2007, three utility columns near Malibu Canyon Road were brought down and caught fire. The fire burned 3,836 acres and destroyed it. Or damage dozens of buildings and vehicles. The poles were jointly owned by SoCal Edison, AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and NextG Networks of California. We don’t need more heat in fire-prone California. 5G heats up base stations And the 20130520 million story.html

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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and advocates internationally for new biological limits for microwave exposure. It is based in Massachusetts and can be reached in [email protected].

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