Smith launches a passenger-focused Express MIPS bike helmet

Smith has just dropped her first custom-designed helmet Mobility And ride around city and suburban streets. it’s called MIPS Express (Which also comes in a Non-MIPS version), And has a stylish and simple design that nicely complements street style wear while providing shock protection for busy roads. You know Smith Google radicalSweet, ’90s style Wrapped shades, And the recent entry into helmets for snow sports and mountain biking. Here’s everything you need to know about the new version.

Smith Express MIPS helmet
Courtesy Image

Besides looking good, Express MIPS includes – as the name suggests – the MIPS Brain Protection System, an advanced safety feature that can help secure your head from the injuries that come from the corner bumps commonly seen in Cycling accidents. Comfort comes in the form of 13 nozzles that exhale heat, and a removable shield that also provides a bit of sweat absorption. The Fit connect, you guessed it, is an adjustable connection system and a single-layer, low-volume suspension strap to better hug your head. This stylish helmet keeps you from rocking the cool ball style.

Smith Express MIPS helmet
Courtesy Image

Express MIPS has an impressive array of modern matte colors to match the silent travel gear, plus a high-resolution option to excel in low-light conditions, day or night. To enhance protection while Night ridingThe helmet comes with a flush red backlight. You can slide it in and out for easy charging, while being able to keep it steady or flash.


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