Skills that I never expected before must be learned

by JG Martinez

As prepared, we try to teach others the skills they need to be more self-reliance. Even the most self-sufficient know this Knowledge It is the most valuable preparedness tool.

During those two years I spent (almost) alone, I had to learn skills that I never expected I would have to learn. Some of them are just as pleasant as dried food. And other skills such as sewing. Those readers who follow my writing (or our writing, kido and my writing) ” Adventure” I know I am not meticulously skilled with my hand.

These are skills I never expected I would have to learn.

Dry the food

You might ask why the drought was a “required skill.” Remember, I don’t have a refrigerator. We need some means to preserve meat and protein for a few days. Canned fish is awful here. Besides, they have all the fresh fish they want! Canned poultry and meat are much worse. (Red meat is expensive).

distance Try some recipesI found the exact product to deliver a tastier and long-lasting product. I can buy it on the market, but I doubt the place is clean. With all the convenience stores closed on Sundays (the day I used to have some red meat for lunch!), The need to learn was clear.

There is a temptation to prepare egg powder, but I don’t want to use my own gas bottle. Getting a new one will open a hole in my pocket. We must go home in no time, So there is no need to spend this money. Meals cooked with dried vegetables are so delicious! Dry fruits are excellent for “Merenda” (Italian) or afternoon snacks.

Daisy has many articles on things like drying Orange, Tomatoes, And even Leftover feast!

Cook healthy and delicious meals

As a single man until 2001, I was never interested in cooking. Eating healthy food was somewhat a priority. Venezuela is a country of cattle. We eat a lot of cheese and red meat. I spent decades without cooking beans and white rice until kiddo came to live with me. Now, healthy and delicious meals are on the menu for us.

With some videos, a volume of simple recipes, and with my little help, we have fun Cook our mealsFun time between father and son. We’ve been away from each other for a really long time. I only have a small hunting knife and the smallest polymer plate I’ve found. Also, I have a frying pan in aluminum and a high quality stainless steel pot. The fryer will not reach Venezuela. Perhaps fate is not the same. However, it was not cheap, and if the weight allows, then the fate is gone.

I learned that even a simple sandwich can be a satisfying meal with a little bit of spice. Kiddo was pleasantly surprised when I prepared his grilled sandwiches. I fried an egg to add to a sandwich with some herbs. Before getting on my borrowed gas stove, I cooked in a makeshift “rocket burner”. He liked the sandwich.

By the way, roasted peppers are absolutely delicious. I made some aripes cheese, and add roasted peppers. You should have tasted it. Dang. And just a few cents. My child has told me several times that he wants to open a restaurant one day. I said, “Sure, after you get your college degree.”

Sewing skills

Taking care of clothes is something we don’t usually think of Latino men. God forbid your friends to arrive at home with a beer can and catch you sewing a pair of socks, some underwear, or your favorite pants. But unexpected accidents like tearing the crotch from my pants suddenly made me understand why this was a need. You can save a lot of money by sewing socks instead of throwing them out and getting new socks.

Learning medical skills in the absence of a doctor (advertisement)

Since there’s no sewing machine here, that’s a steep learning curve. Helping educational programs. But for someone with less mechanical powers than the stars, this is a challenge. Note: Learn while you still have good vision, pals. Those with more patience and a willingness to learn may get additional income from upholstering and restoring old car seats and furniture.

Basic plumbing skills

We all know how much a plumber charges, right?

Maintaining a functional home is hard work. (To some of you guys who haven’t decided to buy a house yet, remember that.) When you own a home, whatever it is, you will reach a point where something needs to be repaired. Inevitably, something will happen with your pipes or ceiling, and you won’t have the money to fix it. And these needed repairs will arrive faster if you have children.

Clean up the clogged tube. Bad, disgusting, it will make you vomit but it will save you $ $ and avoid potential disaster. Make sure to get some tools to attach to a handheld electric drill or some others are more complete: Sealer Removal Tools for Draining Snake for Plumbing 3/4 “-2” Pipes. (I suggest using a non-powered version.) Make sure to wear a face shield, disposable gloves, and a mask. It’s nice to watch some tutorials, too. Oh, and a few sticks of incense.

Daisy offers some great advice on What to do if the toilet is not flushing. She even tells you how to make a kitty potty.

Fix the basic ceiling

Disclaimer: Roofing can be dangerous. Make sure you don’t do anything wacky.

I had to replace some of the panels on my roof, and it wasn’t easy at all. However, with some help from my older child, it was possible. I was unable to install the weathering layer because I did not have the necessary equipment. After watching the man and baby he brought with him do this, I realized it wasn’t that hard. I decided it was something I could do with a little practice.

Our surfaces are very simple: just a board with grooves and tabs at the edges that come together side by side and adjust to each other. You don’t need complicated things in the tropics. What you need is suitable quality materials to avoid leaks. I did some research, and found the perfect mix for windy places. A layer of thick PVC covering, glued to the wooden ceiling and covered with a special paint that we use with aluminum powder. It reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it, and it heats and breaks itself. Doing this myself saved me a lot of money on roof repairs.

Basic electrical skills

By that I mean basic skills. My father works as an electrician, but I have never had a special interest in this field. However, knowing how to wire, connect, and solder cables and learn about AC (for homes) and DC (mostly cars and bicycles) are good skills to have. It helps to know how to change the outlet, where the main protection switches are located, and direct the burned wire into the wall channel. It requires a special tool to insert the new electrical wire into the conduit and transfer it to the port you need. Although it is not very expensive.

It is essential to get to know your solar system, vehicles, and home wiring. Not necessarily how to fix it, however How it all works. That way, if a problem arises, you are better able to identify it. A small set of special tools is needed. And of course, gloves, goggles and insulating shoes.

If there is more than just a defective wire, This is evidence It will help you deal with power outages.


I have to admit this. In my entire life, very few things have grown. Returning to Homestead to make a living from 2,000 square meters of rocky land and limited income (plus a child to support child) would be an adventure. Settlement is not an easy thing, but as Erica reveals in it the bookThis can be done successfully.

My previous experience growing something outside of the ground was limited to strawberries. Yes, in the middle of the tropical jungle, they took root and thrived until my dad stopped taking care of them. Dang cockroaches also ate them. Mommy had been composting a small place for decades, like a few square meters. This compost is one of the best I have ever seen. I’m sure it has something to do with the growth of the colony of bacteria there. The speed of decomposition is exceptionally high.

Yeah! You can grow things in the tropics

I know you can grow a lot more in the tropics if:

  • You have enough skills to really know what you’re doing
  • You can reach the water tank as soon as the drought arrives

You don’t have to worry about the sun because it’s always abundant. With limited space, I read about a tire grow approach. Knowing the risks of using something that is not designed to be part of food production, I did a little research and found the following: Is it safe to grow potatoes in tires? Frames lead in composition.

How to grow half of your food (advertisement)

However, this Article Details of how the tires can be used in raised beds. Whichever option I choose, I’ll combine it with a liquid fertilizer and one that your worm farm produces, and the results should be good.

Since many of you are not in the tropics, here it is Article From Joanna on how to grow a successful garden in (almost) any climate. The key is Planning and thinking about the future.

Bonus: computing skills

It’s not exactly my specialty, but my dependence on the computing system to make a living is very high. OS repair isn’t something I usually do, but recent events have made me realize how important that is. Computers are now incredibly more complex than ever. But I feel I have minimized the previous problems like freezing and slowing down.

I have incorporated basic maintenance tasks and some non-essential tasks into my skill set. Not having the money to pay for software repair forces you to take the time to learn these things.

What are some skills you didn’t expect to learn before?

Did you have to learn new skills you never thought of? How did it look? Did you have difficulty learning, or was it too easy? Share with other readers your newly acquired skills and how you gained them in the comments below.

With a global retrofit and possibly another pandemic approaching, the times ahead will be difficult. I will do what I can to show you if I can survive and thrive with just the help of a young child, you can do a much better job.

Stay in touch, folks, and thanks for your always welcome support. God bless you all.


Source: Organic Prepper

Jose is an upper middle-class professional. He is a former employee of the state oil company with a bachelor’s degree from one of the best national universities. He has a small family of 4, plus 2 cats and a dog. Old SUV but in good condition, good 150 sqm home in a nice neighborhood, in a small but thriving (formerly) town with two medium sized malls. Jose is ready and shares his witnesses and survival stories from the collapse of his girlfriend Venezuela. With your help, Jose was able to get his family out of Venezuela. They are currently creating a new life in another country. Follow Jose Youtube And access to its exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

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