Skateboarding is an Olympic sport, here is a place to learn to skate

Few would have predicted that skateboarding would one day become mainstream. Sports Strangers, Kids in the High School Parking Lot, Those Who Don’t Fit the Mold, Skate and Destroy Audiences: Their Day Is Here With Imminent Debut in Tokyo Olympics 2020, marking the official rise of skateboarding beyond the fringes of traditional sports. This summer, the best skaters in the world will wear the Nike uniform, willingly undergo random drug testing, and follow the rules – it all happens. Once you get over the roller coaster of emotions—shock, disbelief, pride, and nostalgia—you may be inspired to get back on your plate. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to get rid of the cobwebs and come back again. Whether you’re inspired to make the shifts, throw a little lamentation on the sidewalk, or call in some tech tricks, look no further than these clinics and camps for adults and families alike.

Woodward Skate Camps

Woodward They are the training grounds for almost every professional figure skater including Olympic nominees like Nia HoustonJagger Eaton and Brighton Zoner. Eaton and Zoner first came to Woodward as junior campers, and return year after year to train before the big competitions. The new Woodward Skate designer is none other than Ryan Sheckler. The three-time X Games gold medalist and four-time Dew Tour champion started going to Woodward as a campground when he was seven. “When I was a kid, I was able to adjust skating because of the facilities.” “I remember spending four hours skating just one thing at a time and learning new tricks. The most important thing was knowing I wouldn’t have to leave the park, so I was very present. The more time you spent on your board, the more comfortable you would be and the easier the tricks” .

Far from the big names, Woodward is firmly established as a premier ski camp thanks to more than 400,000 square feet of parkland between Woodward West in California and Woodward B in Pennsylvania. The facilities are designed to enhance ski progression, from all kinds of slopes, rails and ledges, to soft training gear such as foam pits and a resin ramp (a slope lined with a rubber surface). These forward-thinking features allow for a greater margin for error, so that users gain confidence in coming up with this trick. Anything to reduce injuries is good in our book.

The summer months are for kids’ campgrounds (ages 7-17), but thanks to increased demand, Woodward has designed shoulder seasons in spring and fall for families and adult skiers. Popular family camp Late May features an instructional weekend in skateboards, scooters and BMX – it’s worth noting that BMX symbols Ryan Nyquist And Jimmy Bestwick are the BMX designers at Woodward if you’re the two-wheeled type.

In the off season, from late October to mid-April, Woodward PA offers shows Weekends. Available for adults and families with children, this retreat offers access to parks, ski lessons, on-site accommodation, and plenty of other memory-making activities.

For those looking for an experience more connected to their youth, Deepend Weekend (1-3 October 2021) for ages 18 and up is your chance to relive your glory days and set out in Woodward’s legendary gardens with live music, new friends, and all-day sessions with professionals. Schickler, now 31, jokes that he feels much older after his life in skateboarding. “I want those guys who used to skate and still love it, but don’t have time to chase after it anymore to go out for this,” Sheckler says. “Life is short, if you want to pick up the board and dust off the cobwebs, then let’s go! “I heard the man.

Seeking Skate Camp

Seeking Skate Camp

Seeking Skate Camp It is located outside of Portland, Oregon. This sprawling 28-acre campus in the shadow of Mount Hood features indoor and outdoor skate facilities including a 50,000-square-foot “concrete jungle” and 12,500-square-foot BOB Park – the largest indoor skate park in the Northwest. BOB is packed with training gear including an Olympic-sized super trampoline and a 20 x 20 foot airbag to connect in new tricks.

The camp’s bread and butter are the children’s week-long summer sessions, which tie in with visiting skate teams for more professionalism. But Seek also has a great adult show — the Adult Skate Kampot. This campground for 21 and over runs August 27-29, 2021. Returning for this youth weekend includes three days of skating in private concrete parks, trampolines, and daily shuttles to Oregon’s epic swimming holes and adult animals. The price is right, at $199 for camping or staying in #vanlife, or $299 for a cabin. Get the crew together for a great weekend.

Seeking Skate Camp
Courtesy Seek Skate Camp

And for those unruly teens, Seek is also home to West Mountain Academy, which offers the only skateboard program of its kind that combines high school academics with skateboard training and mentoring located directly between skate facilities. Seriously, where was this when we were kids?

Sequoia skate park

YMCA Camp Sequoia

Classic lakeside summer camp, The YMCA Camp Sequoia It gets our vote as the perfect family summer vacation with a skiing twist. While the camp offers youth camps only, it also provides a great experience of bonding with the family during two sessions of a family ski camp held in the last two weeks of June. Choose from a full week, weekend or midweek camp. You and your family will have access to six skate parks and a lake for swimming, boating, kayaking and of course fishing – there’s also plenty of hiking and sightseeing nearby Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park.

Another unexpected addition is the Skate Wild program option that combines skateboarding with a wildlife survival curriculum and the Lake Launch event, where you are invited to be sent from a launch ramp into the lake. Who’s ready for some serious family bonding…and skateboarding?

skate foundry

For those who have never aspired to skateboard, skate foundry In Philadelphia is the call. The Foundry started as an indoor skate park and has expanded to offer a full list of adult skateboarding lessons and programs for every level. Facilities include the original West Philly indoor site and the new Elkin’s Park indoor park, which was specifically designed to teach adults (and children) how to ski safely. The adjacent ski shop is conveniently equipped to provide you with all the safety equipment you need to ski. The program also hosts clinics and classes at public skate parks across Pennsylvania and New Jersey including 30,000 square feet of rails, ledges, and transitions in Ben Garden In downtown Philly. Choose from private lessons, beginner courses for adults, adult tricks courses, ramp camp and more, with program offerings switching from season to season. You probably won’t come across the big-name pros at these camps, but you will get the expert instruction and structure needed to get your skateboarding going.

Tony Hawk's Master Class

Tony Hawk’s Master Class

If time is tight or you aren’t ready to travel yet, consider learning from the best in your driveway. Skateboard legend Tony Hawk teaches 16 parts Master Class Series Covers basic, intermediate, and advanced skateboarding skills in street, park and ferrite with additional instruction from his sons Riley Hawk and Lizzie Armanto. The online series begins with the basics of push, hold, and turn, progressing to ollie-ing, Pumping Vert, and then to Park Tech tricks. Hawk shares his inner tricks for getting into competitive skating and his thoughts on the future of skating.

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