Single mom who lost 56 kg explains how to prepare meals on a budget and makes 281 meals and snacks in 4 hours for $ 384

Healthy mummy Cecily Goodwin, who lost 56 kg with the help of the healthy mummy 28-day weight loss challenges, Recently, she shared her amazing meal prep (You can also read Cicily’s weight loss story below)

This wonderful mother was able to make Pumped 281 meals and snacks And it only took four hours to prepare all these meals at a reasonable cost $ 384.10 For a whole lot!

Cicily’s also included a breakdown of how much they spent on each meal and how much they cost per meal.

Cecily made 112 main meals and 169 snacks!

110 snacks were less than $ 1 per meal and 53 main meals were less than $ 2 per meal !!

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Cecily prepared 281 meals and snacks - and it only took 4 hours!

It took Cicily 4 hours to prepare 281 healthy meals and snacks for only $ 384.10!

You don’t have to spend all of your time in the kitchen if you want to prepare meals. All you have to do is set aside 2 hours and you can prepare enough meals for the family for a few weeks or even a month!

In fact, it only took Cicily from 8.30am to 1.30pm to prepare all these adorable meals from a challenge Recipe center, one hour divides her meals into containers and another hour and a half, respectively.

An overactive thyroid gland, Cecilie credits her massive 56 kg weight loss to learning how to prepare healthy meals through 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Cecily prepared 281 meals and snacks - and it only took 4 hours!

What Cecily made:

Beans and corn tostada X 18 One of Cecilie’s favorite recipes from her book The Healthy Mummy

sum: $ 29.93 USD

To the needs: $ 1.66

Layers of meat loaf X 16 One of Cecilie’s favorite recipes from her book The Healthy Mummy

sum: $ 56.86

To the needs: $ 3.55

One bowl of Bolognese pasta X 18

sum: $ 62.16

To the needs: $ 3.45

Slice of zucchini bacon X 24 You can find this recipe on Challenging application

sum: $ 57.70 USD

To the needs: $ 2.40

Mexican casserole X 16 You can find this recipe on Challenging application

sum: $ 61.60 USD

To the needs: $ 3.85

Hidden vegetable sausage roll X 35

sum: $ 47.70 USD

To the needs: $ 1.36

Soba noodles with salmon x 12 You can find this recipe at Challenging application

sum: $ 51

To the needs: $ 4.25

Salmon with white beans puree X 8 One of Cecilie’s favorite recipes from her book The Healthy Mummy

sum: USD $ 35.70

To the needs: $ 4.46

Wheatbex chocolate Slide x 24

sum: 26.60

To the needs: $ 1.10

Coconut brownie X 24

sum: $ 22

To the needs: 91 C.

Apricot and oat balls X 30You can find this recipe on Challenging application.

sum: $ 14

To the needs: 46 C.

The Peanut Bubble Crisis X 32

sum: $ 17.50

To the needs: 55 C.

Whole chocolate chip muffins X 24

sum: $ 19.60

To the needs: 81 C.

Details of the ingredient list

All of this only costs $ 384.10! See below to find out how to stack ingredients and for some great budget advice and how to keep costs down even further!

All these ingredients made up 112 main meals and 169 snacks!

5 x Coleslaw Beans $ 4
8x Coles Brand Corn Kernels $ 6.4
5x avocado, $ 9
2x Coles Brand Street Tortilla Wraps – $ 5.40
2x Coles Light Cheddar Cheese – $ 13
3x tomatoes – $ 2
1 xSpring Onions $ 1.90
1 x Parsley $ 3
14 x Cole’s Lane Beef Mince – $ 112
16x carrots – $ 4
4 x sweet potato – $ 4.50
1 x Cheese Slices – $ 6.50
12x onions – $ 3
1 x Package Celery – $ 4.50
1 x Mushroom Pack – $ 3
13 x zucchini – $ 7.50
10x canned tomatoes – $ 8
2 x beef stock – $ 3.50
1 x red cooking wine – $ 9.90
2x Spaghetti – $ 2
1 x Parmesan cheese – $ 3.20
52x eggs – $ 15.80
1 x Greek Yogurt – $ 5
3 liter milk – $ 3.59
1x SR – $ 2
850g bacon – $ 10.11
1x Mexican Spice – $ 2
4 basmati rice in the microwave – $ 6
4x black beans – $ 4
4x Limes – $ 4
1x Filo Pastry – $ 6
20 x salmon – $ 60
2x Soba Noodles – $ 6
3x lemon $ 3
1x spinach $ 3
6x Cannellini Beans $ 4.8
4 x asparagus $ 5.70
1x Sultanas – $ 3
1x Peanut Butter – $ 4
1x Coconut – $ 4
1x Weetbix – $ 2.90
1x cocoa – $ 4
1x Honey – $ 4.70
2x – Dark Chocolate $ 4
1x Coconut Oil – $ 4
1x coconut sugar – $ 4
1x apricot – $ 4.60
1x oats – $ 1.40
1x puffed rice – $ 2
1x Malt Syrup – $ 3.60
2 x Chocolate Chips – $ 4

Total $ 384.10

Tips to cut costs when preparing a meal!

You can save some serious cash by organizing and cooking large amounts like this one. Not only is meal preparation great for saving time, but it can also save a lot of money! Check out these money-saving tips for preparing meals.

  • Buy in bulk from fruit store, butcher, fish dealer.
  • Use frozen fruits, vegetables, and proteins where possible.
  • Use half / half a mixture of canned lentils and ground beef.
  • Bulk Purchase in Catalog Specials – If you know you use rice malt syrup in a lot of your recipes and see it in specials, buy a few to stock up.
  • Make a fruit / vegetable patch at home.
  • Use grated or finely chopped vegetables for bulk meals – spaghetti sauce, sausage roll fillings, chopped taco.
  • Make a list (or use your own shopping list in Mummy health application) To stick to your budget.
  • Use online grocery shopping to avoid the temptation and convenience of price comparison.
  • Switch to cheaper cuts of meat whenever possible – instead of chicken breast, lean chicken may save you money and time cutting.
  • Eat a meat-free meal. Try some vegan or vegetarian meal options on the Healthy Mummy app.
  • Use lemon or lemon juice instead of fresh.
  • Avoid microwave / pre-made rice / quinoa / noodles and cook it yourself from our desiccant options.
  • Avoid pre-cut or grated cheeses, and buy a piece of your choice to either slice or grate yourself.
  • Compare labels on home brand / private brand items.

Watch Cecilie’s talk about top meal preparation tips

Cicily’s Top 5 Meal Preparation Tips:

  • Use any blank template in your meal plan Add all the meals and portions that you want to prepare. Now you have a shopping list ready to go to the app.
  • Order online if you can. This allows you to find all the ingredients you’ll need without running around the aisles looking for things. You also have time to check out specials and find the best price for the things!
  • Choose recipes that are easy to prepare in large batches (Save loads of time-consuming nights when you want to cook a fresh meal.) Things you can cook in a large pot on the stove, things you can cook in the slow cooker.
  • Clean as you go. Wipe down the seats, and wash your utensils, bowls, cutting boards, and mixers as you go so there isn’t a huge cleaning in the end.
  • Use a food processor for less preparation time Chopping and grating vegetables etc.

Cicily prepared 281 meals and snacks - some for under $ 1 per serving!

The hardest part of preparing the meal

“Keep up with all the different things you are doing at the same time. I recommend setting timers or jotting down times for everything, because it’s easy to mix when you have 3 recipes to cook at once.”

The best thing about preparing the meal

“It feels great to look at all the foods you’ve finally cooked, such a feeling of accomplishment and also a lot of motivation to stay on the right track.”

How Meal Preparation Keeps You On The Right Track

“Few hours of cooking means you no longer have to think about dinners or snacks for the next month, you can just take one out of your freezer stock! It also means that you stick to your portion sizes and are not inclined to add a little to your bowl, or go eat Late-night takeaway at home! ”

How Cecily lost 56 kg

Cicily prepared 281 meals and snacks - some for under $ 1 per serving!

Sisley reveals that her health journey began when she decided to make a more conscious effort to check and monitor what she was eating.

“Hypothyroidism means I have to avoid a lot of foods, and also strive to eat a lot of certain foods. This is where the Recipe Challenge Center has been amazing! I can look for specific ingredients,” Says.

Things like dairy products, eggs, nuts, beans, chicken, beef, seafood, and most vegetables are good for thyroid health. Processed foods have a negative effect on the thyroid gland as well.

Cecily-Goodwin -299

Before that, Cecilie reveals that she used to buy maternity clothes when she was at her heaviest weight.

“I used to buy maternity clothes just because they were flexible and forgiving. Now I can buy skinny jeans,” Says. “I used to buy stiletto lingerie, and now I buy everything I want because it comes in my size.

“I used to wear a size 24 tights, and now I can put both of my legs in one hole in my leg.”

How Meal Preparation Helps Sicily Maintain Weight Loss

Cicily prepared 281 meals and snacks - some for under $ 1 per serving!

“I eat one or two premium healthy mummy juices daily and eat healthy mummy recipes for dinner and snacks.

“ Now that I am not eating due to a lack of calories to lose weight, I tend to not stick to this strictness all the time, and add some spice to my recipes by adding things I like, or even just eating outside occasionally without worrying about He. She.

“Since I stick to the The Healthy Mummy lifestyle most of the time, these occasional boasts fade away (as long as you maintain consistency between them!).”

Cecily Goodwin 8_9

Sisley’s tips for those who want to lose weight:

  • Set weekly goals for yourself For example: Go for a walk three days a week, and have a Mummy Healthy Juice Daily, follow your meal plan, do home workouts on the app 3 days a week etc.
  • Take weekly photos in the same positionSame angle, same type of clothing – so you can track your progress.
  • drink water! I drink 2-3 liters a day.
  • Think about where you want to beFind out what you need to do weekly to get there. For example, 700 grams per week equals 36.4 kilograms for each year of weight loss. This is a realistic and achievable weekly goal that I assessed during my 56 kg weight loss over the course of 18 months.

Get trained by Cecily

Cicily prepared 281 meals and snacks - some for under $ 1 per serving!

Amazingly, you can join Cicily on The Healthy Mummy app And get training by it.

Join the 28-day weight loss challenge!

If you are inspired by Cicily’s weight loss story and want to take care of your health and weight, then you need to check our site. 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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