Samara reveals how to stay on track while she was a working mother

Real luck! Being a mom is like getting a full time job, and then some. So how do women manage children, the office, the family, and also find time to exercise and eat healthy?

Samara Rochelle, who lost 17 kg during the 28 Day Weight Loss ChallengeShe shares with us how to find time to be a working mother and also to stay on the right track …

Samara to stay on the right track while she is also a working mom

All mothers have a hard time! She played “stay-at-home mom”, “work from home,” and “working mother,” and all of the roles certainly have their own pros, not their own.

Most recently, I took on the role of “working mother”. I’m lucky that my workplace allows me to have excellent hours that really work with my girl! I also work from home with The Healthy Mummy!

But finding a balance between home life, work life, family, and yourself, while still getting the results you seek, can often be a difficult task!

Samara advises to get on the right track and stay on the right track to achieve results

1. Small wins are still wins!

No matter how big or small he is, a win is a win-win – whether it’s workout or meal-related!

I don’t like having to pressure myself to cook big meals every week. Sometimes adding an extra serving or two of leftovers to my freezer inventory can really help on those busy work nights. Instead of preparing enough meals from dinner for one night, I double the recipe so I can freeze half of it or eat it for lunch the next day.

When it comes to exercising, some days are better than others. I like to exercise on my own for an hour or so every day – but that’s not a reality! Some days I’m only lucky if I can take a quick walk with my girls and dog – and that’s okay!

2. Be prepared!

Make sure you have snacks, lunch, and a bottle of water ready to go to work! This will ensure that you stay on track with the calories and amount of water you consume throughout the day. It will also avoid those tricky trips to the takeaway store.

I’ll always try to have a mix of healthy supermarket snacks and homemade snacks ready at the start of the week. Muffins, bliss balls and slices are great for weekend preparation! Fresh fruit and vegetable sticks and rice crackers are my favorite supermarket snacks.

3. Occasional exercise!

Trying to exercise during the day can be a really difficult task! Sometimes I feel like I’m selfish or that my time can be spent doing something more productive or important.

But exercising and taking care of your health should be an absolute priority! If you find it difficult to get into the gym or do a workout with the kids around you, or while you are at work, there is always a casual workout!

If possible, try to walk to and from school or work. If it’s too far, try to stand a little further and walk the rest. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you take the kids to the park, run with them!

Squat while you wait to blend the juice in the morning, or while brushing your teeth at night. There are tons of little things you can do that will help you pull together the total amount of exercise you get each day!

4. Get rid of the guilt of the mummy!

Whether it’s the fact that you are going to work, or you feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day – get rid of that guilt! Between my work, girls’ school, homework, housework, and taking care of myself too, I started to feel like I wasn’t making enough time to be just with my girls. I found ways to balance my priorities so that all the boxes are checked!

My girls love to go to the park, so I often pack my laptop and go for a trip to the local park. The girls grab my attention while we play together, and then the mummy gets a “break” to do some work as they continue playing. Fun time + casual workout + getting work done!

We also do some chores together, like putting the laundry or cooking in the kitchen. It teaches them great skills, we listen to music or chat while at work, and we have this good time!

4 mom-to-be tips to stay on track and focus on the days

5. Don’t get distracted and waste time!

There is nothing more frustrating than falling asleep after a long day, then remember all the things you should have done before you settled for the night!

Sitting on my phone and scrolling aimlessly became a very popular daily routine for me. My excuse has always been that I “didn’t have the time” to exercise, prepare meals, etc. Until I realized that everyone has the same 24 hours in their day!

I just need to change the way I’ve been spending. A batch of muffins only takes about 15 minutes to prepare and bake. I can workout hard and get my heart rate up in just 10 minutes while doing a workout from the Healthy Mummy app.

Appeared on Pink clay skin mask And lying down for a good 10 minutes can do wonders for my mental health.

Samara - Syed - Fearless - Confident of the Flesh - took the pictures

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